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  1. For those of you who didn''t or won''t be able to get tickets in the away end for the Fulham game, the "Neutral Area" tickets are now on general sale:http://shop.fulhamfc.com/events.aspx?section=eve&eventfilter=homeJust got some tickets next to the away fans
  2. Bit of a long shot, but if anyone has one or two tickets going spare for the game at QPR on Monday please let me know!I''ve been given a ticket to sit in with the home fans, but not sure that''s a good idea...
  3. Worst press conference ever! "We have one announcement to make. Bryan Gunn will be manager next season. Thank you"
  4. You''re missing nothing so far. Just lots of wishful thinking going on....
  5. G''day all, I haven''t posted on here for ages now. mainly because I''ve been living in Sydney for the last 10 months or so and haven''t seen us play live now since the loss to Ipswich in February ''06. I binned my season ticket after that match and refused to go to anymore games until Worthington was sacked, which didn''t happen until just before I headed down here. Anyway, I''ll get to the point, obviously I''m a bit out of the loop as I''ve only been able to read about our games on the web and catch the odd goal on youtube, etc. as the Championship gets next to no coverage down here! To me all this recent transfer activity seems to be fantastic news, especially as in previous years we seem to have sat there for months doing nothing until the last minute. At least this year the squad can gel over the coming weeks before the start of the season even if I''d never heard of some of the new signings! So then, I''d be most grateful if you could give your opinion on the following questions so that I can feel like I know what I''m on about on the rare occasions that I get in a conversation with a fellow championship team supporter! - Assuming we sign David Strihavka and no one else leaves, who in your opinion will make up our first choice 11? - Are Safri and/or Etuhu likely to leave? If so, who will make up the first choice 11 then? - Do the new signings limit the chance for our younger players ,i.e. Martin, Eagle, etc.? Or do they not warrant a starting place yet? - What do you think of Grant as a manager? - Realistically, what can we hope for next season? - Has the atmosphere at Carrow Road improved at all since Worthy''s deprature (surely it must have?!) Right then, I best get back to work, btw it hit 22C yesterday and it''s supposed to be winter!! ;-) Thanks, Islington Canary (I guess I should change my name as well....)
  6. I''ve just stuck a tenner on McLeish, the fact that all bookies apart from Coral aren''t taking bets on him must lend some credence to the rumour. The bookies are never wrong. Or are they?!
  7. It''s almost as if the players want him gone as well......and who can blame them.
  8. Obviously out. Worthy is a joke and it''s embarrassing how long he''s been given to turn this around.
  9. On Football Manager on the PSP Robert Eagle is superb, I''ve been playing him on the right wing for the last 10 years (I''m up to season 2015-2016) and he''s been one of the best players in the team. Totally irrelavent I know, but it was good to see youth get it''s chance, I wish it got more of an opportunity at times.
  10. This reminds me of last season, but I was biting my nails about whether Stoke would get a 4th against us!!!
  11. Well looks Watford are in the playoff final! 3-0 victory at Palace! Perhaps we should get the good luck charm Malky back for next season...
  12. On the back page of the Evening Standard Lite (which is a free, cutdown version of tonights Evening Standard given out in London) it says that the Colchester boss is their first choice target to replace Curbishley. It says that they are also interested in Boothroyd. If big clubs are going for these managers then we don''t stand a chance in the unlikely event of Worthy leaving!
  13. So does this mean that Rick no longer "lives between Colney and Carrow Road"?
  14. I was just looking this up on the web, I believe it is. I think we get £125,000 if West Ham get into Europe whilst Ashton is there and also another £125,000 if he makes the England team.
  15. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"] Is that really Notting Hill or East Hammersmith or even perhaps Ladbroke Grove? I know how it works: St. Ockwell, Balm, South Edmonton, wherever Village. What''s in a name? [/quote] But all those places are Notting Hill! [;)]
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