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  1. Grefstad, jeg tenker som deg..sunderland er historie, nå må vi tenke på neste kamp..solid opptur idag..måtte det fortsette..
  2. Thank you all for answers.   I downloaded puffin free and it looks like it''s working :)
  3. Hi there. Any of you know if you can use Canaries player (first and foremost to hear BBC radio Norfolk on matchdays) on an Ipad?   Tore
  4. No links so far. Anyone know if there will be commentary on BBC radio Norfolk? Tore
  5. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11709/8770791/Norwich-linked-with-swoop-for-Ola-Toivonen
  6. http://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/item/psv-accepteert-norwich-bod-op-toivonen Done deal?
  7. Let''s hope for the following scenario: 1.Wigan somehow don''t win over Swansea on tuesday. Draw ok. 2.Norwich beat WBA 3.Wigan don''t win at Arsenal. Draw ok.   Norwich would be safe.
  8. Maybe i should be a bit clearer.. I am a norwich supporter and have been for over 20 years. This will my third visit to norwich, but this time I''m staying for abit longer.. Yup, I''m norwegian..tettey or no tettey, i will always support my team, even though i''m not exactly a local lad.. Tore
  9. Hi there! We will be on our way to Norwich for the Everton game and staying for three night. Can anyone recommend what sports bar is a favourite in the city. I see there is a few spanish games that weekend. What place is the best, murderers, the fat cat?   Thanks,   Tore 
  10. Hi! Im coming over in february to watch a game...staying in norwich for 3 days...thought about heading over to colney on that sunday..but what are you able to experience at colney? Can you walk around the facility? Or is the site only for players and staff? any chance to bump into som players on a sunday after a match? Tore.
  11. Hi guys!   Tore from Norway writing. What do you expect in the Gunn club on a matchday? Is there a MOM interview? ANy chance to bump into some players? And is it a closed club only for selected people? Thanks!   Tore
  12. Hi there! Being Norwegian I''m feeling mighty proud of our Alexander Tettey at the moment. Not long ago he was having trouble getting time on the pitch with Rennes in France and now look at him. The Norwegian media is covering every Tettey move and therefore also Norwich'' every move..It''s so fun, being a fan of City for over 20 years and now, finally, some media exposure of our club and our great player. He really has adapted fast and well, and in all honestly haven''t seen him do a bad game really.The last games he''s always mentioned as MOTM and today against the toffees he''s up there again. What a bargain...I had my doubts when we signed him, but now, I just love the guy, very laid back and dont take space, just winning us matches vs arsenal, manu etc.. Cheers from Norway!
  13. http://fotball.adressa.no/landslaget/article249599.ece Came across this interview with our boy Tettey at a press conference before our World cup qualifyer vs Iceland tomorrow. To sum up: -Gives himself time. -Hopes to be a regular on the pitch within a month. -Norwegian striker Abellaoue says he is class and will be a regular within a week and a half after coming back from his national match. -Says he thinks Norwich is calm and nice, no action or scandals. "I''ve had a great impression with the people and the team." Nice lad.  
  14. Injured at the moment, according to norwegian media.
  15. Hi all. Norwegian fan here. Norwegian norwich supporters are a little concerned by the tettey deal, and that he has a lot to prove. But he hasnt played that much recently and somewhat a wildcard. the games ive seen of him ( for norway ) he looked pretty solid.a young guy at one point with a fantastic future, that hasnt blossomed with the expectations...that is how i feel...but when that is said, i hope and feel this could be a great signing..fingers crossed.. Tore
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