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  1. [quote user="Loyal fan"] [quote user="DuncanMirams"]Like it or not "Getting off the fence" us "few" will eventually get what we want, and there is nothing you can do about it.[/quote] I am sure you will - all amanagers go in the end. In the meantime, can you let us enjoy going to matches be it for just wednesday against Wolves or the next 5 years. [/quote] 5 years - you must be joking!!
  2. [quote user="cityangel"] So will you be helping us to collect signatures at the Wolves game, Silver Canary ? Yes or No Or maybe you''d like to take over the organising as you seem to think you can do it better ! [/quote] yes i will help you collect signitures on saturady and i have got some friends to help to. i still think it is a bad idea tho - please answer my questions on this now!!
  3. we boo cos we hate worthy and the rubbish his team plays - he is useless and we must get rid of him. i ahve got lots of votes for the petition next sunday - make sure you vote worthy out too and then this will stop
  4. waste of money if worthy spends it - can we ask for it after he has been sacked?
  5. [quote user="Billy Bovine"]Foghorn has made the case against Worthless very well, and I hereby find him guilty of gross incompetence. WORTHLESS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote] yes and as soon as posssible!!!
  6. this will never stop till worthy goes - we deserve better and will make sure we get it! why should we be lumberd with the worst manager ever?
  7. [quote user="Loyal fan"]Huck tastic - "My word, you do like to bandy around words like majority a lot, truth is no one really knows though do they? There''s clearly a wide spectrum of opinion, and  an equally wide range of ways of expressing that opinion...you would have to be very simple indeed to believe that only the relatively small number of people who attended the protests before matches, or even during matches, represents any kind of accurate guide... Oh, and are you suggesting that everyone who doesn''t agree with you spends their time drinking? Can''t the rest of us be ''decent'' too? Geez it must be a mighty fine view up there from the moral high ground, Mr. Fence...If only the rest of us could stay sober long enough to scramble up there too... " You are right Huck, I should not have said that about drinking - of course a lot of the rest can be "decent" to. I apologise for this. However, I would say that some of the arguments I saw were alcohol fuelled and I am at a loss to understand why the support for the protests is so low, if support for the movement is said to be so high. [/quote] simple most of us have got better things to do than hang around - we still wa''nt worthy out tho and make this clare during games!
  8. [quote user="Kolin Kob"] Silver Canary, if I am right, you are still at school. Therefore, how on earth can you claim Worthy is the worst manager we''ve ever had. Were you there in 1905? I think not. By repeatedly making this ludicrous claim, you are shooting yourself in the foot, and making yourself seem laughable. By the way, this is not an attack on the youth. I only left school recently myself. [quote user="Silver Canary"] 3. How can you expect the taken seriosly when you support the worst manager we have ever had? If you were loyal you would want the best for the club which means getting rid of worthy! But you (eventaully) admit to being KTF - this does not seem very logic to me! [/quote][/quote] Where were you in 1905! if its true that you have just left school you would''nt have been there either. did you mean 2005 or is this a wind up!
  9. it really anoys me all the things like this - it is like u have given up or forgotten what we have beenn threw this year!!! if we do''nt get rid of worthy it will be the same again - so we should do it even if it spoils the enjoyment of the KTFers. they will be happy when we get a good manger and get promoted again!! worthy out!!!!
  10. [quote user="huck tastic"] Dear Saint Delia, thank you very much for allowing us all to attend your football club so often...you are really very beautiful and wise and also great at cooking stuff...please have some more of my money I''ll only waste it...[/quote] i do''nt see how you can beleve this! she has had loads of money alredy and not spent much on players - so she will waste it not you!! + she has worthy as manager and he is useless!!
  11. [quote user="Getting off the fence"][quote user="Silver Canary"] Loyal Fan - "is the type of support that we can do without." I do''nt think thats fair. just cos im young does''nt mean that my views are worthless and i try hard to get worthy out. ive done lots of posts against him!! [/quote] Rather sad that you think that this is what a loyal fan does Silver! [/quote] I think its loyal cos it helps get rid of worthy + i protest at the ground. what do you do that makes you loyal and why do you think that you can challenge my loyalty!
  12. I think we are forgetting who bougt safri! If he was any good why would worthy have bougt him? How many goals has he scored this season? real Frank lampard is''nt he!!!
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