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  1. Hate to say it but Hatton was outclassed, Maweather, despite his arogance and cockyness is a truly great boxer, throughully deserved to be pound for pound best in the world.
  2. I went to the training ground today hoping to watch some action, however Dave Carolin walked over and told us all to leave while we (they) do the set pieces, we didn''t really look a threatening bunch, myself  and a few pensioners, although it''s nice to see their taking it seriously!!! what do you thing???
  3. (around 10million for example) would you give some of the money to Norwich''s transfer budget???? Just wondering, anythoughts??
  4. With Safri speculation and Etuhu lack of consistancy do we need another proven centre midfielder? Brellier sounds great, but i think we need someone who can get form one end to another and is a a threat in both areas of the field, bit like Francis??
  5. Has anyone been so upset or depressed that a player has left they had shed a tear or so? I do remeber when i was about 9 and Darren Eadie left I did cry a bit!!! Just thought I''d put this on here as Earnie has left, what was your reaction?  ( i know a very strange post but.....)
  6. apparnetly close to signing, him on a free and lappin for cheap, what a good couple of deals form St Mirren!!
  7. apparently they will have to share portman road with ipswitch.....imagine that, come on colchester (dont no whever this is true though)
  8. with fotheringham safri and lappin set to miss out today do you think Andy hughes should be given a chance at centre midd with etuhu??  
  9. i think it will be a 2-1 win to Norwich, huckerby and martin, beat em last 3 times weve played em!!
  10. murray halford  upson    dublin   Bale jones(burnley)    koumas    Hendrie  HUCKERBY!!!!!!!! Kamara   EARNIE SUBS: Marshall, dubbery, Nugent, shackell, nyatanga that team could be full up with city players if they actually tried, acceptions to dion, huck, hughes and some others
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