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  1. Wasn''t at the game today but watched the highlights. For their second goal, it looked like Whittaker was running on a treadmill. Arms and legs moving but he wasn''t going anywhere! The man has got to go. Surely we have better than him. Red card looked harsh but I guess I''m biased! Glad Irving isn''t going to apply for the job, don''t think he would have got it anyway. Wonder who is lined up?? Oh the temptation.
  2. Ipswich Town scored in injury time! Just made my day worst!
  3. New very rich investor, new board to inc DOF, new Manager with an excellent backroom team. We can dream!
  4. Can we nick it? CJ hatrick!! Might as well go for it!
  5. Whoever comes in to sort this shower out has a busy job on his hands!!! Write this season off, give youth some game time. Let''s face it they can''t do any worst!
  6. Naismith signing is like going out on a stag do, drinking your weight in beer and p**sing it up the wall at the end of the night and feeling rough the next day!!! He won''t be remembered, was a waste of money and acts like a spoilt brat!! Him and AN needs to go!
  7. Good honest interview. Seems to me that the manager and staff have lost the dressing room but also the players won''t play for each other. The Board must react to this and start by sacking AN! Gunny said Managers will be queuing to take the role at Norwich City, let''s hope they do and we pick the right one to get this squad playing together again! Play offs gone.
  8. Won 6-0 today. I can''t see them coming for AN!!!! Shame ha
  9. Sorry AN but you can''t survive this result!!! Surely? That said, the players are to blame too.
  10. The board should give those who went their money back!! There''s me gutted earlier I wasn''t going!! Glad I didn''t know....
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