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  1. Russell Martin- who is Norwich through an through however there is a good coach in Germany goes by the name of Daniel Farke!
  2. I see Scott Dann has left Crystal Palace - could he be an excellent experienced defender for Norwich?
  3. Early 1960's with my dad at Kenilworth Road, Luton, we lost 2-1 the following year went back and Ron Davies scored four against us as we lost 4-2. Days later we signed Davies, one the of the very best centre forwards in his day.
  4. Norwich website is now working - got my tickets but it looks as if there are quite a few unsold
  5. I spoke to someone at the Carrow Road store at 10am this morning, that part of the website is down as it was for most of yesterday.
  6. Interesting to note that both Redmond and Olsson are in the team of the week. Olsson in particular has performed superbly since he moved to Swansea, under a new manager who seems to be getting the best out of him. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39174667
  7. How many bookings is Johnny Howson on - he must be very close to a one match ban?
  8. I firmly believed that PL loved our club and would have stayed given the right support, but sadly that did not happen. I still feel very aggrieved by the way DM sacked Bryan Gunn too - he did not deserve to be treated like that.
  9. Now Paul Lambert is out of a job at Blackburn and DM has gone, lets have him back at Norwich with Ian Culverhouse. Never did find out what happened at Villa with IC
  10. Come on Mr Balls - step up to the plate and take our beloved club forward PLEASE!
  11. Thanks again Nigel - for some interesting links and perhaps we will try out the disability area at an under 21 game as you suggest We too enjoyed the U21 games last season and the Chelsea fixture is firmly in our sights, together with our neighbour who sadly has his affinity with Chelsea, but we did enjoy last seasons game together and it was a great result coming back from 2-0 down.
  12. I have had a long phone call from Stephen as a result of my email contact with him for which I am very grateful. The bottom line is I can buy tickets in the disabled area of the ground but only seats which have a restricted view. As my disability is spinal and my neck and head are rigid this does not help me as the restriction is across the eighteen yard box and means that with my limited mobility I would miss quite a bit of goal mouth action. I do have tickets in the Jarrold for the two friendly home games with my family but it looks as if being Priority Members, in my case, will mean staying at home watching matches on Sky if they are live, or picking up the highlights after the game. The other alternative will be for us to continue to watch the U21s, our best chance of seeing live football at Carrow Road. Having said that the U21 games we did see last season were superb and very exciting games.
  13. Thanks Nigel email sent to Stephen - we await with baited breath!!!
  14. I am disabled and need the support of my wife when attending games and as a result need two seats together and need to see which seats are available. Cannot find the diagram of the ground on the website to see where there are seats available. The website only allows for you to pick an area of the ground which invariably when selected comes back no tickets available or restricted view. Before you could see a graphic of the ground which gave an indication which seats are available
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