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  1. Part of the problem is that the rest of the stadium is so quiet that the chant of what may only have been a few dozen idiots can be heard by everyone and made to seem more significant than it is.
  2. I think Martin needed a rest before Bournemouth. If he''s off the pace on Saturday and we lose who cares about the result against Crawley?
  3. Grabban is a Muslim teetotaller I believe, so he won''t be going out ''''on the lash''''. He puts his all into his faith and his career. If that makes him a better footballer then that''s great.
  4. Neil Lennon and Tim Sherwood are favourites to take over which will make it interesting when we play them.
  5. I remember receiving a text message from someone I know has anti-racist views along the lines of "What do you think would happen if I said..." It was only funny because I know the kind of person he is and his sense of humour. We''re living in a very totalitarian society if we''re scared of sending private jokes. I doubt the phone was supplied by Cardiff. They needed a court order to get hold of those text messages.
  6. You don''t think as chief executive and the transfer window soon closing he has more important things to do than listen to your rant?
  7. What''s wrong with the phuck off, b0ll0x, you''re a (unt song?
  8. These messages clearly weren''t on company-provided hardware as Cardiff required a court order to obtain them. They were private text messages and clearly not criminal in nature. We don''t know the full facts yet but compared to the antics of Alan Pardew, I don''t think this should be career ending for Malky. It might end up being though.
  9. OK Indy but then if you really wanted the same standards you''d have to go through the text messages and emails of all the fans and if you found anything racist, sexist or homophobic then you''d have to ban them from all stadiums. You''d get a lot of empty seats if you tried that.
  10. Couldn''t get him in the summer. Talk about reading too much into things!
  11. I''m sure he''s gone straight to his lawyers. The fact he hasn''t made some big public statement proves nothing. It seems he''s guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of some, even when it''s clear he''s up against a very powerful man who stops at nothing to get what he wants.
  12. Buh, I''m not saying there shouldn''t be a focus on anti-racism. I''m saying that given that everyone knows that racism is not tolerated, I find it hard to believe Malky is so stupid he would make racist comments and think he could get away with it. Stinks of a fit up to me.
  13. With so much focus on anti-racism in the modern game and society in general surely no intelligent person could believe he could get away with saying the things that have been alleged. The timing is also suspect. The whole thing could be a stitch up.
  14. The issue was the backroom staff, not the salary, same as with Norwich allegedly. When did this business of managers bringing their own backroom staff become common?
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