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  1. Agree completely. I've said as much elsewhere before. Seemed a hell of a coup getting him in, but don't think anyone foresaw the emergence of Aarons to such a degree - we had Pinto and that Southampton midfielder at RB last season. The lad needs to go elsewhere to get his career back on track.
  2. I never heard anything back after pre registering my interest, so who are the fans that actually got to invest and why didn''t I?
  3. [quote user="fonejacker"]I am overseas but no option to buy a match pass. FFS.[/quote] EDIT: Apols, I am actually able to buy a match pass with UK card, so might be a VPN issue.
  4. I am overseas but no option to buy a match pass. FFS.
  5. ... off to Cambridge United for the rest of the season. Personally would have liked to have seen him tested at a higher level, and don''t think Cambridge deserve much from us after their ''robust'' approach to the pre season match. OTBC
  6. Thanks for this, this has resolved my issues I had at the an audio commentary sub that seemed to prevent me getting the live feed, despite being in Spain. This was never previously an issue, but glad to get it sorted!
  7. ah ok, thanks. Hope to get it back for Wolves then
  8. Still not been able to get it, wonder if others in UK with a vpn have? I''m outside UK and have tried both with and without VPN (changing geolocation) without success. It has always worked before. Have deleted cookies/multiple browsers etc
  9. Has anyone overseas like me (or with a VPN I suppose) been able to get the ''watch live now'' link to appear yet?
  10. [quote user="fonejacker"]that''s what I ended up with, thanks.[/quote] to Swindoncanary
  11. Can anyone outside of the UK get radio commentary tonight? I have the monthly audio subscription but when I click ''listen live now'' it asks me to buy a season pass at £130....
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