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  1. I get the feeling it''s going to be the same squad we have now with a few loan signings thrown in.  My guess is that the board are thinking beyond the last parachute payments and planning for a failure to get promotion.  It''s a vicious circle tho. I don''t believe that we currently have the players (or management) to get promoted next season.  I''m not saying that wholesale changes need to be made to the playing staff, but there are obvious areas of weakness in the squad. Or, perhaps, Worthy is going to make use of our talented youngsters in lieu of new signings?
  2. what are you lot like?  Why analyse Malky''s comments into a hyperbole of criticism against his previous empoloyers?  And then turn on each other for interpreting the "hidden meaning" in Malky''s words differently? I''m not even going to speculate as to who or what team he may have been referring to - quite frankly, I don''t care.  Footballers seem to roll out the usual bland and vague answers to the usual bland and vague questions.  I don''t think for an instant that any of them provide real insights into what goes on behind the scenes.
  3. I reckon Foley will get snapped up by another club pretty quickly.  Would Webb if he were to go? Hopefully Dave Williams will step up to the plate or Crook perhaps.  I''m not sure either''s ideas on how football should be played will go down too well with Worthy.
  4. I seem to recollect the likes of Bellamy & Keith O''Neill both singing Foley''s praises in interviews after leaving the club.  Maybe he has gone a bit stale.  Then again, maybe he will get picked up by another club that rates him and go on to do very well.  It does seem like perhaps he has been made the scapegoat for the staff as a whole being unable to freshen things up themselves.  I would have thought that forward thinking managers and coaches have and take on board ideas to freshen up their style of coaching. Has anybody got any ideas who Worthy might be lining up to replace him with?...Carlton Palmer perhaps (shudder)
  5. I have not really been a WOer or, necessarily, a KTFer.  You could say that I''ve been getting splinters from the fence. I haven''t been to many games this season, so I can''t really comment on standard of performances or single out any particular players. However, football is all results based and we have certainly not been getting the results.  Worthington did well for us, at first, but I think the Premiership showed that his tactics are a bit one-dimensional and, unfortunately, things have not really turned around for us this season. Some things just run their course and I think that Worthy''s tenure has done just that.  I''m a little bit saddened that it has come to this and I am also saddened by some of the hateful posts on here aimed at Worthy and other posters.  We all want the best for Norwich, as I''m sure Worthy does too.  But, this is his job, and I''m sure he still retains a wavering self belief that he can turn it round.  I don''t think he''s about to resign and make himself unemployed. Therefore, it''s up to the board to make a change.  Unfortunately, it does seem that the board are not willing to bite the bullet at this point.  They definitely need time to consider who we can replace Worthy with and how they will take us forward.  But, I feel that it is now time to deal with this (so good luck to the protestors - hopefully it will all go peacefully).  A new manager at this point of the season will at least give the new manager a chance to have alook at our current squad with a view to what is required for next season, e.g. a new contract for McVeigh. Any thoughts on who the new manager could be?  I understand that we do have some money and kudos and so would be an attractive proposition for many managers, but can we keep suggestions based upon availability and cost of acquiring them. I like the idea of Bowen, but where it can go really well (Bothroyd) it can also go horribly wrong (Kidd).  Phil Parkinson springs to mind, but he will surely want to see the current season through with Colchester.  How about Terry Venables as a long shot?  Perhaps that contradicts my previous comments about suggestions...
  6. I see your point. Nott''m Forest went through something similar, but worse, as it ended in relegation.  The players basically failed to perform under various managers.  Now I''m not saying that it wouldn''t matter which manager they hired that they would have gone down.  I''m sure Mourinho would have turned them round.  But, for the quality of manager that they could attract, it was too big a job. We''d all like to think that the team are playing their hearts out, but I''m not so sure.  Have they lost faith in their manager or each other?
  7. ...No, not for manager.  He''s over his jimmy dancer trouble and wants to get back into coaching - might just freshen things up?!
  8. Now, don''t start barracking me because this is my first post.  I just want to know who the Worthy Outers have in mind as a new manager and, based upon their opinions, what the new man in would bring to the club to improve our current situation. In my opinion, even if we changed managers right now, I''m not sure it would make the slightest bit of difference to our season.  We have no consistency, I understand that, but we also had a run of 5 straight wins not so long back and I''m sure a similar return to that sort of form could be achieved this season, regardless of whether Worthy remains or not. So who would you have and what would they do so differently? 
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