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  1. He will score as he is not managed by Houghton
  2. Do anyone else find this annoying they have had a month to sort this out but now complains just hours after the transfer window shuts..
  3. just how do you win a game passing the ball to the back or side to side all the time there is no creativity.... utter crap
  4. Going on past statments we all know hooper prefered norwich so if norwich wanted him they will or would have signed him ... simple
  5. So according to the Mirror he was our fourth choice i''d rather sign Officer Crabtree.
  6. All we had to do is win agaist a very poor team its a simple task even there defence gifted us with chance''s and we could not turn them into goals same old norwich lack of attack and finishing if it was not for our defence we would be in the bottom 3
  7. Positives Vaughan back from injury . Negatives Too slow lack of quality , De Laet ffs wake up
  8. With the new lads in who would you drop who would be your starting 11 ?
  9. Oh yes.. one of the best managers we have had in many years commits to the club,wes signs a new deal holt can hack it and have proved many wrong as have other players,we stand a very good chance of getting in the play offs...think back 2 years and more and appreciate what we have achived,smile its great to be Norwich City.
  10. Just passing on what i have heard which came from someone working within carrow road, now it may be a load of crap which i hope its they just said hoolahans off to WBA in 1 mil deal with one of there players coming here... the other rumor is that of steven smith had fallen out with PL and had left the club , could all be bull just telling you what ive heard.
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/9326558.stm 5 mins in
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