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  1. I''m aware of my identity MrSheep, and I will defend it in the face of all opposition.
  2. I''m not trolling, that was just a response to the unnecessary Adolf comment. That''s all.
  3. I''m not him. I just don''t follow the herd. Baaa.
  4. That''s my point. A team that''s supposed to represent east Angles doesn''t represent east Angles. We need to spend more money on our children.
  5. Nope, why kidding? Are we not entitled to an identity?
  6. Dave Jones was linked to Blackburn on TalkSport. Good news as long as Cardiff don''t want Lambo.
  7. I downloaded it off UKNova. It''s a nice quick torrent.
  8. I have to say this feels an awful lot like we''re being loaned our own property, after they stole him from us in the first place. If he takes Korey''s place in midfield, I''d like to see Korey move to right back.
  9. Seriously you lot, calm down. We''re playing, IMO, the best two teams in the division. Burnley gave Villa a good game in the league cup a few days ago.
  10. Burnley are heading for their first away win in seven months, similar to Hull. The Norwich charity is back in action. We''ve been overachieving, so this little down turn is not unexpected. We''re not going to go down, and we''re not going to go up. Our players are a mixture of League One and Championship, and we''ll finish mid table. That''s really all we can expect without spending some decent money.
  11. I doubt it will make much difference to be honest. They''ve got a squad full of duff Scotsmen, and they''ll still be duff Scotsmen whoever takes over. They remind me a lot of us a few seasons ago.
  12. The Mirror is reporting that Sven has taken the job on a two year contract. http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Sven-Goran-Eriksson-appointed-new-Leicester-boss-article592455.html
  13. More likely he was keeping an eye on the two Manure players on loan at Preston. It''s not always about us you know!
  14. Horseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Super super horse!!!!!!!!!!!
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