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  1. Think we all did. I didn''t realise it was newsworthy! Was a larf tho.
  2. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"][quote user="inspector"] we need more players to help with the push for the play-offs. [/quote] What push would this be then?  Simply staying up would be good considering where we were a few weeks ago, and Tuesday night has shown how much there is still to be done before we should look for anything more unfortunately. Apologies for trying to look on the bright side. You presumably will be happy for us to stay fighting relegation ad infinitum?[/quote]
  3. Please! We need some good news. Any others rumoured to be signing? Time is running out and we need more players to help with the push for the play-offs. I know thats probably not going to happen now but , after Tuesday night we need to be optimistic about something.
  4. Is this reliable? It would be a shame, i think in time he would have come good. If he is on his way out, and with the inevitable departure of Brown, and also possibly Martin, emphasis must surely be on getting a new striker. Ameobi, although a nice thought is not going to happen, so where do we go from here?
  5. [quote user="1st Wizard"] There was no Hex on Saturday matey, 98% of users on here knew that. And do I really have to inform the plonkers on here that a Hex is not a fortune teller................if you like inspector...............I could always call the Hex off!. Then you can take the flack for it.[:|] [/quote]Terribly sorry old thing. Many apologies for not having all day to read every single thread and the associated drivel therein. I look at whatever catches my eye and if i happen to take issue with anything, then, that''s my prerogative.Personally, i think my aunt caused the home win as it was the first time she had been to a match and the miracle happened, but hey, that''s my take on it. I do think that you are a bit out of line referring to people as plonkers though. You don''t know these people personally and i know you get your feathers ruffled when people have a dig at you. Personally, i don''t care how i''m regarded, i say if i find fault, and i''m entitled to my opinion, as are you. Just keep the insults to a minimum eh? Maybe something for the moderators there. Have a nice day!
  6. [quote user="Smudger"] [quote user="muttley2"]It is hard sometimes to listen to the phone in on the radio because of the negativity some people have,we have turned the corner, things do not look so bleak now as they did three weeks ago,they play like a team now.[/quote] Turned the corner??? How can you claim that is the case? Roeder has had a little honeymoon period, but we are still rooted to the foot of the table and it is looking as likely as it has done all season long that we will find ourselves in the bottom 3 at Christmas. We need 3 points from Plymouth again on Tuesday evening otherwise we will probably fin ourselves exactly where we are now on Christmas day with a couple of difficult fixtures between then and the New Year. We are still in serious danger of being cut adrift prior to the transfer window opening in January. [/quote]Smudger the eternal pessimist! If Roeders team hadn''t won at all, you would be gloating and complaining even more about the board or whatever came to mind. Why don''t you just get behind the team, recognise the fact that at least some changes have taken place and try to be positive for once. I know it''s a stretch but give it a go!
  7. took the day off on saturday did you? Or maybe got the wrong team. As you seem so certain, any chance on what the score will be and the name of the first scorer?
  8. I would say Wagners'' Ride of the Valkyries, as used in apocalypse now. Or if things stay as they are on the pitch, theme from the magic roundabout.
  9. OK. Here''s the situation.We finally have a new manager. In all honesty i don''t think Roeder would be first choice in any way, but that''s how we stand at this moment. Give him a chance, if he wins in his first game he will be a hero, if we lose, well, he''s new and what chance does he have coming straight into the derby? All genuine fans will get behind the team and push for a win. Let''s not hang the poor bloke before his signature dries on the contract. Try being positive for once, i know it will be a push for some of you but just give it a go. OTBC
  10. All the rumours are saying Roeder. Ho hum, let''s just hope he gets it right this time
  11. How 1st wiz can say he would have no problems with royle is a mystery. He is obviously not a supporter otherwise i''m sure he would remember the comments Royle made in the past
  12. yew dont arf tork fancee bor! Thems fytin werds!! Why don''t you just ***k off
  13. taylor ok, not jewell, not hoddle, not keegan, chippy, maybe,   bruce, not available yet, could we afford comp to birmingham? The thing is, do any of the managers currently available really strike confidence and make you believe that city could be in the top 6 by xmas?
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