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  1. Lowestoft v Whitley Bay, the favorites. Home lst leg
  2. hope we play{Lowestoft} needham market in the semi final could be norwich v ipsh.t !
  3. I am a ncfc collector, a few items l treasure are, an original asidtate ''78'' of on the ball city, great old sound.  Peter Mendhams match worn shirt from milk cup final, and the legend Iwan Roberts match worn green shirt from the champions at sunderland. Managed to get on the pitch after game to get it! Had it signed by complete squad. Paul Scholses shirt from Bryan Gunns testermonial game against man.utd, Many other great items. Would like a match worn shirt from 93 uefa cup run if anybody has one.
  4. marty and lappin, l can assure you lm 100% a norwich fan/ supporter!! more of a supporter than some of the other negative bas...ds on here!
  5. l can assure you all fans at game were staunch norwich regulars, whats wrong with a family outing? Norwich are a family club afterall.
  6. we8wba, wolves fans are dirty ba....ds, they come at you from behind when you least expect it, always been the same, cowards with no bottle!
  7. went on train to game yesterday, train l was on packed with big norwich firm, earlier train also. I think its great to see such a big turnout, great for our street cred also. Other clubs think we are a bunch of carrot crunching scarfers, yesterday was a big eye opener for leicester fans! otbc
  8. weare yellows, what a negative, pathetic responce. You and your other negative posters dont deserve class players, you want to watch crap every week go and watch that lot down the road, plank!
  9. we8wba  youve got some balls to come on here and criticise class, you wouldnt know a class player if it came and bit you!
  10. heard he will be playing football for Lowestoft Town next season
  11. Heard scum have signed Norris for 2.25 mill, pity that because hes a good player would have liked him here, settle for Halmosi from plymouth instead though
  12. Terry Butcher scotland no.2 what a laugh! Glad lm not scottish what an embarrassment. My mate worked with him in australia and said he was clueless and dint have a clue! 
  13. heard about hucks tonight, dont know when hes going though, just heard on norfolk that roeder definately getting 2 players in perhaps 3 or 4! Happy days!
  14. Just had some bad news, Hucks is indeed off to canada, great shame, great player, true legend
  15. lve heard that news about ched for next season also, what a talent
  16. we8wba, thats because know ba....rd likes you!!
  17. talking about songs, can we sing ROEDERS,  Green an yellow army, ROEDERS, green an yellow army! Not Glen Roeders green and yellow army, its too much to fit in and typical of our songs
  18. clble dont know what gutter youve crawled in from, but if l ever see you youll get what it says on the front of your naff blue shirt, a......punch! Now get off our website
  19. one things for sure scummer you will never be able to sing top of the league at portman road! We lorded it big time! you lot will always be in our shadow
  20. lets hope who ever it is hasnt got as big a salary as your gob! gobshite
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