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  1. Be interesting to see if he makes side for Shrewsbury - but i would think it unlikely at present. Lets watch this space.
  2. Seb seems to have left the building at the moment ? No talk of being transferred out or loaned out ? I don''t believe he is injured ? Not mentioned in U21 set up ? Any Ideas anyone. Maybe a chant tomorrow - "Where''s Sebastian Gone" - to the tune of where''s your mother gone ??
  3. I have been thinking about this all week since Fulham Game. RVW is never anywhere near goalkeeper he seems to be lurking round the edge of penalty area - Seems strange. On a positive he works and moves a lot off the ball and was the main reason for the result 3 weeks ago at home. Why Hughton dropped him after the away game - I just couldn''t understand. Woz it all because of his Petulance at Swansea when he got subbed ??
  4. Just to keep this near the top still require 1 more ticket. Train Ticket booked so if you suddenly get a spare ticket please call or text 07767 864575. Many thanks everybody. john
  5. Hi Folks - Update !! Someone has very kindly contacted me one ticket so now we only need one more. So if you suddenly have a spare please call or text 07767 864575. Many many thanks John OTBC
  6. Many thanks will give it a go tomoz but if anyone suddenly has please call 07767 864575 or text
  7. I have just managed to get the weekend off work so if anybody suddenly has 2 tickets for Saturday they don''t need and wish to sell. Please call or text me 07767 864575 John. PS Before I get a barrage of abuse - I have made the trek to 8 away games this season and every home game.
  8. When your players are having a bad spell you drop them for a game or two, and hopefully they come back buzzing. Maybe that''s the solution when the Manager is not quite getting the results you want. maybe give him a rest. The assistant comes in for a few games turns it all round - then the players get used to him - and results go back to normal. See Gary Monk - Swansea, Tim Sherwood - Tottenham, Fulham etc etc. Discuss
  9. Please dont shoot me down as I spend every saturday at Carra Rd having a go at my fellow fans who want to criticise everything. Last year we had a very settled squad - that excelled and got to 12th - however we seem to suddenly be saying to those players actually you didn''t do well enough - wot is well enough ?? So this year we go out and buy new players for lots of money and they straight way get in the team - the guys that performed well last year are suddenly out of the team - result - we are already seeing. This is so like the Worthington era when the stars like - Ewan & Malky were allowed to go and look at the result. All our Team really needed was a Goalscorer but now we have said bye to Drury (poss understandable) Whitbread (Did a great Job when fit - Are any of the new players better ??) Ayala (Again showed promise till injured) Elliott Bennett - One of our best performers last year - now on Bench. Andrew Crofts - Great misfiel battler - got us up there. James Vaughan - Off for pennies if he stays fit !! Jed Steer, Declan Rudd - came in fantastically last year and now we want to but another Goalie ?? For my Money I would have kept all let  Grant Holt (and I am a great fan of his!!)  go for 5m and bought two good strikers with all the Money we have spent. Wages could be justified as they are the guys that are scoring goals - not putting new same standard players in no better on higher wages - all it will lead to is dressing room unrest, wasted money and now I fear relegation. Any Comments ??  
  10. Just wondering if Sir Paul gave Lappin & Wilbraham their chance to play a game in the Premier League to thank them for their efforts in helping us get promoted last year - prior to maybe them both leaving in January. He is that sort of manager and wouldn''t you want to play for him if you were thinking of coming to Little Old Norwich - Discuss.
  11. I think you will find the older Huckerbee is no longer at Town Close but now goes to Langley School. The younger Huckerbee is still at Town Close so think School Trip likely to have been from Langley School.
  12. I fear that Ward has quite a long way to go and wouldn''t expect to see him back for a little while yet - don''t ask me how I know but heard it from a very good source - unfortunately.
  13. I have a ticket for Chelsea game on Saturday; but the people I usually go away with aren''t going. Has anybody got a spare seat in a Car or want to share a train deal - I would also be willing to drive others. Or could anybody tell me about Coach travel ??
  14. Hi - I have just picked up a ticket for the game next Saturday; but people I go with are either not going or already sorted travel Arrangements. Just wondered if anyone going from Gt Yarmouth / Norwich Area has got space or wants to make up a 4 for a discount train ticket or wants to share travel in my Car. Please e mail John@ukphotos.net or tel 07767 864575. Thx for looking.
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