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  1. So if we go down then nobody should renew their season tickets, but if we get promoted and start playing good football then everybody should buy season tickets again.... surely that''s glory hunting. People support their team through thick and thin, you can''t sop them.
  2. This is why they made Football Manager, so us football fans can walk the walk...
  3. Off topic I know but I couldn''t help but bring attention to the fight of the decade!!   Good Luck Ricky!
  4. People like this thrive on attention, so if you keep talking about him and slagging him off then he will love it. So please just stop feeding him attention that he lives off.
  5. Going down could be a good thing, all the big time charlies and deawood will leave. Have a complete overhaul and get in some fresh hungry players who want to prove themselves at a higher level.
  6. Remember when Worthy wanted to buy Gray and all the fans slated him saying he''s not good enough! Since then he always sticks one past us!!!!
  7. Yes Note he hasn''t done to well at Bolton, but after what Big Sam did there i think it was always going to go backwards when he left. I think Norwich is the perfect club for Lee to work his magic. He is one of the most respected coaches in English football, has worked with Liverpool and England. He will also bring in the fantastic training regimes demonstrated at bolton which could reduce our injury proneness in the longterm. LITTLE SAM IN!!!!
  8. [quote user="Yellow Rider"] Front runner according to The Mail (who goit it right on Hartson!), he hasn''t previously been mentioned from what I can recall. Reid and Newell are other contenders - apparently. I still think BFJ with a good, up and coming prospect could work well (like Harry and Tony Adams at Pompey) but only IF BFJ has the motivation and steel necessary to stand up to the dressing room upstarts (or should that be ''upstart'').   [/quote] I can''t for the life of me think who BFJ is please can someone tell me!
  9. I second that! Thanks you for the effort but it was just the wrong place at the wrong time.
  10.                                           Marshall Ostemboor                Dion                   Shackell                 Lappin               Brellier                    Russell                    Spillane                                               Croft                                 Strihavka           Martin subs, Gilks, Hux, Russell, Cureton, Halliday
  11. Both teams in a bit of turmoil at the moment, should be an interesting match! either that or a spineless 0-0 bore!
  12. [quote user="can u sit down please"] What poor management from PG exposing the team to the public and meat on a BBQ in the week building up to a match! This really does show his naivity and is why i didnt want him! I also blame Delia who no doubt saw this as another opportunity to plug her splendid sausages and brilliant burgers and no doubt her own healthy version of the turkey twizzler!! Prudence with ambition = cheap meat!! The future for the club looks bleak. What a schoolboy error!   [/quote] Are you actually serious??!! If you think the manager is to blame for a BBQ then you obviously are looking for any excuse to have a go at him. Rididculous, I highly doubt Peter Grant organised this event and who could have forseen this happening, It can happen to anybody. Leave Grant alone and get behind the team. The end of this season is the time to judge him and HIS team.
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