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  1. [quote user="West_London_Canary"] [quote user="Larry David"]It would never happen. The population isn''t dense enough (well not it is but not in the geographic sense [;)]) and they would point to the face that we''re only 100 miles from London, and with Suffolk and Essex being even closer  you''re basically suggesting is that Norfolk people deserve a World Cup venue which is never, ever gonna happen unless the population triples by 2012..[/quote] If  Derby, Leicester, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Portsmouth can all put theirself forward as petential WC venues then why can''t we? [/quote] Leicester if the biggest city in the East Midlands and Nottingham''s super stadium is unlikely to happen. Many residents are objecting, and it''s 50K, Forest will never ever fill it so plans could be scrapped, 40k would be more realistic. Therefore Leicester has a fantastic chance what with its location, the size of the city and all of the facilities the stadium has to offer, it ticks every box that UEFA are looking for. Bristol, it''s a big city so maybe, Milton Keynes won''t happen.
  2. The bloke is a prat, he''s had three relegations in ten years, what credible manager has that on their CV? If anyone can name one i will be amazed. He is tactically naive, hes a clown, a media whore. When i went to watch Q.P.R v Leicester on new years day 08, a QPR fan came up to me and said "look forward to boring football under Holloway", he was so right and we were losing games as well. He took us in to the thrid tier for the first time ever. I don''t want to see Norwich relegated, i have a soft spot for your club, but this would be a disaster.
  3. Do not wish Holloway upon yourselves. The bloke is a clown, a media-whore.
  4. League one could be a blessing. We thought it was the end of the world when we got relegated, but it has turned out to be the best thing since the Premiership in 2004. A new manager and a new team really gave us a fresh start. And the standard isn''t that bad, its not all long ball, quite a few of the teams nearer the top will beat some Championship sides. Us, MK Dons, Peterborough all play good football, i now look forward to games because i know i am going to see a nice passing approach by us, something i didn''t think would be possible in this league. Obviously, you don''t want your club to get relegated, but if it does happpen, it''s not the end of the world, it can still be enjoyable, financially the club won''t suffer that much, and it will give you a chance to get rid of Roeder. P.S how is Carl Cort doing? And Bell?
  5. Yes they released him, which is why he is a free agent. [:(]
  6. Oh dear, i like Norwich, you didn''t deserve this. He''s abysmal, cant winner a header, work rate is terrible and he really hasn''t scored consistently for years. Not even Marbella, in the 3rd division in Spain, wanted him. Hope you guys stay up this year, thoroughly enjoyed your match on Sunday, but this could be a sign of things to come.
  7. Came on the forum to see if these was any news on the Howard rumour, and i found this. Laughable. Established premiership striker, far too good for the championship, love the guy, hes a top bloke. So harshly criticised, but at every club hes played for the fans appreciate him, its the fans who just look at his record and think doing step overs make a good player who slate him. At Leicester, he was fantastic, at Liverpool, he scored his fair share of goals, him and Michael Owen were a great partnership and he valued Emiles contribution emmensely. Birmingham, he won player of the year awards, players player, top scorer and at Wigan he is a key player in their side. His hold up play and bringing people into the game is first class, perfect for a big man, little man combo. Yes, his record isn''t brilliant for England, but he was the best we had at the time, saying that he always made a contribution, once again ask Michael Owen, he played in sides that actually managed to qualify the tournaments and let''s not forget he made a comeback for England against Israel last September, he was superb, an unfortunate injury stopped him being named in the next squad. Heskey at his best was unplayable, many Premiership defenders would support this,
  8. I''ve posted my thoughts on him and the rumour in your transfer talk section. Foxile.
  9. JJ, what a player and top bloke. Great memories of that goal. Will be a superb signing, looks like i''ll be heading down to kings lynn for a game or two this season.
  10. Seems Bristol City get more than their share of luck, against us we had 24 attempts on their goal, 14 on target...we drew 0-0.
  11. Money isn''t always the answer - look at my club - Leicester City. We''ve spent a stupid amount and are now leaving an elite group of nine clubs NEVER to play outside of the top two divisions! You wont go down.
  12. [quote user="foxile"]Joe Mattock - England Under 21 first choice left back, subject to a number of seven figure bids from Premiership clubs = Hot Prospect.[/quote] I forgot to say hes only 17.
  13. Joe Mattock - England Under 21 first choice left back, subject to a number of seven figure bids from Premiership clubs = Hot Prospect.
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