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  1. 32, been a canary since 1981 when my father was posted to RAF Neatishead, I was 7 at the time & in those 25 years this is the worst I have felt, even worse than losing 6-0 at Fulham and the play-off final defeat. Come in Mr Worthington, your time is up.
  2. Wiz, I find myself in total and utter agreement. This was our cup final, and apart from the first 20 minutes we were shocking.  I was laughed at in the pub tonight over the way we played, god knows how those fans who made the trip must feel right now.
  3. I think it''s too big an ask to be honest. We haven''t deserved it this season but it would be nice to finish the campaign with a good run & add some excitement to anotherwise pretty average year. 
  4. I said that to keep his job he had to (in my opinion), beat both Derby & Brighton. Well, he has done that & the players seem to be responding, we need to salvage something from this season and the next step in the right direction would be a point at Palace, traditionally a bogey ground for us.    
  5. Well, we won & at least Earnie''s off the mark. I said after Saturday,s game that we must WIN the two games this week, for Worthy to keep his job.   One down.......
  6. Brighton & Derby at home.  Anything less than 6 points and that should be it for Worthy, there can be no more excuses, both teams are right down the bottom, (a glance at the table shows them not too far away).  Who would have thought we would be in a relegation dogfight THIS season?   City till I die.   It breaks my heart to be a Worthy Outer.
  7. Earnie saves Worthy. For now. God this is getting depressing, I can''t remember the last time we scored and I didn''t really celebrate.
  8. He played OK against Ipswich, but it is not his best position on the right I would say. It looked typical of our season so far that our right side was Hughes and Fleming!!!  Thank god Saff is back.
  9. Melanie Lofty!!!  I don''t know about the worst poster, as we are all Norwich fans so we are all superior beings anyway, but I know who the most changehismindliketheweather poster wiz, I mean is....
  10. I hope we sign Johansson permantley, he looks a class act, not just on the ball but also his intelligent runs off it. I''m not sure Worthy could have done much better in the transfer window, lt''s hope Earnie proves his price tag.
  11. I can only speak from my own experience, but about 9(?) seasons ago we played WBA away in an evening game. My mate is WBA fan and had 2 free tickets, but they were in the home section, being a tightwad and skint at the time it was too good to pass up, so reluctantly I took my place, colours hidden with the Baggies.  Andy Hunt scored after 1 minute to put them one up, here we go, I thought, one of those nights again!!  We went on to win 4-1 in the end, but not once did I celebrate a goal, I may have been cowardly but also out of respect to the home fans and not wanting any nasty trouble to start I thought it was better to sit on my hands. 
  12. Dario Gradi. Good passing football and brings on new talent from within. But isn''t he also a director at Crewe, even if he isn''t would he uproot after so many years in the North West?  I am sorry to say it, but I am now firmly a Worthy Outer, it breaks my heart to say it after what he has done for NCFC but he has taken us as far as he can.  Sorry Nigel.  
  13. I feel empty after that. If Worthy can''t get his players motivated for the derby then he should go now. Why did he take off Hughes & Etuthu at half-time, both were playing OK and Hughes had put in some good crosses, even though he clearly isn''t a right winger!!  Totally depressing, you even have to admit Ipswich deserved to win. 
  14. So a text off a bloke is regarded as gospel now is it?  What have we come to here guys?
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