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  1. I''ve posted my reasons for selling up after 20 years before so won''t bore you with all the details again. Barclay Lower, Block C (middle block), Row X (back row, under score board). It will be a legitimate transfer of ownership via the club, so the buyer will become the new registered owner and will have the option to renew in January. If you''re interested please email or PM me. Thanks.
  2. Bump! £350 to a good home with proper transfer of ownership. PM/email if interested, reasons as per my post above.
  3. He wasn''t forced out any more by Norwich than he was by Wycombe or Colchester. Yes he fell out with Bowkett while we were still in League One but he left for personal ambition, pure and simple. Don''t forget his flirtation with Burnley and another unnamed club too...
  4. Errm... Not exactly selling it, am I! LOL. If anyone is interested, it would be a full transfer of the ticket, registration et all via the club.
  5. [quote user="yellow4life"]Genuinely thinking about selling, putting the feelers out as obviously it''s a tough decision as I''ve been a fan for 26 years. The reason is work commitments as I''m self employed and inundated at the moment, and genuinely don''t have the same passion for football in general anymore, priorities lay etc, and £75??? I gather you''re on the wind up![/quote] I''ve been thinking the same for some time now. I''ve been a season ticket holder for 20+ years and seen us go from the Premier to League One and back again. Hughton pretty much destroyed all enthusiasm I had for the game. So much so, that last season when we scored I merely shrugged my shoulders rather than punched the air because I knew what was to come. This season we''re playing reasonably well but I find being a season ticket holder a bit of a chore these days. I''d prefer to go to probably 4-5 games a season but that isn''t really an option with sell-out crowds (although I''m at a loss to explain the empty River End/City Stand in-fill for most matches this year). I liken it to watching a film at the cinema. Yeah, I enjoy the odd film - but would I really want to pay £500 and be committed to watching a film every other Saturday/Tuesday night for the next 9 months? Probably not. I''m also disillusioned with the game in general. We may well get promoted and it will be fantastic. For a bit. But what then? Aim for the top 10 and call that success? We''ll unlikely finish any higher and we''ll never break into the top 5-6 again those days are gone for a club like us without a billionaire owner. The game has lost it''s sporting ethos and has sold its soul to the money men. Hughton always told us that it''s a business not an entertainment. In that case, perhaps I should give up my season ticket as I am more often than not, not entertained. If it''s the result which is the only thing that is important, then fine. I''ll save myself £500, save hours getting stuck in traffic before and after the games, save 1/4 of my weekend every other week and I''ll just check the results online at 5pm! Even this season, the only game I have enjoyed so far was the 3-1 against Blackburn, which may have partly been down to the better atmosphere of a night game. The other matches I could take or leave. Charlton was pure frustration and Rotherham was the same and save for a ten minute spell in the second half was in fact rather boring. So, as per the OP... I am toying with the idea of giving up my Barclay Lower, Block C, back row seat. So if anyone is genuinely interested, drop me a line. PS: Spare me the ''not a real fan'' lecture. I''ve driven 26 miles to Carrow Road in the depths of winter, with treacherous roads and full of flu to watch us play in the old Division One with crowds of less than 12,000. In 20+ years I can count the number home games I''ve missed on one hand. I''m just falling out of love with the game. I''ll always be City through and through. I just don''t want to have to go there week in, week out and pay for the privilege any more. Particularly if we get promoted again - the Premiership for me, is stale and boring. A league full of over-paid prima donnas and a whipped-up media frenzy, with Lineker and co having multiple orgasms over the likes of Rooney and sneering with derision at the likes of City. Anyway, I digress. Any interest, please PM me.
  6. "You''d be hard pressed to name a team of Norfolk born players who have played in the Premier League ever"There''s probably more than you think...Danny MillsMatthew UpsonChris SuttonRyan JarvisChris Martin (Beccles, technically Suffolk but close enough)Ruel Fox (Suffolk)Daryl Sutch (Suffolk)I''m sure there are others.As for season ticket renewal... I''ve been a season ticket holder for 20 years now.  I almost gave it up in 2000 when Bryan Hamilton was in-charge.  I stuck with it and we went on to have some fantastic seasons under Worthington.  I nearly gave it up again under Roeder but I didn''t want to be accused of being a fair weather supporter and when we were relegated to League One I felt I should support the club when they needed the money most.I almost gave it up the season we finished 2nd in the Championship under Lambert, but again I felt compelled to renew - it''s almost like an addiction.  I''m seriously considering not renewing this time though.  For me, it isn''t a financial reason, the money has been sitting there all year in it''s virtual pot ready to renew.  It isn''t to do with our current style of play either.Over the last 20 years I feel I''ve been there and seen it all.  Europe, three relegations, two championships, three promotions and a play-off final.  The whole match day experience is starting to not ''do it'' for me anymore.  I used to thrive on the whole match day experience.  When we scored,  it was the best feeling in the world.  These days, instead of jumping up and down and shouting at the top of my voice, I feel like shrugging my shoulders instead.  The atmosphere at Carrow Road is very poor in the last couple of seasons, certainly nothing like it was in 2005-6 or for that matter, 2009-10.I travel to Norwich five days a week for work, round trip 40 miles.  To have to go again every other Saturday, getting stuck in traffic and effectively eating up 1pm to 6pm of my Saturday just for a 90 minute home game and I''m starting to question why I bother any more.In my 20 years as a season ticket holder I haven''t missed many home games.  I did miss 4 games in December though, for a number of reasons and hand on heart, I can honestly say that while I was listening on the radio I didn''t think ''I wish I was there''.  Instead, all I felt was relief at the final whistle that I was already home, had saved about 5 hours of my Saturday for other things and hadn''t sat there in the freezing cold.Although I''m not yet 40, I wonder if I am just turning into a miserable old git?  I sometimes think I would appreciate it more if I went less often and perhaps became a casual supporter.  It wouldn''t make me any less of a fan, it just means I wouldn''t have to trudge to the ground every other week.  I''m also tempted to think what else I could spend that £500 on!  it''s not as if I couldn''t watch every game for free on the internet anyway.I suspect as the first deadline nears, when push comes to shove I will renew because I always have done.  It''s like an addiction and something lures you in.  The other factor to consider is that if I do give up my seat, the chances of getting another one are quite slim (at least until the ground is extended).Maybe I should renew then sell the ticket to mates on a match-by-match basis if I don''t want to go to them all, that way I get the best of both worlds.  Decisions....decisions....
  7. The 3G signal is poor because of the large number of phones connecting to a single cell - it gets completely saturated. There is WIFI at Carrow Road but WAPs only accept around 500 connections. With 27,000 people present, the odds of getting a connection are pretty slim. Hope this helps answer your questions.
  8. After demonstrating an attitude that stinks, unprofessional remarks on Twitter and forgetting which Club made him I suggest the new chant is: We f*#%ing hate Grant Holt! £5mn thank you & goodbye! No ones bigger than the Club, not Holt, not Lambert, not anyone. Next!
  9. What a load of rubbish. They''d have to ask permission to speak to him and the club would refuse and put a statement on the website, just as they did when Burnley tried to talk to the Mesiah. He''s going nowhere.
  10. http://www.strikethebar.com/teams/norwich-city/ Anyone see the half-time hotties v Watford? They''re back every home game ;-) See link above for video clip. Enjoy!
  11. Maybe but remember Sullivan & Gold (now owners of West Ham) are also Hammers but that didn''t stop them investing in Birmingham City did it?
  12. Really likes the word ''teriffic'' ;o)
  13. Nuff said. Top of the league and three points clear. :o)
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