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  1. I know from twitter that rusty rents out a tidy looking house in las Vegas
  2. Agree with Pete^^. Picture of all the players celebrating with the fans after Simmo''s last minute winner against Derby would be mine. Anyone able to post it ??
  3. I think he will be good in the championship,although I imagine he will on stupid wages for that level
  4. I''m thought we had released him?
  5. HAS TO BE THIS!! This is how it feels to be cityyyy,this is how it feels to be smallllll, fuck off Lambert we''ve got Chrissy Hughtonn,Chrissy Hughtonnn,Chrissy Hughtonnnn :D
  6. His contract ran out at the end of last season and was due to sign for Fc Twente but at the last minute Man City offered him a three year contract.  So got two years left on his contract and depending on whether MC are willing to sell 4/5m sounds about right but i could be wrong ;)!  Could be seen a bit of a gamble at that price as he is yet to prove himself in the Prem.  But Mc must of seen potential in him to offer him three years last season!
  7. Mentioned this last season before he signed a new contract at Man city, never going to get in there team but is a good young player, scored 20 goals in 23apps on loan at Feyenoord last season and was due to play in euros for Sweden but picked up an injury. Ideal replacement for Holt (if we sell)  Sign him up!! 
  8. Looking abroad for players? Not much value in English market, Rodriguez not worth 7m ? Rhodes 5m yet to even prove it the Championship? ! With the right Manager and scout''s i can''t see any reason why we can''t pick up some bargains like Odemwingie (2m 25 goals) now we are a PL club?? just a thought ......
  9. It''s been a while since we have had a promising outfield player come through the ranks. Can anyone who watches youth games regularly tell me if we have any young talents coming through that could possibly cut it in the premier league ??
  10. I''m assuming Balotelli will suspended for the game with Man City ? Don''t know about you but i was looking forward to a good Balotelli wind up ;) Baloootellli is a w@*ker is a w@*ker
  11. Nice stats but wouldn''t read to much into it, even if Holty did get picked....
  12. After losing to WBA we bounced back to beat Bolton in the next game After losing against Man Utd we bounced back to beat Swansea in the next game After losing against Villa and Arsenal we bounced back to beat QPR After losing against Man City we bounced back to beat Newcastle After losing against Spurs we bounced back to draw against Fulham then beat QPR two days later After losing against Sunderland we bounced back to beat Bolton After losing against Leicester we bounced back to beat ....... ;) What ever happens, we have performed way beyond expectations this season. So stop your WHINGEING
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