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  1. He plays on the left and he''s better than his twin (who we got?) Joshua Murphy Quicker than Usain when he''s running down the wing (who we got?) Joshua Murphy La la la la la la la la la la la la, Joshua Murphy Whigfield - Saturday Night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DNQRtmIMxk
  2. -----------------------------Ruddy (69)---------------------------- -Naughton (70)---Da Laet (69)---Barnett ( 68 )---Tierney (67)- ------------------------------Crofts (70)--------------------------- -----------Bennett (69)--------------------Surman (70)---------- ------------------------------Hoolahan (75)------------------------ -------------------Morison (73)------Holt (73)------------- the -------- thats what our ratings our, a whole database is on the internet, lambert is 70
  3. let me quess, 90% holt and wes.. my fave? i have a few, simply because they never give up are strong, and dont give a poo about pretty football, if you know what i mean. Andrew Crofts, Bradley Johnson, Steve Morison.. Crofts, will never stop running, battles and has a fierce aggresion i like, same with all of the players mentioned. Johnson, same as crofts, just a bit more skilled, better dribbling, better head, better pace, touch, shot, etc.. but crofts has a impact of the team, and i feel playing him, is as important as playing holt Morison, yes im in love with this geezer, got him on the back of my top already, havent had a player since safri and ashton... but i feel that he will be better than holt, maybe not yet but gives more than holt and then some, IMO.
  4. Ruddy Naughton Barnett De Laet Tierney Fox/Crofts Johnson Bennet wes Pilkington Morison i feel with johnson left defensive mid, we dont need surman to cover, this gives us more attacking abbilities, just make johnson sit, let fox pick the ball up and knock it out wide, and give wes a free role
  5. was buzzing today, i sit in row 0 near the barclay, have morison on my back so should be easy to spot me i love sitting in there, thats why i pay just under 200 quid for my season ticket..
  6. right, now on the computer, let me explain my desicion Ruddy- unless your declan rudd''s dad, then i dont need to explain. naughton- got bags of pace, and him n bennet work wonders down the right de laet- a few mistakes, but two great feet, strong quick, and makes some cracking tackles barnett- big tall strong centre half, pit of pace, but not like shane long pace.. tierney- a true city player, never say die attitude with this fella, gets up and down the flank, good delivery, great throw.. crofts- not the best on his feet, but gets stuck in and never gives up johnson- got a good pass, good head, good shot, good tackle, and wont take no sh1t bennet/pilkington- bennet works hard, tracks back, good fk, good final ball.. quick as hell!/ pilks got some pace, built like a wall, two great feet.. morison- strong, will win alot in the air, if we can keep him in the box then it will be good. wes- simply magic, makes amazing passes look easy, little irish maradona, just let him do what he wants..
  7. what would you of done if johnson scored a screamer and came sprinting to the snake pit, took of his shirt and the whole ground went mental?
  8. [quote user="Sir Humphrey Appleby"][quote user="forever city"]Ruddy Naughton barnett de laet tierney Fox/crofts johnson Bennett wes pilkington Morison I believe thay team can keep us up fckkkk holt, hes slow, and spends to much time on the floor[/quote]Good post...screw you Holt (the only striker to score this year who has also been excellent), are you a real life manager?[/quote] na, but i feel i know alot about footy for 13 year old, probs to much fifa, but morison is better than holt IMO if we keep our full backs up and down the wings and make crofts / johnson sit in front of our defence, morison in the middle, bennett n pilkington wingers n wes free role!
  9. Ruddy Naughton barnett de laet tierney Fox/crofts johnson Bennett wes pilkington Morison I believe thay team can keep us up fckkkk holt, hes slow, and spends to much time on the floor
  10. [quote user="LeJuge"][quote user="Excited Canary"]Lambert has just said he is off to the plastic surgeon over a serious gap to upper lip. I hope Gabriel Tamas is proud! [:@][/quote]And I hope that Lambert stops letting refs bend us over and f*ck us up the arse every time we get out on the pitch. That means taking a few fines, a touchline ban or two, complaining to the FA, kicking up a fuss in the media. As opposed to saying nothing and letting them do it all over again. I bet the refs love the prospect of playing against little old helpless Norwich so that they can pull out a red or blow for a penalty, they can''t do it against the top six after all. [/quote] he went to the refs dressing room? I can see where your coming from, but the fa will do nothing.
  11. I dont wanna go home, I dont wanna go hooooome, This is the best dream, Ive ever dreamt of.
  12. yes, we f''ing love grant holt, but if newcastle are coming in with a £5million bid, then i believe he isnt worth that..
  13. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]*facepalm* thats shockingly bad.......How aboutNah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah, Bradley Johnson, Johnson, Bradley Johnson This is far more original for starters ![/quote] thats pretty good.
  14. heard it was 2 boys, didnt see what happened, too intrested in taking my shirt of and going crazy
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