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  1. it's still basically unvaccinated kids and the screw up in the south west that's causing the case rises it seems. Still nowhere near the 100k cases a day and 7000 a day admitted to hospital that the ZeroCovid zealots had warned... if they were in charge we'd still be at least at step 2 and still facing an uncertain winter anyway... I'm not really that concerned yet though they need to hurry the hell up with the booster vaccinations for when the real test starts in winter. That said, you're not just suddenly "unprotected" after 6 months, just your body will need to fire up the antibody creators when you're exposed to the virus. Indeed this is harder for older and unhealthier people to do but they will still have considerable protection. I suspect a lot more death "with not of" covid in a post vaccinated world of high case rates but high protection rates. Data seems to suggest this is slightly becoming the case. Hospitalisation rates are still relatively stable and it doesn't seem like the explosive potential pre vaccine covid used to have is still there. We are at that proverbial "wall of vaccines" Chris Whitty was on about all them months ago. Honestly if an average 100 deaths a day was the price to pay for near normality, I'd take that for now until we find even better vaccines and treatments. I did listen to Joe Rogan and Dr. Sanjay Gupta chat on Rogans podcast which was very interesting. It brought to the table the debate over vaccinating previously infected people and whether to vaccinate kids/concentrate more on boosters for elderly and vulnerable. Also the point that if we got fitter and healthier in general weather our risk would be far less. I do find it odd we didn't do 1 jab for previously infected people such seems to be the scientific consensus. Personally speaking, I'm not overly worried, I'll carry on as normal seeing friends and family, going to the pub/gigs/whatever, taking sensible, non invasive precautions (WFH, testing if symptomatic/required for events/prior to seeing old folk, masking up in public spaces where vulnerable folk might be like the shops/public transport). What will be will be... you can't live in a bubble forever...
  2. Interesting to see florida with nearly no sign of covid considering they gave up caring long ago and had a big wave of delta... it's dropped like a stone there! Has everyone there already had it or something? The deaths graph is basically at zero.
  3. Well they aren't attacking mids... how many goals and assists have they had recently? We need a traditional attacking mid in there of some sort to break the lines. We currently play 8 men behind the ball and then feed scraps to the 2 up top. It's unambitious, making up the numbers type football.
  4. problem is you can play 5 at the back, 3 defensive mids and expect to win games
  5. Toney would never have chosen us unless he was first choice. We'd have had to get rid of Pukki so would have relied on Toney forming a partnership with Emi. Obviously it would have been great to have him but it wasn't a realistic proposition. Brentford had a clear gap for a striker and the money to do it after Watkins was sold.
  6. we're bottom with 2 points from 8 games... until we win a couple of games I can't get too excited. That run of games after the Chelsea one simply has to result in a couple of wins or we're going to be eying up that record Derby set. We won the league with 97 points last season, 2 points from 8 games is unacceptable. Raise your expectations.
  7. far too timid for me when we combine it with getting annihilated by the big 6 and schooled by some of the more established sides.
  8. What on earth are we doing not getting Tzolis on?! We need the 3 points
  9. Thanks for the considered response @Creative Midfielder, for what it's worth, I wasn't having a go, more questioning where we need to focus things now on a global scale with this whole pandemic. Taken as is, "cases don't matter" is completely true... why should it matter if you don't get sick? We both know there is nuance to that statement that needs to be considered. Drop down into the next level of stats and thats where things do matter. While we need to avoid getting into a paranoid psychosis about "cases" we all know that there is direct correlation to the parts that do matter, hospitalisations and death (and long covid but that's a whole other debate entirely!). Any graph you look at based on serious cases and we are miles better off than we were in January even with this mass load of cases mainly stemming from schools/Unis that is currently going. It would be some going to get back there in a vaccinated world. I must admit that having been to Madiera (Portugal) life seemed to be running as normal but people generally more calm and respectful of mask use in supermarkets etc. which wasn't strictly enforced as such and didn't really interfere that much with life over there. Any talk of lockdowns was met with a "oh yeah, that palava from over a year ago... dark days but we've moved on somewhat". My mum reported reasonably similar from her trip to semi rural France recently. That to me confirms my suspicions that our problems are more deeply rooted than simply not having enough restrictions. People in those places are generally looked after and respected better whereas we seem to be turning more into mini USA by the day but without most of the good bits. I genuinely don't think another lockdown of any sorts would be politically feasible in this country no matter what happens as I get the feeling many feel they've done their share of extreme restrictions only for many to just abuse their place in society and do as they please. Sure, shut the clubs/restaurants/arenas but try stop the more sentimental aspects of life like funerals, private gatherings and the like and people will riot/not comply. Their only tools left are mandates and domestic passports which will prove incredibly unpopular which presents the tories with a tricky path to navigate. Can they weather the storm of more disruption of freedoms or should they just gamble on "taking the hit" economically of another wave. There is a 3rd option as I explained above but this is clearly too kind and socialist for them to consider so it won't happen. Short of that, all it will be is some **** "you can go to work Monday to Friday but don't you dare think of doing anything other than that" control on the population. Personally I don't think it will come to that but it will still be a pretty depressing, long winter of hardship, hate and political division further compounded by a continuing public health crisis. Sadly, I don't really have the answer so I'll probably just mainly switch off from it all and concentrate on my own little family/friendship bubble and head to the Winchester while it all blows over. My only realistic alternative is to **** and moan about it on Twitter so what's the point... leave that to the fools caught up in party politics propaganda that has poisoned our society especially so over the last decade.
  10. Terrible tragedy, RIP Sir David. Violence is never the answer.
  11. at this point though when we "live with covid". Is it really a competition any longer? Surely as long as we can cope with the levels then short term comparisons and restrictions aren't really where we need to base discussion and it needs to move on to more long term, socioeconomic issues more in line with "living with covid" as one of many long term public health issues. @Creative Midfielder what is it exactly you want? Another lockdown? Masks mandated everywhere? Vaccine passports? For me I think we need to look more long term at the more insidious damage the tories have done to our society, driving inequality for at least the last decade. Rather than just cracking the whip and getting joe public to behave better and do more, how about our government actually works for us for a change? I don't think doing any of those short term things like lockdowns/passports are really going to get to the bottom of this countries woes and long term will just make things worse. All you need to see is who is already paying the price for all these lockdowns etc. economically and socially... its the working class, youngsters and middle class paying more taxes/NI while dealing with price rises and service cuts whilst the billionaires, boomers and upper classes get richer and richer. For measures to work, people need to be empowered to make the correct choice and encouraged to play their role in creating a better society. At the moment it's very much, every man for themselves and feeding off scraps. Until that changes then we're stuffed. If only we had a credible opposition that wasn't getting tangled up in stupid debates over who has a cervix and the rest of it... If I was 10 years younger and without wife/mortgage/secure career I'd be running a mile to somewhere better.
  12. you know what I've found helps... switch it off. Same with social media sites (mainly twitter). Doesn't have to be permanent, but you can take time off from it. Leave it to the people that want to stay bothered by it all, perhaps it helps them? Just like Mrs Brown's boys, I don't get it, to me it looks utter turd but some people love it so let them enjoy it and I'll go watch/do something else. Keep it simple and crack on with your life. All about informed choice now.
  13. a 5 year stalking ban... isn't stalking illegal anyway?
  14. wow, strong competition! I suspect there will be people in 200 years time googling Boris Johnson and his cronies and being surprised at just how inept he was as well! Make no mistake though, the problem runs far deeper than Boris. I'd imagine the "solution" we get given is another inept and morally corrupt tory replacing him. "We're in this together" was the biggest lie of them all. They are lucky Sarah Gilbert and co came along to save the day this year really.
  15. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-astrazeneca-vaccine-blueprint-sputnik-b1935992.html?utm_source=reddit.com just as we suspected @Well b back... them pesky Russians!
  16. of course he is here to benefit us or we wouldn't have taken him. He's here because we think he will get in our best 11 if he puts his mind to it and performs, in the same way Skipp was last season. That clearly had huge benefits for us. No reason Gilmour can't do the same.
  17. hopefully now is the time for him to come back and get a run in the side in some more competitive games for us. Would love to see him and Normann established as the 2 in the middle
  18. I don't think the ref had realised he'd booked him already. was quite funny seeing his reaction when he realised he was going to have to send him off for time wasting
  19. lol as if this is the part where we crossed the line... that line was crossed years ago! Now the only way to catch up the rest of the football league would be to better market it and get more people interested in spending money following it. The prem is hardly going to part with its money and there's too much pressure on to stop all 20 clubs competing to be left out from the pot so now the rest need to catch up. I'd personally love a sort of netflix of football for the football league as I'd probably pick and choose the odd game to watch and maybe pay a subscription for it. Unless that gets sorted it will just get harder and harder to get to and compete in the prem without selling your soul or risking your club going bust.
  20. I don't think the staying up thing is actually in the agreement but it might as well be. If we stay up and either of them aren't up to it I think we can still back out. Same if we go down but for some reason they decide they loved it here anyway we can buy them.
  21. let's be honest, none of the rich owners are exactly paragons of morality, this is the way it is. If you want to compete with the best then you can't start being picky about where its funded from. It's **** but that's how it is. Even if we stay up this year, someone would come in with £50m for the likes of Tzolis and eventually we'd not keep it up. If we are to make a real sustained play of it at this level, we'll need to sell our soul.
  22. clearly it's not by choice but they did well to stem the tide as long as they did and successfully managed a pretty normal 2020 while the rest of us flailed. It was more a matter of when they'd have to give up the fight rather than if. Anyone who thought they'd be able to do the latter was deluding themselves. My views on the whole thing have been consistent throughout, stem the infections whilst trying to keep up as much normality as possible (r=1) until a vaccine has been rolled out to the vulnerable then crack on. That appears to be what they're doing now, they just had to wait for more desperate countries to vaccinate first. ZeroCovid has always been a pipe dream. I very much doubt they will ever see the hospitalisations/deaths levels we saw in Jan and last April since they have managed to vaccinate their population before accepting the virus but sure they'll have waves of it. I suspect they will have relatively high vaccine uptake as well as they are by and large very much united as a country compared to the likes of USA and UK who have managed to bring politics into the vaccine debate.
  23. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/04/world/australia/new-zealand-covid-zero.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur Standing ovation for New Zealand for being the last man standing. They probably saved thousands of lives of their citizens and a hell of a lot of disruption but it's now the correct call in a world with vaccines and therapeutics. It's obviously a shame we couldn't have realistically followed a similar path but there was never really much hope of that looking back in hindsight unless we'd locked down in like January 2020 and completely shut the borders at which point everyone would have thought we were bat**** crazy and we'd have completely screwed our supply lines. It'll now be interesting to see how they go about opening up. I suspect their first proper wave of Covid will be pretty tough going so hopefully everyone that wanted to managed to get vaccinated down there. It's one of my most favourite places I've ever been and I'd love to go back one day
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