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  1. Joe Rogan never played any Nfl. Also $1m!! The spotify deal was $100 million! Crazy money.
  2. I personally cannot wait for this. Am a big mma fan and boxing fan. More than likely floyd will win but Conor has an explosive left hand. If this was a mma fight floyd would be off to hospital after 30 seconds!
  3. I think Rudd and McGovern will be moved on. Just not good enough for this level.
  4. Until the day comes that you lose points per goals conceded I wouldn''t worry too much.
  5. Martin and klose is the best CB partnership for us and we would go up with that no probs. Would love Martin to be given the captains armband again just to wind the haters up!
  6. You have too play your best team. Ruddy must come back in. Haven''t seen anything from Rudd that shows he is or is going to be better than ruddy.
  7. We got a pen and he scored. I don''t get your point.
  8. Na. Good championship manager nothing more. We don''t need him anyway. Plus let''s not forget hughton had a better season than him in his first prem season. Would you take him back?
  9. Has actually given us praise all season. Described us once as playing like Barcelona!! Has predicted us too do well in most game''s to be fair.
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