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  1. I think that we were very tight and starved them of possession and this contributed to Blackpool''s difficulty but then I am a hopeless optimist... The same could be said when we played Coventry and they did OK this week.   Yep, it''s all opinions at the moment Badger and I guess until Coventry, Blackpool and ourselves have played 10 or so games we won''t know for certain who''s right.
  2. Carrow Roeder''s interpretation was pretty good C.T. BUT and it''s a big but - he forgot to mention that Blackpool were absolutely dreadful and quite possibly the worst team we will see at Carrow Road all season. Make no mistake many sides will be putting 4''s and 5''s past them (on this showing) and if you think we are poor up front they bring a whole new meaning to the term ''toothless''. C.T.''s other inaccuracy is naming Kennedy and Stef'' as contenders for MoM, like Marshall they had very little to do although when they did one of them stood on the ball in possession gifting Blackpool the ball on the edge of our area which lead to the penalty! Pattison has been awful pre-season but should have been MoM here and his slide rule through ball to Cureton in the build up to our offside ''goal'' was the best moment of an otherwise lacklustre match.
  3. What about a ''hanging the board from the crossbar'' challenge? Could see thousands of volunteers and nobody daring to leave their seats for half time refreshment. Altogether now "Come on, let''s be hangin you!" 
  4. It will mean nothing, Blackpool are the worst team in the league having failed to score in their last EIGHT competitive matches and are clear favourites to be relegated. Even we, in our current form should beat them comfortably.      
  5. Re: Where''s everyone sitting this season? The Board are sitting on their hands as per usual
  6. Mature, thoughtful post. Maybe, but spot on balls accurate nonetheless  
  7. if I am right then just recognise! If you are right the only thing we will recognise is the gulf in ambition between Ip***t and us. A new low if both signings were to happen.
  8. Scored against us twice last year in the cup games,,,and looked a bit of a handful,,,quite mobile.............worth a chance I would say, especially as it does not look like we will be getting anyone else !   That doesn''t help me, everyone scores against us and looks a handful!
  9. Judged on what you''ve seen what are his attributes please Monkey? Height, build, pace, touch, heading ability etc etc
  10. Goals from many different players is what''s needed for a team to be successful. When we went up Huckerby, Crouch, Malky, Mckenzie, McVeigh, Mulryne, Francis etc all made a contribution to the goals for column. Trouble is now we may have some good attacking players but when you look closely at their records none of them can score goals which is why we got them on the cheap. Goalscorers, no matter what their position, are the one thing that cost money i''m afraid because little scouting work is needed to identify them  - their names crop up time and time again along the bottom of the Soccer Saturday screen. Even IF we spend decent money on a striker he will be under so much pressure and at best will ''only'' achieve what Ched Evans did last season namely keeping us in the division.
  11. "However if they do this, I can see us making them pay for it and big time, if our passing is as sharp as it was against Coventry, and against an equally as poor (maybe worse) defensive lineup, being at home with the fans behind them Lupoli and Cureton along with Hoolahan could have a field day and get the season off and running."   I hope you''re right because Cardiff and Birmingham will be tough. I can''t help feeling in time we will change our opinion of the Coventry ''performance''. Do you remember Leeds away a couple of seasons ago? Like Coventry it was the first game, like Coventry we played them off the park, like Coventry we failed to score, like Coventry we lost the game, like Coventry we crowed for weeks about the ''performance''.  Leeds got hit regularly by 3''s and 4''s thereafter and were duly relegated, like Coventry? Time will tell.
  12. Blackpool have played two and lost two like us. They are the away team on Saturday, what would you do if you were the Blackpool manager knowing that we are yet to score and the crowd is likely to be on our backs? Simple, they will come for the draw, hooligan will be man marked and they''ll put men behind the ball and frustrate the life out of us always hoping to nick one on the break. Who would back against them?
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