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  1. To early to say. Biggest issue is not getting the ball in the box. From set plays or open play. And i have my doubts that Daniel will continue with 2 up front. Because in my opinion, we are not playing a game that suits two up front. We have quality in the side, no doubt. But sometimes it just has not worked. The first half against paderborn was truly awful stuff. We made them look like barcelona. But the second half was much much improved.
  2. Just back from the game. Fairly even all round. Matthews needs to be sent out on loan. He will get eaten up at championship level. I got some great shots of the match, including Rohdes scoring. Anyone that says pre season matches mean nothing have no idea. I have been to both german games so far. They most certainly mean a lot, to the players as well. Cant fault the effort so far, but top 6 ? Noooo. I dont think so.
  3. Who cares about fees ? The club will not re invest in players to get out of the league no matter what. Some will go towards the pension fund, some to keep the club afloat for a few more years till it becomes someone elses problem.
  4. This ifollow is junk. Now i can have a choice, 1 watch the game, no commentary, or 2 listen to commentary but not watch live. You couldn''t make this up honestly
  5. Martin is a liability, jesus, he stood still for that shot.
  6. The Ifollow app on IOS simply does not work. Wont even allow me to listen to commentary. And there support is a joke.
  7. Reed is looking like a very good loan signing as well. In no way shape or form were we out played. Been a great pre season, lets hope it cRries over to the league !!
  8. Brown and Madison are stand out performers so far !! Special mention for wildschut who is also playing well.
  9. Yes mate. App is not working. But laptop/windows 10 is fine from the main canaries website.
  10. Ok it is working fine on my laptop. Good quality, no buffering, but a slightly strange camera angle.
  11. [quote user="Ginja"][quote user="MyGodWeArePoorToWatch"]Great start to IFOLLOW. cant for the life of me get it working on my ipad. What a joke, any subscribers got it working ? Or is it just me ?[/quote]Working perfectly here for me...norw.ch/BriHPS [/quote] Nope. Tells me to use the app. Guess your on a laptop or pc.
  12. Great start to IFOLLOW. cant for the life of me get it working on my ipad. What a joke, any subscribers got it working ? Or is it just me ?
  13. I was driving muppet. Still, fairly sure i had a better idea of how the second half went sat directly behind the goal, than watching some poxy bet365 stream.
  14. Fairly certain i was sat directly behind the goal and had a perfect view of the whole game.
  15. Well it was a game of two halves for sure. We were defending for our life most of the second half. I fear big time having Young Gunn in goal. He does seem very unsure in many situations.
  16. I think people forget just how many players we shifted on that were not in the slightest rated, but went on to be great at other clubs. So iam not interested in other fans opinions, its how he performs here that matters.
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