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  1. Reminds me of the derby a few years back. My brother and I could only get in the scum stand and this as when we got thumped 5-0. We were the only 2 guys not celebrating for goal 1 and 2, got a bit dodgy with some cockney cowboys wanting to have a go and we were somewhat outnumbered and was looking a bit like we may get sorted out. Had some other mates with us who were not die hard fans and begged us to stand up and blend in and I personally would rather take a hiding than pretend to be a scum fan. After the 3rd goal they then just took the piss mercilessly and all thoughts of a bit of naughtiness left their minds. Not the best day out but all good fun. Did then wipe that away with attendance at that great ''Top of the League'' game which far and away dealt with the dissapointment of the earlier day.  
  2. “There''s one game in particular that we play at home that I''m absolutely desperate to win. I''ll play myself that night if I have to.” Not a major point but I want passion and commitemnt when I watch Norwich and with the manager making comments like the above I do not think you can queston his as the leader of the team. I am beginning to really admire this guy more and more. I must admit to being dissapoined when he was first appointed but how wrong I was.  
  3. Interesting, had forgotten all about him and I did rate him at Fulham.
  4. I know for a fact that he will get the job as he can then replace Grant instead of the other way round
  5. An interesting view from Adam but are his comments made a jounalist or as a fan. I took the piece as being written by him as a fan and therefore removing the important part which is those tough questions actually being asked of the board. I may be hair splitting a little here but what media follow up is intended from this article or is it the case that there will be none at all. Clearly the board will not need to answer what has not been asked
  6. Having read this I really don''t get the point. Is this telling us there was a rift and they did not play for him, that the players were model professionals until the game starts and then it goes to pieces. The thing I never get is that if we do all the right things in training and then the team does not replicate that in the game how can this go on game after game with no change to anything. Not wnating to go down the whole ''Roswell and UFO''s'' conspiracy road but seems like there is something else going on here    
  7. What a day that was and yes it does make you smile   Makes you realise what we are missing doesn''t it
  8. What''s more disgraceful is that we as a club do not seem to have eleven players who can beat or even put up a fight against a below average division 2 side. The dissapointment that PG felt was in the last 15 minutes of a completely lacklustre, spineless performance from a team of players who were outshone by a 37 year old journeyman who fully deserves his pay packet and showed a commitment to a club he does not actually represent. Forget the off field antics but the man in charge picked the eleven and did not fire them up enough to engage the crowd. No hard tackles, no attack minded play nothing of any note at all. 3 or 4 players tried at best the rest just could not be arsed. Players will earn support and while clowns like Robinson, Hughes, Etuhu and McVeigh  stroll around taking the absolute piss then support is not what they will get and the crowd will be off. It is not the losing but the lack of any commitment. PG should bin the clowns and get kids on. I would rather pay my hard earned to watch a team of tryers lose than the shambles we have seen over the last 2 weeks. We had no midfield on Sunday and what changed on Saturday and it is not down to injuries so forget that excuse. I am not slating PG as he has not been here long enough to have proved himself but it is not acceptable to pin his comments on passion after that game as what he said verbatim was aimed at the fans that were not the problem, his team of players were. That is what is unacceptable and concerning to me at least. I am not offended or highly strung but what he said after the game in the heat of the moment was fine but it is not good that on reflection he has chosen to deflect the inability of his team that he chose onto the fans. As one of those fans I do find that to be offensive.  
  9. I am slightly confused by this PG thing. I can agree to a certain extent with the basis of his comments as he was reffering to the last part of the game when we were 1-0 up and not the whole game as it has been represented elsewhere. However I was there and was as nervous as everyone else that we would blow it (as we did) and this affects your mood immensely. The part that confuses me with Grant''s comments is his interview on Radio Norfolk directly before the game when he commented on the previous dire showing at Scum town and that the fans should get better than they had witnessed there. He also went on to say that it was up to the team to inspire the fans and if they didn''t then the team should know what to expect and fans are quiet and negative for a reason.(This is not a verbatim account but my recollection of his comments) I was then confused by his comments after the game regarding the contradiction with his pre match interview and more so greatly concerned by his view that we displayed passion and commitment as this was certainly not in evidence in anyone other than Dublin, Shackell, Drury, Ernie and for @1/2 of the game Hucks. (I think Hucks became deflated by the ref and his dire handling of all challenges on him but he doesn''t always help himself here does he?) I think there is a tendency to go overboard regarding what he has said and I did immediately after reading them in the Sunday Times yesterday but whilst I think what he says in essence could be fair comment as an opinion he may be better suited waiting until the name plaque on his door has stuck on firmly before criticizing those of us that have been about a bit longer particularly given the state of the club immediately prior to his involvement. The players need to show a commitment to the shirt and the fans-it is what they are paid to do and it is not about ability but trying to win, running till you drop, challenging everything and looking like you give a toss.    
  10. Spot on. It is time for that worthless wonder to depart so we can get beck to trying to be any good again
  11. I wanted him out last season and that is now even more evident than it was then. He has done nothing, learnt nothing and changed nothing. It is now time for someone else to take action on the board and turn a nothing into a something. He must go and if the board don''t see that then we clearly have the wrong people in charge at this club.   How many more times must we lose to inept opposition and hear Worthless tell us it won''t happen again, big words with small actions. GO,GO,GO    
  12. McKenzie Gooooo McKenzie Gooooo He scored against the Scum And now he can do one McKenzie Gooooooo
  13. I would like to wish Robert Green all the best for his career at West Ham and hope that he gets a place in the England set up and gets the no 1 spot for the Hammers that he deserves.   He seems a good lad and I hope that he does well. I have enjoyed seeing him between the sticks.
  14. It''s a shame that Worthless can''t follow the big eared ones example and release some of the inept criminals that are in evidence at this club as they have surely asissted in murdering our opportunities for the season
  15. The Worthless one may listen to your views, mine he would disregard with contempt as I have proved myself to have veered from the course of truth and loyalty
  16. I would like to take this opportunity, having watched the worst season in some time following Norwich, to thank Nigel Worthington for insulting me and the many others that left following Sundays game. I thought we were better than we have been but we did not seem to be the fired up ''7th at all costs'' team that was indicated by the man himself. I left before the end for the first time ever in attending the last home game and for good reason. A few players aside the team did not deserve my applause and the manager certainly does not. When we left at the whistle the road outside was full of people and did not look that much different to when we leave normally. I was quite suprised to discover later that there was anyone left at all. I listened into Roy and Neil afterwards on the way back in the car. I could not believe Roy''s ''all is forgiven'' comments and I was absolutely stunned to hear Worthington''s comments after the game. He meant exactly what he said and that was ''...there''s the monority that like to air their opinion but I thought after the game we went round the pitch and the true supporters were there showing their loyalty to the situation which was tremendous...'' and later ''...that is the true supporters of Norwich City through thick and thin and that''s what supporters are all about, you get some supporters who just think that they have a god given right to win every single game...'' Right as someone who left early along with countless others I am according to the manager not a true supporter by definition. If the true supporters were there and I was not then I can only be described as not a true supporter. Thanks Nigel. You do not deserve my congratulation for the crap season that you have just served up to us. The team barring some exceptions does not either as I believe that it is not all your fault. The attitude displayed by the team this season has been woeful. They often seem to say they care about winning but they certainly haven''t carried this onto the pitch for even a minority of the games this season. All in all pretty poor and the man in charge thinks all is ok. Then as if that wasn''t enough you determine that our loyalty be questioned also. Great end to a great season. I look forward to next season and will display my lack of loyalty and I will also use my god given right not to win every single game as that is foolish but I do believe we have a god given right to watch a team who are actually trying to win every single game.    We started the season with no excuses and we end it listing lots of them. I am glad that your principals are firmly engrained within your character. From tough words to tough luck.    
  17. Saint Canary you really made me laugh with that and on this borad at the moment that aint easy    
  18. herb Thanks for putting a statement into my own words for me and if you wish to be insulting then please be kind enough to determine what you need to insult me about. My comment is off the cuff and somewhat tongue in cheek in case you had failed to bother to notice that but I    do believe that my £300 entitles me to not have to see the inane and occassionally useless crap that has been dished up this season. I am 39 and have followed Norwich fully since I was 13 years old, I can allow myself a small amount of comparison having been a season ticket holder for as many years as I could, so I expect to see them: try to pass the ball play like a coordinated team unit play like they have some idea of what should be going on be effectively managed be effectively trained play with some passion and maybe cheating aside a little of the attacking style that Chelsea dominate with wouldn''t go amiss As you have assumed what I meant with my statement I will assume that you are happy to watch Norwich play as they have regardless and will accept whatever is dished up before you without question. I would attend and pay no matter what as I am a City fan, always have been always will be but what we get is not what we should and yes I would quite happily wish us to play like Brazil every game, who wouldn''t. Win, lose or draw for me is secondary as long as we play to the best of our ability because we cannot beat everyone we play but we must try to and lately we don''t bother Please be assured, in case you again get the wrong end of the stick, that the above is somewhat tongue in cheek also  
  19. Really, the idiot cheated me out of over £300 at the start of the season 
  20. the key is a team who understands their role, some passing of the ball, playing to strengths, playing in position, using the strongest team, tactics, proper training, a manager with some basic communication skills oh and some balls and spine would be nice  so the key is pretty much not having you as the manager..simple really 
  21. change the names and when do we get to read that in the Evening News, poor guy who was killed aside of course
  22. “I have read statements from different quarters suggesting my players might think they are on holiday now. That will not be the case at this football club,” Oh really, well they must get more bank holidays than us for the previous no shows this season then “Every game is important. People pay good money to watch us and we have got to go out there and give them good value. We will be going all out to win on Saturday, make no mistake about that. It''s what we try and do in every game and whatever happens it will continue to be the case between now and the end of the season.” What happened at Burnley,Luton,QPR,Wolves etc etc and can we have our money back then as what you served up was way below the value that you have told us to expect    “I don''t know about a lack of passion,” he said. “I think it was disappointment you saw last Friday night. Disappointment that we failed to take one of the four good chances that came our way in the opening stages and they then managed to score from their very first attack. That rocked us a little bit. A little bit? we did nothing for the next 70 minutes “I didn''t like what I saw for much of that game - it was a crazy situation that we allowed to happen and we have got to learn from it.” Oh no let me guess what was the last game you said that after oh it was only recently............ “You saw the Sheffield United game, you saw a lot of other games where there has been a loads of passion out there so I don''t think that is something you can accuse the players of lacking. Do you not understand that these were 2 completely different games. We showed passion against Sheff U but we showed none for 75 minutes against Burnley and have shown none at many other times this season “I have used the word consistency a lot in the last seven days and that means getting good results over a long period, maybe seven, eight or nine games. That is something we have not achieved all season. Good choice of word, consistency. We have consistently not been very consistent all season. Excellent Sometimes if you are going to talk nonsense you are better not to talk at all. Glad to see you are on top of it Nigel 
  23. 40 next Thursday and been going to the football since teenage years  
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