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  1. [quote user="flecky76"]I do think we are selling Holt a year too soon. There are a whole list of clubs out there who believe, just when they think they''ve got his league cracked and can finally move forward, it comes back to bite them. If Holt leaves, then the sum total of PL goals between our existing strike force will be NIL. We so needed Holt to help bridge that gap between existing and new incoming strikers IMHO.[/quote] Good grief, it''s a football team not a synchronised swimming troupe. If highly paid players can''t sort themselves on the pitch there''s something wrong about the whole set up.
  2. Harry, watching Gorleston in the 60s, do you remember the bloke who used to pretend to be the lino? I want to say we called him mad Willy, but I''m not sure. Good memories of the old Rec. Was a tanner to get in but five minutes after the start of the game you could stroll in for free and spend your ill-gotten sixpence on a half time Bovril. Happy days.
  3. All four "experts" on Soccer Saturday had us down for a defeat, Charlie Nicholas even predicting 3-1. What do they know?
  4. I sent you an email a while ago, did you get it, if not I''ll resend.
  5. I think you''ll have to be the last one as they have to be done in real time and most of my weekend it seems, will be running my DVD recorder!
  6. Would appreciate if you could do a copy for Smudger Tim. I''ve sent you an email about it and as they have to be done in real time and it''s 3hrs, I don''t really want to run off many copies.  
  7. I can do it for you mate if the other poster doesn''t have any joy. Providing it''s not copywritten of course, I''m pretty certain it''s not. I''ve got the full 3 hour prog, build up and post match celebrations. Best avert your eyes when Russell Martin appears in his undies though!  Not in HD unfortunately.  I''ll bounce this post to the top if and when successful, or you can post your email or mobile number on here.
  8. What did we do before the internet? Every second of everything NCFC, every snippet of news or gossip, every emotion, highs or low, every permutation, every prediction are all laid bare for us to consume 24 hours a day. We can now read ALL the newspaper match reports without leaving the house and even read what other club''s fans and managers think of us by going on their boards, but does it make you even more nervous in these days of high excitement, or do you take comfort and solace in the fact that we all feel the same, we''re all in this together with feelings ranging from deep joy and pride at our current situation, to high anxiety about what may unfold in the next few days. Years ago, we''d just switch off after games, buy a Pink''un, read the back page of the EDP in the newsagent, chat down the pub and then watch Match Of The Week. (Gerry Harrison was always so calm.) Now though, there''s no escape from this "torture" except for taking the dog on the beach or going to a garden centre. No dog, no garden? Well, just turn on your PC and join in with everyone else on here who''s suffering, it''ll make you feel better. Or will it?
  9. Those Were The Days. If you''re over 60 you may JUST remember Town''s glory years, which eliminates 99.9% of their posters.
  10. Never mind, the Late Football show returns tomorrow for much more professional broadcasters!!
  11. [quote user="Cluckbert Chase"] "the fact that we have spent around 50 out of 51 years in this division", Meanwhile the club''s pious ''saviour'' and her flock consider we are experiencing a period of success......... Laughable. [/quote] Or higher
  12. After the games finished yesterday and Jeff announced "a look at the tables," he described us as "the new boys up to forth place." Whilst "new boys" is indeed true for this season, the fact that we have spent around 50 out of 51 years in this division, or higher, I reckon he was having a bit of a giraffe. I love him. 
  13. A few years ago there was a strong rumour that Andy Marshall once blamed himself for conceding a goal. I mean come on, some rumours are just too ridiculous.
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