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  1. originally i joined royal navy as artificer then left and joined TA, 3rd battalion Royal Anglian
  2. leave it be for time being, Gunns playing career status is something every young goal keeper should aspire to
  3. [quote user="improper fraction"]That''s it have a dig at teachers because of school closures. Class teachers don''t make the decision, the head does. What about all those other workers who don''t make it in because of the conditions. The number of shops I''ve been in where they are short-staffed, why not have a dig at them? Or what about the lack of trains/buses because their staff can''t get in. Or the dairy farmers down here in Kent and Sussex who are having to dispose of thousands of litres of milk daily currently because the container lorries can''t get to the farms to collect it? Watch out for the milk shortage over the next few days. Are those people lazy? Anyone would think it was only teachers who didn''t get to work in these weather conditions. Even when they are open in these extreme conditions we become a glorified baby-sitting service. Yesterday I only had 6 pupils turn up in my class. 58 pupils for a school with a role of 242. You can''t teach the planned lessons to such a small number because it would have to be repeated when everyone else returned. Therefore you end doing fun things. I got paid to build snowmen and have snowball fights with my pupils yesterday - great fun. We also played games and did wordsearches. As I say, 6 pupils meant it wasn''t worth doing any planned teaching. Paraphrasing Pink Floyd ''Hey you! Leave us teachers alone!'' [/quote] ah yes but how many of those short staffed shops were due to parents having to take days off because they had to look after kids who shouldve been at school, i for one was one of those that wouldve gone to work but couldnt because i had to look after my son, oh and unlike a teacher, i had to take a days holiday in order to get paid otherwise i wouldve lost a days income,
  4. i completely agree with your original moan arthur, normally i wouldnt of paid for it, but i enjoyed the film and it was a pressie lol, i think the cost is to much and would rather see it lowered but i also have to agree that i think were in line with the four clubs who matter in this league price wise, were paying the price for being a club with premiership facilities, its just a pity were a premiership club with league 1 quality. would we sell any more dvds or scalves if the price was lowered, probably not as theres only so many true fans that would buy them,
  5. taking away everything read on this thread, it seems to have gone off on just bashing each other then getting down to discussing what the topic was about. not every DVD bought from places like HMV is cheap. I got a lovely Christmas Pressie from my wife of Watchmen on DVD now this was the limited release exclusive to HMV DVD they charged 21.99 i know this as she forgot to take the price off, they can sell it at that because of there exclusive rights and they know people will pay it. same with canary store, they will sell it at the price they know will sell at, is it fair no its not but is there anything a individual can do about it no, the only way things ever drop in price is if they dont sell at the price listed. as a working class person myself, the only time i would take my son on a mascot day would be a special birthday, say his tenth and maybe his 16th but at £200 i couldnt afford to do it willy nilly but could if its a special occasion. as everyone knows if your child wants it and its a special occasion you try and find a way. supply and demand yeah ok, it works, if its supply at a price and demand is there for that price why change the price. is it fair to make unfair profits, but is the club making unfair profits, the club itself has to make money to stay afloat, if they were making millions of pounds profit in there pockets after expenditure of the club then of course, but as we all know the club isnt making huge profits, thats why were in the position were in, if you want to compare prices of many clubs you have to compare the clubs if similar standing, ie , theres only four clubs in league 1 that you can compare to Norwich, Leeds, Charlton, and Southampton, why these four clubs, because of there fan base and facilties, do yeovil and exeter etc sell out, no ffs we take more fans away with us then they have turn up to home games. do you think wigan and hull charge the same for things as Man u and arsenal and liverpool, no they dont because theres a difference in club and popularity, people pay for these things because with certain clubs thats what happens manufacturing cost and profits have nothing to do with it, its simple we pay these prices because we have to if we want to support our club remember its more fashionable to support the canaries then it is to support wycombe and yeovil, my son wont get picked on for supporting City as much as he would if he supported yeovil etc
  6. after watching the game today i have to say that i think nelson wasnt bad or wasnt good he did however help the team keep a clean sheet, he was average but did a job none the less
  7. [quote user="First Wazzock"][quote user="Camuldonum"] The only slight problem to the "form analysis" is that Holt could get his leg broken in two places in your next game. Aside from that I''m sure it works. [/quote] Then we''ll just have to sign Platt and Lisbie. [;)] [/quote] or get them to quit so we can have them for free
  8. [quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="gsr600"]quote from Oliver Napthine found on web about expansion shortly after jarrold stand was completed ''''The new South Stand has been built in such a way that an additional tier can be added at a later stage if required. This development would increase the capacity to around 30,000''. Whilst Jon Springall adds; ''An additional tier could also at some stage (the foundations are already in place) be added to the Geoffrey Watling Stand, which would further raise the capacity to around 35,000"[/quote] I understand that if a second tier was to be put on the City Stand, the pitch would have to be moved over by a few yards/metres towards the Jarrold - to allow those viewing from the upper tier a complete view of the pitch. [/quote] or put the away fans in that section as surely they would have gotten fed up with seeing there team get beat anyway they would rather just look out blankly into thin air lol, itd be more interesting for them lol
  9. [quote user="blahblahblah"]All well and good gsr, but how would you go about physically getting 35,000 people in and out of the place ?[/quote] personally i think a new ground is the only way to go abut having 35000 attendance, somewhere like colney as previously said as the current location is difficult enough to get out of with 25000, either that or the road is made pedestrian access and bus access only and park and ride facilities used at a concession for those going to the game
  10. quote from Oliver Napthine found on web about expansion shortly after jarrold stand was completed ''''The new South Stand has been built in such a way that an additional tier can be added at a later stage if required. This development would increase the capacity to around 30,000''. Whilst Jon Springall adds; ''An additional tier could also at some stage (the foundations are already in place) be added to the Geoffrey Watling Stand, which would further raise the capacity to around 35,000"
  11. because mcnamee has championship experience and league one experience, as far as im aware adomah has only ever played in league 2
  12. the Football League are gonna have to be careful in there decision as this will set a precedent either way it decides, if it finds in favour of norwich then clubs will be approaching others for managers and offering peanuts in compensation to get there man if they find in colchesters favour this could literally mean a club can hold a manager and a other club to ransom until there demands are either met or points and fines imposed, every club in future that goes to a tribunal for similar cases will have to have the same punishment if found guilty or the football league will fall into chaos.
  13. to be honest i cant see how theyd have a case, they gave permission for us to speak to him, he resigned, he was technically a free agent after resigning so couldve gone to anywhere, they wouldnt be taking this position if we werent in a position to leap above them. sounds like there worried that were in a better position then them for promotion in the playoffs
  14. help for heroes or how about towergate insurance
  15. i took my boy for his first game this year against wycombe, he was 5 he loved every minute of it but he does do football in the community so already was yellow all the way now hes convinced his best friend at school that yellow is best.
  16. im no fan of semi but if we get rid of him then we have no right back till spilianes fit, so we go back to playing people out of position, and then blaming the manager for playing them out of position, get a grip, yeah it was a loss, but that was 2 days ago, and from what i could see from at performance we will have no problems getting back on with the job against sunderland.
  17. beckford out paced him, hes not a top scorer because hes average,
  18. ok so if were to blame semi for having his back to the goalkepper like all the defence did why not blame foster for kicking it when he could obvuiously see that none of his team were ready, sorry the fault for the points gifted to leeds falls 100% on fosters, all he had to was wait which wouldve wasted a bit of time but his decision was poor,
  19. [quote user="Eddie 17"]Defenders should always turn & face...basic stuffYes Forster''s kick was poor but Semi should''ve been paying attenttion...lack of concentration & ability to do the basics from 2 players has cost us a decent, well-deserved point [/quote] basic goalkeeping when defenders are moving away from goal dont kick it until there watching, simple as,
  20. yeah it was a mistake but a costly mistake that couldve been avoided, semmy for all hes worth couldnt of done anything about beckford as beckford is a superb striker who latched onto a stupid error by foster, sorry but it wasnt semmys fault for the goal it was fosters,
  21. after watching the game i think the blame has to fall upon foster for the defeat, why on earth did he make the kick when the defence were walking away and had there backs turned, if that was theo that did that wed all be slating him as the worst keeper in history, yes foster made some fantastic saves but that was just stupid, we were drawing, with 2 minutes to go and he does that, why didnt he wait until the defence were ready and waiting. in my mind foster lost us the point we deserved.
  22. So with gary holt training at colney, just a quick question, would any of you like him back permanent as a player coach
  23. right footed lappin, he has more skill at set pieces then ronaldo, messi and beckham put together, but agree probably a rubbish player
  24. simple he shouldve given a red card, yet no card at all was given , why call him over to talk to him if he wasnt gonna do anything, probably said thanks for the bung
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