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  1. Seems that we`re still believing Barry Fry`s sales pitch about him being the best left back outside the premiership.Strange really, when he`s not even the best left back in a very poor championship squad.
  2. Any defence would struggle with a midfield as bad as ours infront of them. This has been the real problem for the past 3 seasons.
  3. Smith and Doncaster, they seem very good at defending thi indefencible
  4. Huckerby is probably the only player in our squad with a touch of class about him. Earnshaw is really quite an enigma.He is actually a poor footballer but scores bucketfulls of goals,so is important to the team.
  5. With a minimum of  seven new signings and a backing wind....maybe the play offs
  6. Useless and lazy....quite a combination.
  7. If we could get any money for him I`d be surprised. Five good games in 18 months and he`s an important player......plllease
  8. Woods Culverhouse      Watson     Newsome     Bowen Fox   Crook    Townsend     Peters   Drinkell    Ashton Manager  D Stringer
  9. Possibly,but I think that it is likely to be derailed again on Saturday afternoon.Judging by the way that an average side like Blackpool cut straight through our midfield(ha ha) and defence,I hate to think what a good championship side would do. Nevermind a good champions league side.
  10. Look`s that he did the right thing by getting out of here. Why so bitter ?
  11. I hate to say it but I`m going to wait to see whether the game is on tv before deciding to go or not. If it is`nt I`m sure that inexplicable loyalty or morbid curiosity will have me attend. However if the game`s on telly I`m damned if I am going to stick another 20 quid into the likes of Peter Thorne`s bulging pockets.
  12. Hav`nt missed a game for about three years mate. Hav`nt seen too many handy players in that time either.
  13. Robert Eagle takes a good corner.........unfortunately he`s not very good at much else
  14. Do you actually go to the games or just listen to uncle Roy? Jurgen Colin has probably been( along with a 37 year old) the best of this awful bunch this season.
  15. Going to Carrow Road has`nt become a family day out . For me it has become a frustrating and to be honest boring day out. I think that this is true for many people, as we have very little entertainment and ultimately nothing to play for, so even our streaky wins have little or no worth.
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