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  1. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Elliott Bennett

    Some very good points. I can see Snoddy replacing Bennet in the line up, especially if we have a target man for him to aim at, but for this weekend we need pace on the counter attack and I think we get more of that with Redmond and Bennet both in the team.
  2. "dissapointed at finishing 15th or below because of our investment" seems to me to be a dubious argument - because everyone else has or will invest to strengthen their team too.

    However we did finish mid table the previous two years and this weekend suggested that Stoke (mugged in a 1-0 loss at Liverpool), Cardiff, Hull (ditto 2-0 at Chelsea) and Palace have a lot of work to do to survive let alone thrive, and I have serious doubts that Villa, Newcastle, WBA, Sunderland, Fulham and Southampton can sustain good form over a season... so putting 3 of those below us too my "minimum acceptable" would be 13th.
  3. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Welcome back Ian Holloway

    Watch out - the forum police will be onto you for not putting this thread into "other football" - as it clearly has nothing to do with Norwich now or in the future :-)
  4. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Hull Tigers Watch

    "Bruce is quite a bit younger. Perhaps he''s just embarrassed to be a Tiger"

    He''s been that way since Sundeland, maybe even Wigan. I just showed my daughter a clip of Norwich v Ipswich Milk Cup semi-final when he played a blinder (and scored) and was thinner :-)

    Of course all she noticed was the short shorts!
  5. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Meanwhile: so much for Swanselona

    Enough said - and with their full strength team.
  6. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Ricardo's report v Everton

    Thanks as always Ricardo.
  7. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Very, very lucky to draw

    Not even close to 70% possession to Everton. That said, it is true they had most of the ball but our counter attack was so much quicker than last year. You can see how much better we are going to be once Fer comes in and we get a few more games under our belt. The Wolf''s header was class.
  8. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Everton thread

    We may not win, we may even lose, but we ARE goig for it!
  9. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Moyes - typical Man U arrogance

    How about Arsenal, Chelsea, Swansea, NORWICH, Man C and Spurs? Sounds much better...
  10. Yellow Rose of Texas

    England v Scotland

    Scotch is a drink :-)

    It''s a friendly, and it may do England some good to be embarrassed by losing to Scotland, so I for one will be pleased to see any of our lads do well.
  11. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Leon Barnett

    Excellent analysis PH, these characteristsics were on full view today...
  12. Do they mean Anglia = England, or do they mean East Anglia? They really are TATSP ....
  13. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Oh Dear Holt

    There should be one measure of a striker and that is does he score goals. Not how much did he cost. Picking carhorse Caroll over Holt the previous Euros was crass stupidity and exactly what others have pointed out was "big club" bias.

  14. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Fabio Quagliarella

    Quagliarella is playimg for Juventus tonight v''s LA Galaxy. Yes understood that this is also pre-season football, but he''s looking very good.
  15. Yellow Rose of Texas

    Opening day of the Championship/League 1/League 2

    Holt''s goal must have been a cracker too as the BBC and Sky credited him with 2! Anyways great see QPR have been knocked out of the automatic promotion spots. :-)

    Isn''t it amazing how quick that table started to read like you think it probably should..










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