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  1. What do we know about Tom Smith, apart from being in line for Delia and Michael''s share holdings? Do we have a timescale for this hand-over? Does Tom have his own financial resources or are we to be subject to sale money equating to purchase money for the foreseeable future? What encouragement is there for us to keep buying season tickets, particularly when we don''t know which league we will be in?
  2. I have nothing to support this roumour, but is said that the dressing-room problem hinges around differences in salaries. But this must apply to most clubs so I am not sure whether to take it with the proverbial pinch of salt.
  3. I suppose it''s too simplistic to say that any competent professional footballer should score from a penalty unless the ''keeper makes an inspired guess. One ''bee in my bonnet'' is that reporters shouldn''t just write or say "So and so missed a penalty". Did ''so and so'' miss the goal completely or did the ''keeper'' make a save? If the former, the player should be named and shamed, if the latter the ''keeper should be named and praised.
  4. Another reason why we should get upset is the boost that the loss, and the way we lost, will have given to Leeds for the forthcoming league meeting.
  5. This has been a good discussion, we all seem to be in agreement. I wonder if anyone in the Club or EDP reads this Discussion Board and would like to comment - or is that just wishful thinking?
  6. Who is our best corner taker? Do we have a best corner taker? This thought comes to mind after seeing one of Wes Hoolihan''s corner kicks go into the side netting on Saturday. Wes''s midfield performance has rightly been praised this year, but as a corner taker, not to mention a penalty kick taker NO. His liking for wasteful short corners or not getting them past the first few opposition players has happened too often. Jacob Murphy is often at fault this way also. We shout for the wide men to put the ball across and into the penalty area, yet we so often waste these dead ball opportunities. Surely we must have a player who can curl the corner away from the keeper if we are outside the area, or into the keeper if we are packing the area. The latter is what PNE seemed to do on Saturday causing chaos in our area, leading to the goal. We seemed to do the latter - at the Community stand end at least - leading to nothing
  7. GPB says all that needs to be said on this subject.
  8. Yes, it is probably the physique. Apologies about the apostrophe.
  9. Wayne Rooney played his first England game at, I think, 17. Why are the Murphy''s still being referred to as ''youngsters'' ?
  10. If, as has been reported here and elsewhere, Naismith didn''t move to Sunderland because his personal terms weren''t met, I think it removes the obligation, if there is one, for AN and the Club to play him or even put him on the bench. Many people think that playing Naismith prevents others from playing in their best positions or for others playing at all.
  11. ''The Board must go.'' It''s a good job someone has a grasp of how this Club is owned and run and can so clearly and accurately analyse the present position.
  12. A subject that doesn''t involve rumour or guesswork - I hope! Does anyone use the Poppy Line - from Sheringham to Norwich and back to get to Carrow Road on home match days, particularly joining at Wroxham.? Is it practical? Are the trains reliable? Are they impossibly crowded? Do the operators take account of the extra, I assume, numbers of passengers? First hand experiences would be welcome.
  13. Hello Rush Thank you for your measured and polite response. I realise that by vacating my three seats and offering them back to the club could seem like defeating the object. But perhaps someone in the hierarchy might read this feel just a little bit concerned. I hope I am wrong, and I have no evidence to support it, but I fear that we are drifting towards just relying on the forward central mid fielders rather then splashing out on a striker. After all, they have done pretty well so far until a serious injury crops up
  14. I didn''t say I was leaving our seats empty. I have given them back to the club for re-sale, perhaps to someone who can''t always get them - it''s called ''freedom of choice''.
  15. I am a season ticket holder who didn''t boo on Saturday, I just didn''t applaud either, perhaps a more balanced approach - silence. But you can''t do this alone. I am taking this to the point of not using our three tickets tonignt I guess the booer''s were just disappointed with the game and result. Realistic or otherwise, the media built up expectations which the team didn''t produce. Plus the continued non-appearance of a striker, which the team aren''t responsible for.
  16. Has anyone heard any reliable, I repeat RELIABLE, news about Jonny Howson''s intentions? I rate him as our most consistent performer so my hope is that he will stay.
  17. Membership of the Gunn Club is particularly useful if, for some reason or another, you need to get to the ground very early and want somewhere to wait in comfort. I seem to remember that membership was going to be limited to avoid overcrowding. For the last two seasons it has been noticeable that this has not happened to the extent that it has been difficult to find a seat when arriving nearer to kick-off time. It would be interesting to know exactly what is the Club''s official policy and how close they are to maximum membership as membership is not cheap.
  18. Katie, I wish I had your apparent faith that we will keep the best players we had in the Championship season let alone in the Premiership. My point is that the Premiership team under-performed last season when we thought that the group was good enough. We are likely to lose some of them, so we need to reinforce AND hope that the phrase ''if they are good enough, they are old enough'' proves to be true for us.
  19. A few comments on the replies, if I may.7 posts in 10 years? I was busy, but that co-incides with the time I have been a season ticket holder. I will try harder.Sources? EDP reports of interviews with Alex Neill.We had a group of players capable of keeping us in the Premier League - but they didn''t. If we lose Redmond, Klose, Howson for example. We will need more than just a few new players.Johncolt.
  20. There are worrying sounds coming from Carrow Road to the effect that we don''t need many new players for next season. Are memorys really that short ? Johncolt
  21. I had a lot of respect for Lambert before he handed in his resignation. This was inevitable at some stage, but it is the two-faced way he has gone about it that is un-forgivable.  Consider some of his recent comments "I have never said I wanted to leave Norwich" at Adam drury''s Testimonial. Days later he does just that. "I have not said that I want to sign Grant (Holt)" ."Listen, I haven''t thought about that at all..." Interview in today''s EDP. Well, we''ll have to wait and see, but the weasel words are similar. "I haven''t thought about that, not one iota". on taking Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa with him. Do we believe that? Can we believe anything he says now? No we can''t. Total loss of credibility as far as I am concerned. I agree - total silence when he appears out of the tunnel here next season.
  22. I hope that PL retains sufficient of his, often stated, respect and admiration for NCFC''s supporters to give us a full explanation of why he has decided to jump ship - after all his claims that he loves it here etc. etc. etc. However I doubt if he will. Does anyone think there is any link between PL and Grant Holt both wanting to leave? Also which of our players do you think PL will try to take to Villa with him?
  23. We can speculate as much as we like, but we don''t know what has been going on behind the scenes. If Holt is meeting McN on his own it is certain that McN will have spoken to PL first. This may indicate that:- a) Holt''s beef is about money and PL doesn''t need to be present in person, having already given his views about wage levels. b) PL isn''t going to be here next season so doesn''t need to be directly involved anyway. My opinion is that this whole episode may well revolve around petulance due to GH blaming PL for not starting him each match and his not being able to score a few more goals to force himself into ther England team. Personally, I doubt that he would have been selected even if he had passed Wayne Rooney''s total. He may be considered as being a bit too self-indugent with un-necessary red and yellow cards last season. On the other hand, I thought that John Ruddy had ruined his chances by his habit of wandering out of his penalty area, culminating in the embarrasing lob in the Man. City match. So what do I know? Of course PL and GH may go off together, confounding all theories!  
  24. Does anyone know the story behind Holt''s black eye of a few months back? Is there a clue here?
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