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  1. [quote user="Clipped Canary"][quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="Clipped Canary"][quote user="Beauseant"] [quote user="Clipped Canary"]Has this actually been confirmed anywhere? [^o)] [/quote] What, that he doesn''t have a wife or kids? [/quote]Well yeah! Duh! He could have a secret wife, a secret husband, kids in every town up and down the country!!!!HOW CAN WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!! [/quote] I heard that Steven Gerrard got Doc''s secret wife (and her non existent sister ) up the duff and that''s why we didn''t win the World Cup, but don''t spread it around..... [/quote]Mum''s the word! [;)][/quote] Mums the word!! But every body knows that BIRD IS THE WORD!!
  2. when i asked him at the Player Of The Season do, he did sau he would like to come back
  3. Sorry was just fooling about as am bored and find it funny that there are so many threads, and that people are getting frustrated with it all, yet still leave comments. sorry I am being childish and should really grow up!
  4. [quote user="cityangel"]Yes great piccies, looks like you had a great night.[/quote] Cheers Matt!! and yes CA was a great night. Got the one of Hucks just for you!!
  5. I have to say Hide The Sausage would be my best game this year, followed by some naked twista. Football wise it was nice to return the favour to Col Who and Leeds. and the party Vibe after the Leeds game, reminded me of the party time after the Bayern game, as I sat in amazment from the family enclosure!!
  6. Well I am the guy in the pics, and can confirm it was a great night. Doc was enjoying himself with his Aviva chicks. FF as we all know like it here and would come back. and yeah he is a giant. however as you can see even Hoolahan is nearly taller than me!!
  7. Hi all, Due to Dad being on his Holls I have a spare Ticket going! It is an old boys ticket, so pay me whatever the Price is for an old boys ticket. Then we will need to head to the ticket office where you will need to pay the extra to the club to upgrade (unless the lucky person who contacts me is over 60!!) Info on the Ticket Lower Barclay Area: C Row: O Seat: 62 First come first served! text or call me 07599873507 Cheers Lee I must stress this is a season ticket and I will not be handing it over. I will meet you at the ground! unless u want to meet at FCR a day or so in advance and get the ticket office to print you a new ticket out!
  8. Ticket had now gone. Thanks for the interest. will meet you down riverside Dave!!
  9. [quote user="Neil"]shot gun[/quote] ?? honestly people being genuine! only put my number up as my email keeps playing up!
  10. They aint all that bad!! as said before, got my ex well into her football, which is pleasing. Just shyte as she only sits a few rows infront now ha ha. Plus moved to Plymouth and City women are much better than those Janners
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