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  1. I have just checked on the official Norwich website under the ifollow section and it looks positive. It says that games not on Saturdays at 3pm or shown overseas will be streamed. It appears that the ''match'' ticket is £10. A little pricey for a single match but I would certainly pay that to see the Ipswich game.
  2. According to https://www.efl.com/iFollow/ clubs can stream matches this year which are not on Saturdays at 3pm and which Sky are not showing. This was also mentioned in the Pinkun article, http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/sky-confirm-derby-decision-1-5620057 I really hope the club will take this opportunity. Does anyone have any information?
  3. PeteI hope you don''t mind me asking a question.I live in York. Is there no way I can watch the friendly matches live? Will MustardTV not be showing the matches live on their website? Is there anyway I can get mustardTV in York?Thanks
  4. I have to say that, after reading the crystal palace fanzine letter in full, I agree with a lot of it.The point to me is not about supply and demand. Yes, Norwich could charge £45 for away tickets for every match and probably sell out. However, lets remember, as the Crystal palace fanzine email says, that Norwich are back in the premier league where we will be earning over £1million for every match shown live on TV. This extra money from 1 match alone, would allow us to reduce away ticket prices by £20-£30 for every away match of the season! If all clubs did this, the fans would benefit.The message to me is that is is about time that the clubs started to invest some of the extra income to help fans cope with high ticket prices. There is clearly more than enough money in the new TV deal to do this.Swansea have announced that they are limiting all away tickets to max £22 for their fans. This sounds like a big investment but when you look at the figures, it is a drop in the ocean!
  5. Sorry - should work now.[URL=http://s1019.photobucket.com/user/bonjourdel/media/Wallpaper_zpse1a09db2.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af311/bonjourdel/th_Wallpaper_zpse1a09db2.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  6. Great photo for a computer wallpaper[URL=http://s1019.photobucket.com/user/bonjourdel/media/Wallpaper_zps4zstk4j3.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af311/bonjourdel/th_Wallpaper_zps4zstk4j3.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  7. Still a single ticket in block 520 available on the canaries website if someone is quick.
  8. Currently one ticket on the official canaries website. Be quick!They have been popping up all day
  9. All gone now.Hope someone from this forum managed to get one!
  10. Just looked again. There are now 8 tickets for sale in block 509.Must be some returned tickets.
  11. HiFor anyone stil wanting tickets, I just had a look. There are 5 tickets left! Correct as of 4:06pm!Good luck if you still need a ticket
  12. Hi Funny old gameI''m from York originally and love living here. Long story why I support Norwich but Ive supported them since the age of 8 which is about 30 years! I am up early today to get to Carrow Road (which I try to do when ever possible).Love the idea of meeting up if there are other NC fans in York.
  13. Thanks so much Isaac. Love the style of your singing. I take it from your post that you are at Uni in York. Hope you''re enjoying it (I live in York) - it''s a pain to get to Carrow Road though! Luckily I will be at the Everton game on Saturday. Would live to hear them play your song.
  14. I live in Yorkshire so don''t get to too many games. I used to subscribe to canaries player but found I was not often at home on Saturday afternoons to listen to the commentary which was my main reason for subscribing. Last season the iPhone app started to have live audio and it worked great for a couple of months. Then all of a sudden it disappeared. I have contacted the club and Perform group (who make the app) and all they will say is that they are not allowed to offer live commentary due to contractual reasons. This sounds to me like rubbish. Perform group also make apps for Tottenham, West Ham and Aston Villa and all these apps include live audio for the same price. I feel like we are missing out. Surely It can''t be contractual reasons if other premier league teams offer it? I wonder if the club have said they don''t want live audio on the app? If so, I am really frustrated as this would be a great improvement in service. Does anyone have any knowledge on this?
  15. I can''t play the video. Is it just me? When I click the link, it opens YouTube but no video is found.
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