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    Well that knee didn't take long to jerk... Central defense is all about partnerships, knowing where your partner will be and what his strengths/weaknesses are, only so much of this can be learnt on the training field, how many times have Godfrey and Hanley actually played together? I would suggest of all our defenders these two are actually the least well balanced pairing...
  2. cornish sam


    I tend to agree with you. I don't think a simple thing like being proven wrong would be enough to stop bill posting. I hope he's lurking and will shout up so we know he's at least alright...
  3. cornish sam

    What's you second sport?

    Makes sense, I grew up near the west coast and later lived in leeds so had a lot of exposure...though despite the locale still played union in school and after...
  4. cornish sam

    What's you second sport?

    That's why I used to love Transworld sport on C4 back in the day, an hour of sport that you didn't know existed and then wouldn't hear about again for 6 months... I do agree with you about pro football though, I used to watch every match I could now I barely ever bother watching a full match if Norwich aren't involved... Which bit of the lakes are you in @lake district canary? Your derision of RL makes me think it must be the wrong end...
  5. cornish sam

    What's you second sport?

    But without the spam... As for me, the only sports I can't really watch are horse racing and golf (though enjoy listening to the masters on 5live oddly enough). Top 4 are probably Rugby League, NFL (Eagles fan), cricket and rugby union though the order is variable...
  6. cornish sam

    What's you second sport?

    Now this is a strange introduction to the board, why set up a new account just to post this on a 5 year old thread?
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    Whilst I agree that once they have acted it is too late, however, in the two most recent cases they have been identified, locked up and then released before committing the attacks. That is plenty of time to have rehabilitated. And even if one is locked up for life, you can still rehabilitate, then they might actually understand their punishment and instead of radicalising or magnifying the opinions of those that haven't yet commited an act they could instead work to moderate and mitigate future risk (not just terrorist, but across the spectrum). Prison is not a deterrent to any but white collar criminals. The problem is we need to almost remove religion from our thinking about this kind of act. The same applies to any type of radical adherent to a cause, be this religious, ideological or political.
  8. cornish sam


    As is often the case, prevention is better than cure. Identify the risk and stop it from happening in the first place. There are no circumstances where I feel capital punishment is justified, even for paedophiles or child killers. If they can be rehabilitated then they should be, if they are mentally unstable then they should be dealt with appropriately, by which I mean give them the help that they obviously need whilst protecting society from them. Whenever a life is taken then there is a failing somewhere along the line, be it a failure to identify/protect the vulnerable, a failure to properly deal with an identified risk, a failure in education or on a grander scale a failure in global politics. This is not absolving the perpetrator of responsibility as it is them who has ultimately carried out the deed, but as increasingly becomes apparent there are usually opportunities to avoid this kind of thing that have been missed. As is also becoming increasingly apparent prison is not a deterrent so instead use the time and resources in a more meaningful way.
  9. cornish sam


    Just to add, whenever someone is killed by another human, it should not be a cause for celebration or justification, it is a sign of a failure. Rather than lauding the people that have doubtless saved lives through their actions we should be lamenting the fact that society had let the perpetrator get into that mental state in the first place.
  10. cornish sam


    Then that's not rehabilitation. Prisons don't have the funding or the sociatal support to actually rehabilitate. In this country (and most others being fair) prison sentences are treated as a punishment first and a means to rehabilitate second. Most people do have the capacity to become better members of society, but, the rehabilitation doesn't stop when they get out, if they can't then integrate into society in a meaningful way then they are likely to fall back into their own habits. What is needed is a step change in people's attitude towards consequences for breaking laws (and the funding to back it up). In the specific case of radicalisation though, for those saying that this kind of outcome is inevitable because of their religious beliefs, they are buying into the problem. There are plenty of "moderates" and the extreme views are harboured by a very small percentage, surround the extremes with moderating influences and that will soften or at least isolate the risks, put them in a prison surrounded by other extremists and they will magnify each others position.
  11. cornish sam


    But if it's that easy to manipulate people's ideas why aren't we doing that to deradicalise them? The prison system in this country is not working. Prison should be a place for rehabilitation, not just somewhere to stick people "to rot" for a few years then hope they come out and don't do it again. Recidivism is on the rise and in a lot of cases people who go in for something minor come out and far worse than when they go in.
  12. cornish sam

    DJ Thrills the Crowds.....

    I thought we had an option for another year on it?
  13. cornish sam

    Loan players (out)

    By that lot do you mean the loanees or the academy? I still harbour a hope that Louis will stay fit and live up to at least some of the potential he showed...
  14. cornish sam

    Sheffield United

    But it's not just about the owners having money or not. It's been widely reported that the guy who now owns SU does not have vast amounts of capital (despite his family). This kind of signing is as much about ability to find someone willing to lend them the money and the risk appetite to use it. Im not saying their approach is right and ours is wrong, but it is far easier to find an underwriter when you have a guarantee of PL money for another year and 3 years of parachute payments. But, if the signings turn out to be subpar then you end up in a Naismith like situation if/when relegation comes calling.
  15. cornish sam

    The 'ammers

    One swallow... 2 words to explain what they have become, Sullivan and Gold.
  16. cornish sam

    Emi to manyoo -- + Pukki?

    To be fair, those three things wouldn't really concern a top 6 club: 1. They already have multiple set piece specialists 2. They'd be buying him for the creativity, not the goals. 3. It's a top 6 team, they all do that... Having said all of that, I really hope that those things put every other team in the world off him so we can enjoy him for the next 10+ years
  17. cornish sam

    The 'ammers

    The annoying thing is that this is what they said before they went down last year, then they decided to totally ignore FFP and lose tens of millions of pounds and keep the premiership squad in the champs and bounce straight back up, which is no doubt what they would do again...
  18. cornish sam

    Klopp being a tw*t

    I think if you asked any of the players they would want to play against the big name players, they want to test themselves against the best... That's not even to mention the attendences, lower league against prem are almost always a sellout at the lower league ground, would that be the case if they knew it was only a reserve team coming?
  19. cornish sam

    Salaries / Wages

    I'm pretty sure looking at those (and other teams figures on spotrac) that they are figures from last season at best...
  20. cornish sam

    Klopp being a tw*t

    The problem for the top clubs isn't the domestic competitions, it's uefa (and FIFA) cashing in my increasing their competitions. Before we had 98 teams in the "champions" league and a uefa cup with group rounds etc. This was far less of a problem... Bring back the days of straight knockout tournaments, reintroduce jeopardy for the big teams, have some fairytale cup winners!
  21. cornish sam

    Banter today

    I think he summed our season up quite well, " they play some really nice attacking football, they just can't finish or defend"
  22. I know that u21s don't count for the 25 man squad, but, do they count for the non-homegrown tally? Haven't actually checked but he might class as u21 for this season...
  23. cornish sam

    What is the "five year plan"?

    I believe that a time period was not stated, but, when Webber was talking about our promotion at the end of last season he said we were a year ahead of schedule. The plan was stop the drop Farke year 1, stabilise a bit higher up the table with perhaps a playoff push year 2 and get promotion year 3, then yoyo for a bit.He has also stated that the long term plan is to be firmly ensconced in the top 26 whilst being self sufficient. So whilst it's not as soundbitey as a 5 Year Plan it is far more realistic... Also, if we had a profit of £40m why would we pay tax on all of that? We lost £32m last year and every other club seems to be able to offset their profits against previous losses (according to people on here anyway) so couldn't we do the same?
  24. cornish sam

    Oliviera to Wolves

    I don't think we have, but apparently he has. I read that he gets 10% of any fee...
  25. cornish sam

    Ben Marshall

    Apparently he's been there since October and we had to give them clearance to have him! https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/18173781.stoneclough-landed-former-blackburn-norwich-winger/