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    What on earth does - Error code: 2F173/O - mean....

    I doubt they do, this is an off the shelf package which will have a local admin. They may have a web developer but I'd be amazed if they had a software dev.
  2. cornish sam

    An evening with Sam Allardyce

    Of one sort, yes...
  3. cornish sam

    Historic Top Division Table

    The link between them was that they are clubs that were in the top flight but no longer exist. It wasn't so much the teams that were in that section, it was more the near cliff edge, plotted on a graph it would be a steady climb to 1000 matches, then a sudden jump followed by another steady climb from 2000 matches. I think the most surprising team on that list for me is actually Palace, i remember them being in the top flight from when I was a kid, and then they seem to have been relatively present in the premiership, yet they've only had 730 matches up there...
  4. cornish sam

    Historic Top Division Table

    I take issue with number 42, mk Dons have never been in the top flight. Wimbledon have, but that club no longer exists so should be classed like Darwen and Glossop... On topic though, surprised by the huge jump in number of games between Blackpool in 31 and Leicester in 25, almost 1000 matches!
  5. cornish sam

    Northern Canaries - Consultation

    To not get tickets 'yet' we've still not had a quarter of the away games for the season...
  6. cornish sam

    Palace ticket(s) wanted

    As first posts go this has to be a winner! Kudos esagent.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49840614 They even admit that the fine will do nothing, but you've really got to question the fact that they say their only available options were an insignificant fine or closing the stadium for a match!
  8. cornish sam

    Northern Canaries - Consultation

    If we weren't promoted and this scheme had been brought in does anyone think that there would be half as much wailing and gnashing of teeth? It should have been communicated fat better but I have little problem with the concept, just the execution and if there weren't so many people getting pi55ed off at not getting the tickets for the primo matches when they feel like they deserve them then there would barely be a mention of it on here...
  9. cornish sam

    League Cup

    Carlisle away was my first Norwich game, 1992 in the league cup and I was stood on a milk crate in the paddock with my dad...
  10. And here was me thinking Tom was being groomed to be Webber's successor, I'd got it the wrong way round all along!
  11. cornish sam

    Jermaine Jenus in City Shirt

    Yeah, and to be fair to them all 4 of them basically said that it was us playing well, not man city playing badly that meant we won...
  12. cornish sam

    Points Target for Next 4 Games

    If we got 12 we would be going for the champions League, we're only 2 points off it at the moment!
  13. cornish sam

    Sheff Utd fall out

    It sounds as though the Saudi is a bit dodgy from the way that he transferred his previous shareholding into another company before pursuing this so that he didn't trigger the clause in the contract stating he'd have to buy the ground and training facilities if his shareholding reached 75%...
  14. cornish sam

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    One fewer than them (as was revealed a couple of weeks ago)... But we've also had at least 1 Scotland manager and 3 Northern Ireland managers that I can think of...
  15. cornish sam


    He even manages to get a special mention in for our sleeve sponsor...
  16. cornish sam

    Mainstream praise comes flooding in

    Yeah, but they return to form by forgetting about cantwell being in the u21 squad when they are listing the "young lions" who scored this weekend.
  17. cornish sam

    Ratings v Man City

    To be fair I'd agree with wacky on krul. He did do somethings well, but he didn't have a huge amount to do that wasn't routine and did concede twice, the second of which he got a big hand to and will have been disappointed not to have kept out.
  18. cornish sam


    Are you the one in pink?
  19. cornish sam

    Match Thread V ManC

    It would've been more of a bonus had he still been in Manchester!
  20. Why not drop tettey into CB next to amadou then steips goes next to the mayorn in the middle with sir Benny taking the number 10 role (or wing with cantwell in the middle). At least they've all played those positions before and it's keep the ball moving out of defence reasonably well.... Or 4-4-2 it Krul Byram amadou tettey Lewis Buendia McLean steips cantwell Pukki. Drmic
  21. cornish sam


    We know who lakey likes to place his bets with then....
  22. cornish sam

    Sweeper System, could this work?

    We've had our first choice back line on the pitch and fit for about 20 minutes this season and from what I saw/heard they were pretty solid. I would rather see how we look with our best lineup before we start farting around trying to shoehorn players in and lose one of our more attacking roles...
  23. cornish sam

    We need to talk about Efan

    Sounds like he's for the high jump..... I'll get my coat
  24. cornish sam

    Shirt sales league 19/20

    Is it surprising they're so low though? That's roughly their league position
  25. cornish sam

    Shirt sales league 19/20

    2 things stand out for me, the Geordies boycott of all things Ashley isn't going very well and the Leeds glory hunters are getting in early this year so they can say they've been diehard for years before they got into the prem...