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  1. To the hokey cokey tune:Ooooohh OliveiraOoooohh Nelson OliveiraOoooohh OliveiraBall in, He shoots..... Goal, Goal, Goal!!
  2. I have got one spare ticket for the Leeds game on Tuesday. It is in the lower community stand. Its a £40 ticket but will sell for £30.I''m still going so I can either post it tomorrow special delivery (if paid by paypal) or meet before the game!
  3. Someone that works at Dunston Hall has just said Malky Mackay, Mike Phelan and Nigel Clough are staying there tonight. No idea if it''s true or if he''s on a wind up.
  4. I was meant tô be offshore but now am now at home. If anyone can''t make it between now and next week and has 4 tickets for sale please let me know. Thanks
  5. It was right next to me. Basically an extremely drunk bloke kept jumping around out of his seat knocking into a couple of kids next to him and generally acting like a bit of ****. It started off quite light hearted but turned very nasty quite quickly. The steward asked him to sit down and to be respectful to the two young girls he was knocking into. He did this for about 30 seconds and when asked to leave turned aggressive. It all got a bit nasty, punches were thrown, and it took about 7 stewards in the end to remove him. Have to say it was far more entertaining than the dross on the pitch though!!
  6. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11709/7444720/Canaries-rebuff-Gers-approach
  7. Not sure if its the same one Harry but there is a shop in Market Row in Yarmouth doing the Lambert Superman shirts.
  8. I have 3 season tickets but my daughter can''t go saturday so rather than tell the club I thought I would ask on here first.Its an under 16 ticket but can be upgraded to an adult and i''m prepared to meet someone that wants it at the ticket office Saturday before the game to do that.Its front row of the upper tier in the community stand and does have a slight impaired view with the post of the N&P.If anyone interested let me know, if not I''ll let the club know.OTBC!
  9. Sheffield Wednesday a couple of seasons ago. The coach we were on was struggling not long after leaving Carrow Road. Somehow managed to make it to Hillsborough. Crushing defeat followed and the dreaded journey home. The coach finally gave up in the middle of a busy roundabout half way back so most of the coach had to get off and push the coach into the nearby services (which were closed) singing Y''Army.Fortunately a coach behind us pulled up and me and my daughter managed to jump on so only had to wait there 5 minuts. no idea how long the other poor lot had to wait. Not used it again since.
  10. What a waste of time the new team photo is!!
  11. This is obviously bullnuts as he was at the open day Monday
  12. Hi, What time would you be planning on leaving? If its after about 2pm I will be able to do it
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