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  1. No matter what is written about Norwich City, positive or negative, some moron will always complain about it. Sigh. Really I don''t even have the willpower to rebuke all that, but basically let it be known that this was a bizarre rant, even for this board. You have missed the point completely. I am stupider for having read your post. I will from now on mentally skip over any post you make.
  2. Nice little intro here, seems quite positive and actually has its facts right! http://prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com/2013/08/07/premier-league-team-guide-the-lowdown-on-norwich-city-video/?
  3. Because he read what he wrote and could only laugh.
  4. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]We should have loaned him out to a football league club and given them £5k[/quote] What if we''d loaned him out to Accrington, and within 10 minutes he got clobbered up the wazzoo by Eddie "Tubs" McPhee, the fattest and clumsiest right back in western europe?
  5. I''ve seen more than one person complain about that username on here.
  6. [quote user="The New Boy"]Interestingly the word ''ret*rd'' is a blocked word, but the word ''mong'' is not. So perhaps if you have grave concerns over the words use then you should propose that it is added to the list of censored words. [/quote] The Code of Conduct covers use of such words quite nicely, it''s up to you to follow that and not rely on technology.
  7. [quote user="percy varco"]Unbelievable comments on here. Without troops there would be no Free Speech Utter morons some of you and showing your true worth[/quote] And a very merry bore off to you too. A crass and sensationalist generalisation.
  8. I played two games for the South Harford Middle School year 7 ''C'' team. Considering there were 30 or so boys in the year, being in the C team should tell you how crap I was.
  9. That''s just how good we are now guys, players who can no longer get in our team score for fun in the lower leagues.
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