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  1. Come on guys. Get real. The 2 Murphys are complete powder puffs, defensively. They don''t put in a tackle, they''re frightened to head the ball, they chicken out of any 50/50 ball, and they think that standing in the general vicinity of play is getting ''stuck in''. If it wasn''t so serious, it would be funny. In essence, they''re passengers and when they''re both playing, we''re down to 9 men defensively. I''ve got the whole of yesterday''s match recorded and, quite frankly, watching it again this evening, they should be embarrassed to be wearing the shirt. If that''s ''putting in a shift'' in a local derby, then I''m the Emperor of China. What''s more, when the ball''s at their feet, they never look up for a pass - they think they have to go it alone, which means that 9 times out of 10, they lose (ie give away) the ball. The evidence is there for all to see - but too many are blind to it, preferring the romance of the story of the Academy Twins. Bulls**t. OK - they may score a few goals, but the price we pay for their inclusIon is too high. How Neil can''t see that they''re both a defensive liability is beyond me. Time to give Maddison a chance. Tonight showed again what some of us knew alteady; he''s got 2 good feet, a footballing brain, AND he can tackle.
  2. The problem is that the club was so obsessed in the summer with signing a new striker that they seem to have forgotten how poor (and porous) our defence was - or, worse still, persuaded themselves it was good enough for the Championship. The truth is, whichever way AN shuffles his very limited pack, he just doesn''t have 4 decent back 4 players at his disposal. Pinto, Klose and Olsson should be automatics, but after that....? Martin, Bennett, Bassong, Whittaker are all too old, slow and unreliable and/or 2nd fiddlers to the aforementioned - and by some margin. And don''t tell me Bennett''s still a young man growing into the job...... he''s been around for quite a while and just isn''t cutting the mustard. Also, just like Bassong, he switches off too easily. The number of times one or both are caught out with their backs turned by a quick throw in or free quick are without number - and they don''t exactly have the speed to make amends when playing catch up. Trouble is, if speculative news reports are to be believed (ha,ha), we seem to be in the hunt for more midfielders and strikers next month (so long as we can ship some out first - but who would many of our crew?) Am not convinced the penny has dropped with a loud PLOP inside Carrow Rd where we are weakest. It''s not just about training and tactics. It''s also about competence and desire. Maybe we can blame AN for not getting his recruitment priorities right, but I don''t envy him when he reaches for pencil to scribble down on the team sheet the back 4 for the next game - whoever we''re playing.
  3. The two things which have surprised me are 1 the Board statement didn''t accept McNally''s resignation ''with regret''. That''s usually a sign of some dissent around the Board table - or, alternatively, of an unprofessional Board which doesn''t understand that getting the protocol of these things wrong risks sending out misleading messages (E Balls'' smirk in interviews doesn''t help either). And 2 any self-respecting and genuinely professional Board will have a succession plan in place for key roles such as CEO, Chairman and Finance Director. Whilst the Board may not have been expecting McNally''s resignation, stuff still happens (serious illness, accidents etc) which means that they have some possibilities to consider for the key positions straightaway, about which they have thought calmly in the cool light of day, rather than on Monday in the heat and panic of the moment. Nothing I''ve seen or heard in the last 48 hours fills me with confidence that this Board is anything like as professional as it should be. I fear they will snatch at the first passing CEO that Delia takes a fancy to - just to ''reassure'' the fans that they''ve acted quickly and decisively and that the necessary ins and outs during the transfer window will not be compromised (as last year). Apart from McNally, there was/is absolutely no footballing knowledge or experience around that Board table. Instead, it''s been systematically filled with Delia''s chums, family and place men. McNally will be missed far more than some folk realise - including the Board.
  4. Simples....... Get rid in this transfer window and bring in Adama Traore from Villa. He''s not even 20 years old yet, yet he has the maturity, the speed and the ball skill, as well as the insight for a good pass that Redmond will never have. We can''t keep waiting for Redmond to ''mature''. His erroneous pass rate is far too high; he slows the game down all too often; he never wants to take a through ball down the wing; and his tackling and heading are frankly non-existent. Traore impressed enormously in his cameo performance at Carrow Road last week, and if you think that was untypical of him, watch him on MOTD tonight. He won''t want to be in a Championship team next season. Get him now........and Pritchard (ex Brentford loanee) from Spurs too, while we''re at it. He''s the natural like-for-like successor to Wes in the next 12 months.
  5. I nominate the groundsman for 3 reasons: 1. He has let bare patches appear in the goal areas since about last December. This means Ruddy can’t get a good grip with his boots during corners, leading him to slip and slide and therefore have to try and juggle the ball with one hand – usually with disastrous results (for example, Derby). 2. He insists on watering the pitch at half time. This means Redmond is always slipping and sliding about during the second half when he gets a run-out and is always loses his footing as he’s about to shoot – the ball ending up in the Upper Barclay (for example, every game in which he’s ever had a shot at goal). 3. Him and his mates keep sticking their gardening forks into the pitch and waggling them about during half time. As any fool knows, this encourages worms to come to the surface in their thousands. In turn, this makes the pitch very uneven in the second half and the ball therefore tends to bobble about a lot, usually just as Ruddy is about to make an important save (for example, against Forest) – almost invariably with disastrous results. By my estimation, the groundsman has cost us at least 8 home points this season, maybe more. We would have been the ones to catch with 7 games to go if it hadn’t been for him. So I nominate Mr Whatsisname.
  6. Thanks norfolkchance1. That''s the clearest explanation I''ve had for the local radio issue and, whilst I don''t agree with the League''s stand on this (especially when I read that the cup games aren''t disconnected) at least I understand who''s pulling the strings. Incidentally, as an occasional correspondent only (but a daily reader of the Forum) I have to say that this particular debate has been FAR more constructive and interesting than so much of the bile and point-scoring that too many other threads have contained recently. THIS is what I (and, I guess, many others) log on to read and follow with interest as a committed but now-living-in-another-county Canaries fan of 55 years - and the humour, of course!! There''s NOTHING to beat Norfolk humour!!
  7. LDC said...."Agree with a lot of what you say, but having two or three cameras at a game and putting the match online is not going to cost as much as the BBC putting it out on national tv. ..... even one web camera put in at the end of the ground - say above the Barclay, pointing down the pitch, then the view would be acceptable enough on say a 42" screen - and these days it is easy to transmit your computer signal to TV. One camera showing a decent image similar to sitting in the Barclay - and asking a subscription to watch - would be better than any dodgy stream and would not cost a fortune to initiate". It seems to me that the technology is already in place at Carrow Road. Those who leave the match 5 minutes early can often be found in the foot of the stairwell watching the game on the TV monitors!! - and the coverage is pretty good. I''d be much happier to pay a reasonable price (£10-15) for access to that when I can''t get to away games (or even the occasional home game) than listen to the scratchy reception on AM 873 because the online service has been suspended ''for contractual reasons''. What''s so ridiculous about the whole radio thing is that it''s available to listen to if you''re in the Norfolk radio reception area (as I am for AM but not digital or FM), but not otherwise.
  8. It''s not just TV; it''s the radio too. I''m a season ticket holder living in Cambridgeshire. On a Saturday, I can get Radio Norfolk online until 14.59 hrs., at which point a message cuts in: ''For contractual reasons, we cannot bring you the next programme'' i.e. the match itself. Then, at 17.00 hrs. the connection is miraculously restored, so that I can listen to Rob Butler''s dulcet tones..... So, what do I do? I tune in to AM 873 and listen through the crackling and interference from foreign stations to Chris Goreham et al. So, I get to hear the match, but in poor quality. It''s a good job CG shouts when we score....! Like LDC, I can see no reason to discriminate against NCFC fans living outside the immediate catchment area who want to listen to (or see) the match when they can''t get to it. In this day and age, it''s a disgrace. It''s clearly accessible (in Cambridgeshire at least) on AM radio, albeit in cr*p quality, so why deny us the opportunity to listen online with a decent reception? Just to make a few bob from more distant fans? Is the club really that hard up?
  9. So - PC''s not doing quite as badly as we were led to believe by the anti-PC brigade .... I doubt he would write a cheque for £10 million if his business was going down the pan (as per Waghorn et al.) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/yourbusiness/5760417/New-fund-offers-entrepreneurs-10m-to-start-service-ventures.html This man also regularly gives generously from his own money (not his company''s) to help needy folk in Africa. He''s an old-fashioned philanthropist who''s got heart; not quite the Mr Nasty others want us to think of him as.... And Delia and her mates were stupid enough not even to talk to him..... Now - what might NCFC have been able to do with £10 million last season - or this? Won''t happen, of course....  
  10. [quote user="we8wba"] http://www.expressandstar.com/2007/10/17/albion-man-hungry-for-success/ no comment it just to easy hartson HUNGRY for success [/quote] That''s strange. In the version I read, the article said: Out of favour Albion striker John Hartson says he’s “hungry for pies” at Norwich City. Hartson has joined the Canaries on an initial month’s loan, with a view to tasting all Delia’s home-made delights as soon, and as often, as he can.  The 32-year-old says he hasn’t had a decent pie since February and that’s why he jumped at the chance of moving to Carrow Road. Hartson is expected to try his first pies on Saturday, which coincides with the Canaries’ clash with Bristol City.  He will be charged with ending Norwich’s famine in the goal area. The Canaries last action in the opposition’s goalmouth stretches back to David Strihavka’s slipping on some pie crust against Crystal Palace last month, before heading the upright and concussing himself.  Since then, Strihavka hasn’t spoken a word of English. “Obviously I’ve been short of pies in recent months,” said Hartson, “but I’m hoping to take over where Tubby Mulryne and Porky McVeigh left off.  It’s a great chance to put on a bit of weight again” Neil Doomcaster, the Canaries’ CEO, said “There is plenty of money in the kitty for pies. John only has to ask”.
  11. If he has only got the next 2 games, what a baptism of fire it will be for the new man after that ...... West Brom (A) Ipswich (H) Watford (H) all in the following 10 days
  12. Apparently Grant has been on Radio Norfolk saying he''s considering his future. Case of thinking of jumping before he''s pushed? If he is, then so should Drury (diabolical, as usual) Shackell (couldn''t lead the team out of a paperbag)  Otsemobor (some great runs down the line tonight - pity he was on the wrong side of it..) Russell (AWOL - again) Lappin (many a great pass to the opposition) Huckerby (2nd gear at best) Brown (invisible) Martin (invisible 2). In other words, more than half tonight''s team... It''s worth remembering that these jokers get something like £300,000 to £500,000 a year (or £6K - to £10K a week) plus perk cars and the rest for this cr*p.  Forget this stuff about ''not playing for the manager'' - at least he''s an honest injun (conducted himself with dignity on Radio Norfolk tonight imo). These jokers should take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Even if they have no self-respect thay should recognise who pays their fantastic wages - 24,000 loyal fans who deserve much, much better.
  13. He appears to have decided to model himself on the back end of a pantomime horse, and to move with all the speed, elegance and effectiveness of one too...
  14. Gallacher 2/3 – He’s just not the man to be in goal for us, although maybe OK to be the Scottish goalie. Too short by about 3 inches (he can’t exactly help that, I know) and too weak/anxious in the air in many set pieces. Also froze like a rabbit in bright headlights when John nearly scored the fourth. … Get Camp in goal quickly and let’s see what he can do. Gallacher''s only saving grace is that he throws the ball out 90% of the time. Colin 6 – Not bad – but could have gone forward more often Drury 5 – Some good tackling, as always – but I thought he was also meant to be captain as well?  He’s no idea about leadership and raising the team’s spirit when their heads go down… Doherty 6 – So-so by his standards Shackell 5 – Not bad – but got wrong side of Kyle for second goal Etuhu 5 – Mostly invisible – but popped up occasionally Robinson 5 – the usual mixed bag Safri 6 - So-so by his standards Croft 7 – Did his best – but why didn’t he and Hucks stay much wider? They’ll never play on a wider pitch all season…Both could have been so much more effective then… Huckerby 6 – See Croft comments Earnshaw 3 - A waste of space (as per my comments on an earlier thread). All show and absolutely no delivery. This is not about support – it’s about his so-called abilities. He hardly even flatters to deceive… Get a couple of loans in pdq Worthless!!! Subs: Henderson 2 – as bad as ever – why have we not got shot of him? Missed a sitter from a great Croft cross. Loan him to Peterborough or somewhere… now! McVeigh – 4 – carrying more weight than ever by the looks of him. Makes him all huff and puff, at best. Nothing like the man we once knew and admired.  Game over?  Fans - 10. I was in the stand above Worthless''s head (and was sorely tempted to drop something heavy or nasty on him at the end....) and the sound coming from the NCFC fans was absolutely superb. They kept trying to raise spirits but to no avail. I was really proud to be associated with them.
  15. Sadly, I found myself agreeing with the pundits about Earnie. I''ve always thought that £3.5 million was a lot to have paid for the little fellah (it was probably even more than that, I suspect, with all the add-ons, as per Mr Doncaster''s recent article) - and Earnie does fluff an awful lot of opportunities. Let''s put aside the Leeds game as an aberration. Me and my mates in the Jarrold stand do an unofficial count at the home games of the number of goals he''s scored compared to the number of reasonable chances he''s had (trying to be fair-minded). We reckon he''s currently running at about 1 goal per 9 or 10 chances.  This is hardly spectacular for an out-and-out striker, even at Championship level. Put another way, it means that Hucks, Croft and others have to create approx 10 chances for him to score a goal. That''s a tall order for them - week in, week out - even in the Championship. His first minute fluff against Barnsley was a classic example of Earnie at his worst (i.e. most frustrating). He may well end up scoring 20 or so goals for us this season (and I hope he does) but, if we do go up, I have real doubts about whether he''ll be able to do the business for us in the Premiership.  The gulf between the 2 leagues is getting ever wider and, almost by definition, he won''t get half the chances to score he needs at present. If he is to succeed, he needs to rack up his goal per chances ratio to something closer to 1 in 5 or 6.  Mr Hunter - please help!!
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