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  1. Anyone else looking forward to next season? Sheep that I am, I can''t wait. Would far rather we in the Championship or Premiership obviously but as we''re not I''m not going to cry about it like some of our fellow posters. I just hope as they won''t be going to games anymore (I assume?) and will have nothing to contribute about what actually happens on the pitch they go and fill there time on other forums, knitting, basket weaving or whatever it is they will be doing now.. This forum needs to get back to football and football supporters...
  2. How about you use a suppository and dig out an answer to the problem then Cluck? None of you have one do you other than ''Delia Out'' and then some mythical saviour in? If that happened then great. If you are so upset with the clubs situation however - so something - stop coming, wave a banner but simply moaning on here about those of us that are going to be turning up again next season won''t change things now will it. All of you moaners need some back-bone - come up with an answer and take action or your the ''mindless sheep''. You remind me of little children throwing a tantrum. Do something if you are so upset! Just like Smudger though you do all give me a chuckle, bless...
  3. Now your just making things up Barclay Boy. Where did I slag those for not renewing, claiming rebates etc... ?!! I fully support everyones right not to go but that is my point - it''s a choice. Obviously I would rather we were in the premiership but because we are not I''m not going to cry about it. If you want to stamp your feet and cry then good for you - you obviously deal with things a little different to myself. I''m all for complaining, but mindless moaning - not fro me. Are you going to put several million into the club? Me neither I don''t have it. Am I going to wave a banner outside the club shouting ''Delia Out'' - nope, good for those that do if help''s them vent their frustration, but ultimately pointless in my opinion unless again any of them are going to dip into their pockets. Am I going to stay away? No. I enjoy going to watch football so why should I stay away. Am I going to sit on my hands and mutter at the match? No, part of what I enjoy about football, is the shouting, clapping and singing. Am I going to support another club? No because as you rightly point out we have an emotional attachment which defines us from being a ''fan'' to being a ''supporter'' ie unlike the Man U brigade who have never been within 200 miles of Manchester. Hmm - so what are my options? Gasp, horror carry on going and watching Norwich play. As for those who decide not to renew and be a ''sheep'' like myself well good for them and I''m sure they will find something more rewarding to do on a Saturday afternoon. Enjoy Morrissey...
  4. Shall we slit our wrists? Cry? Support the ''scum'' or Man U instead? I''ll be enjoiyng a few beers down Riverside and looking forward to shouting , singing and watching watching football again come September. Those that wish to wallow in doom and gloom though, then don''t come along , do something else, post on here, each to their own...
  5. I heard rumours of Flahavan a week or two ago Would be an excellent signing and I believe we may be signing both Flahavan and Lee shortly.
  6. I will - don''t worry. I have my season ticket in hand.
  7. Where have they taken us so far? I''m sorry but they have been here an afternoon and best part of the evening (let''s be frank about this) and we have no new players and we are not as far as I can tell by looking at the BBC web page in the Premiership yet. Board out!!!
  8. If we do not sign him then we, never have been and and never will be anything and I will cut up my season ticket and stamp my feet very firmly indeed (more than once).
  9. Have you seen either of them play, from your little damp ridden bed sit (sorry that''s just how I imagine you)? God if only we could Lambert in. Lambert, Lambert. Lambert - I come over all strange when I type it....
  10. Are you and Lambert an ''item''?
  11. Are you going to put the money in to buy these players then Smudger? Though not. Me neither unless my numbers come up on Friday night. So I guess I could ditch my season ticket and put my energy into posting on here every night moaning about the state of the club or I could continue to go to matches and enjoy it. It''s a choice isn''t it? No one forces us? If that makes me ''sheep'' then so be it. Again, don''t get me wrong I''m no fan of Delia and believe with more business and footballing nous we would have stayed up in that premiership year and who knows where we would now be. However I do applaud (on paper) the people we are know bringing into the club players and board members. We have been badly run, of that I think few can argue, and we should not be where we are. I''m not going to stop attending however as I enjoy it. Will it make a difference if we only 10k turn up each week - of course not - wake up. In the situation the club finds itself in , I think we a have done well so far with our signings. We''re all experts though - and well soon find out. Problem with you post Smudger is that it that it feels like you would be delighted for the club to fail just so you can say ''I told you so'' and I think that is why, as a poster(whatever that is worth anyway), you command so little respect. As for your response we don''t know what the Board members will invest - give them a chance! Fair play though Smudger you do as always continue to amuse me and I appreciate your consistency if not your views.
  12. So where is the 3-4m for Lambert and Cox going to come from? Don''t get me wrong - two great players who I would love to see but not a chance. You play too much Football Manager Smudger. You should go to a few more games. Though I guess that would mean stepping into the real world and away from your computer. Bless. You do make me laugh though.
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