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  1. Coach & Horses is great, they show most games. Have to disagree with Delaneys being a good pub, maybe 10 years ago but not now and the Adam & Eve IS lovely. But it isnt at Riverside! The Tap House is lovely, ditto the Murderers, enjoy
  2. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]I can never get a wifi connection in the Upper Barclay - nor can those around me. Vodafone 3G isn''t good either. Any helpful tips anyone?[/quote] My 3g is useless at the ground too, is wifi even available at the ground? Its not that I check the net during the game, but I like to see how all the other games are going at half time.
  3. [quote user="Budapest Canary"]I thought it was a fine pass, and Wes was slightly unlucky with the finish. Guzman was in top form and Wes had not have enough space to try the long side.[/quote] Guzman plays for Swansea
  4. I''m a season ticket holder as well and I also chose a seat in the Jarrold for last night''s game instead of my usual upper barclay seat, so tell me how you would have any idea exactly how many season ticket holders went last night!?
  5. Cheers Aggy, what an optimist, how about you give us and the new manager ten games or so before you go all half empty. But that wouldnt work, would it?
  6. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]Lappin, Crofts & Fox not premiership qualityAdeyemi and Smith are on trialSurman, Pilkington, Bennett, Howson the futureHoolahan time is against himJohnson (i''m on the fence)Butterfield?I would love Snodgrass. [/quote] Fox is class!
  7. I would avoid County Hall like the plague if I were you, it takes forever to get off there afterwards
  8. [quote user="lobstercatcher2"]Did anyone else go in the new place on riverside that replaced west coast for a prematch meal[/quote] isn''t it still called West Coast then??
  9. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"]Very overpriced, amazed that some people have the money to go in there![/quote] its only a tenner for a burger meal I think?
  10. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Soooooooo... If I''m reading this right those people who have eaten there think it''s good whilst those who think it''s rubbish haven''t eaten there... Lovely old job[Y] Lol! Well said Nutty! If people don''t like it, don''t go there. For me, its nicer than Mambos and much better than the awful Zacs and their frozen offerings [/quote]
  11. Have to disagree with you - the burger dishes are simply delicious & I think reasonable at a tenner each. I have always thought the service was great too. It isn''t a proper American diner, its a little quieter and classier & I have eaten a LOT of food in the US. Most US diners do delicious grub, just with a bit more neon! Still, each to their own :-)
  12. Just seen on SSN that the FA are looking into an incident involving Bobby Mimms during our game on Saturday, anyone know what happened? I didn''t notice anything during the game
  13. [quote user="Herman "][quote user="Brighton Yellow"]What is a Stone Island wannabe?[/quote] Think Danny Dyer/Green Street/Football Factory but worse. [/quote] nicely put!!
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