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  1. Agreed Bananaman.  There isn''t a lot between the two sides but as WBA already have their first win the pressure is on us. This is another six pointer and hopefully this time Lady Luck might just smile upon us. (IE:Hit the bar and go IN this time).  I have been in favour of Leon & Hux all season but this is the game in which McKenzie must start scoring, if he doesn''t perform in this one Nige may well consign him back to the bench. In relation to the individual players, Megson IMO has bought well. Kanu for flair, Greening has been putting in some solid displays and the Hungarian captain (can''t think of his name) looks a handful. Just a thought, is Darren Purse suspended following his sending off against Newcastle? Could be a bonus... This should be a good game and I predict another 2-2. Leon to finally break his duck and unlock the floodgates. OTBC
  2. at the risk of becoming an outcast, i would like to see Ipswich promoted,(provided we stay up of course!).  I am mates with a couple of binners and we agree that local derbies in the prem can only be a good thing for the region. Sorry if this offends any of you but maybe as I live so far away from the area the hatred isn''t quite there in my blood.... Actually forget that, just remembered the "are you watching Norwich scum" chant when they played Millwall live on sky recently, changed my mind, blood now boiling.  Football''s a fickle thing isn''t it?
  3. I wasn''t exactly happy with the results of WBA & Palace, but at least it now shows that the promoted clubs can hold their own in the prem. It is better that there are only a few points between us all at the bottom so we don''t have too much ground to catch up on, but the pressure is now on us to get that first win, let''s hope that it doesn''t become a millstone around our necks. Let''s remember though, apart from Arsenal & Liverpool, we haven''t been played off the park for a whole 90 minutes, if Lady Luck had been on our side we would had our 1st win by now. (Anyone know if the crossbar has stopped shaking yet from Saturday?). I''ve said it before, but we need to be sharper in front of goal, I will take a whole season of tap-ins rather than the odd Bentley 25-yarder. OTBC
  4. Did anyone else hear his comments last night on Sky regarding the Hamann tackle on Francis. He reckons that Hamann didn''t mean it!!  How he came to that conclusion I will never know. He was nowhere near the ball & even twisted his studs on Damo''s leg. As NW said on the same programme, we are lucky it''s only severe bruising and nothing worse.
  5. Why were we in it anyway yesterday? Did I miss something on MOTD, was Dudek in Yellow?  Am I missing something really obvious here?
  6. Of course she looked worried, she is a Norwich fan isn''t she? I am worried but unless Abramovich switches teams I honestly can''t see a cash cow on the horizon. Anyway, do we really want to be owned by someone who isn''t a fan or whose heart isn''t yellow & green?
  7. Thats a bit harsh,  Nige will be here next season at least.
  8. are critical to our season.  The honeymoon period is now well & truly over and we now play teams we have a realistic chance of beating.  Yes, to be back in the Prem is fantastic & who could have predicted our opposition in the 1st few games.  To have 4 games out of the first 5 live on Sky was also great for those of us who struggle to get to FCR. Hopefully NW now knows his strongest side & formation because we now MUST start winning games if we are to survive this season.  I think we have shown we are organised as a side but our passing must improve significantly as must our sharpness in front of goal, you sometimes only get one chance per game at this level which could give all 3 points(we could have taken all 3 points v Spurs & Villa). We now have to start playing like a Premiership side from the 1st whistle & not just the 2nd half. Whether the team has trouble adjusting to the pace of the game straightaway I don''t know, but in the 2nd half of matches we have taken the game to the opposition which has seen greater reward.  Let''s not be scared guys, we are here on merit not luck. OTBC.
  9. Could it be 20 years lucky for us? 1985-2005 maybe, let''s not be too negative shall we? I wonder what we would all be saying if we had lost to The Gasheads in midweek. I want us to win every match, whether it is a friendly, cup or league.  When we lost to Sunderland but were crowned champions the same night I was still gutted we had lost! (Or maybe that''s just me being picky).
  10. Just seen on sky sports he may be out with a calf strain.  Maybe ''the doc'' could partner Charlton at the back, giving Leon a chance?  We will need quality deliveries from set pieces as I feel that is one of their weak points. (David Bentley, please stand up).
  11. hello again everyone. Not been on for a while due to work, holidays etc so there are a few things to get off my chest. 1)We will stay up. After watching Charlton v Southampton on Monday I am confident of that.  Those two teams are far worse than us, along with WBA and Palace.  Add to that the great spirit in the squad we have a great chance of being here next season. 2)Spurs fans-YES, we were shocking in the 1st half and Rob Green did make some great saves but that is what he is there for. Defoe hitting the post-sorry, but the shot wasn''t good enough, end of story I''m afraid. 3)Spurs fans(2)-The 2nd half was a different story. Your keeper had to show his worth and don''t forget that superb tackle from Ledley King, although if the ball had come down quicker for Hux he would have scored. 0-0 was a fair result. 4)Please play Leon from the start, 1 goal from him and he will keep scoring all season. It is no good giving him 10 minutes at this level, that gives him no time to adjust to the pace of the game. 5)Keep the faith-although we haven''t won yet, I think we have had a better start than most people thought we would. OTBC
  12. What on earth are you guys going on about? It is the 1st of SEPTEMBER!!!!! There are still 8 yes, 8 months to go. Go and see a doctor and get some happy pills will you?
  13. Well said. I was watching the Arsenal match in the pub with some gooner mates, who were naturally taking the mickey, but this time last season playing Arsenal was a distant dream, now it is a reality. I think we will be ok this year, there are worse teams than us and apart from maybe Arsenal & Bolton, who has a better team spirit? OTBC
  14. Hux should be in there too. I have been so impressed with him so far. He deserves his chance.
  15. It wasn''t you who beeped at me when I was out on a bike ride a couple of weeks ago then? Are you in town for todays match?
  16. As I posted at the time of his arrival, this guy is the Aldi Chris Sutton. Good value for money with no pretetions of grandeur.
  17. Francis was a legend again. Holt was below par again. Edworthy fantastic, he had the look of a man fighting for his place, which is what Worthy wants. The back four looks good but 2 lapses of concentration cost us, we will learn from this I''m sure. Hux SHOULD have scored but he was a constant menace all night long. What I really liked was the outlet that Doherty gave us, he held it up and gave us chance to regroup when under pressure. Worthy has done it again, all of you who scoffed when we bought him should hang your heads in shame!!
  18. I didn''t think it was you to be honest. It was a case of "and it''s back to the Norwich goalie, out to our defender" and so on. And when the dirty manc fan was taking the mickey out of us she said "what did you win last year then?", to which came the obvious answer "apart from the fa cup?". DOH! I am not having a go, I don''t think I could even sit next to a manc for that long so fair play to her! OTBC
  19. Top marks susie b!! Although I didn''t realise that, it makes my point look even better doesn''t it? By the way, you weren''t on "Fanzone" for the United match were you?
  20. I think the Prem will suit Mullers better than the Nationwide. There aren''t so many lunges into playmakers and he should have a bit more freedom to express himself. Either way we need SOMEONE to thread through that killer ball and unlock tight premiership defences.
  21. Give Jonson a rest and bring him on later in the 2nd half. He is a quality player so give him time. Mckenzie must start against Newcastle, who have Newcastle got in defence to handle his pace? Svensson needs to get fitter, he should have got to that Huckerby cross on Saturday and he looked slow all over. (Don''t get me wrong, he is a good player but these things need to be said.) Helveg also needs time, it is a different game from Serie A. Faster pace, etc. We will be ok, just remember where we were this time last season!!
  22. Come on then guys. What are your predictions for tonight? There are a lot of people who feel we can get a point, but I think it could be too much too soon to be honest. I predict 2-1 to Manure United, with Leon grabbing a late consolation. Obviously I hope not, but I am being realistic. (And I wouldn''t ever predict a win for us, I have tended to jinx us in the past!) Whatever the outcome of the next 3 games, (the biggest since Munich, Milan?), they can only help us get better for the season ahead. What better way to find out what the team is made of, physically and mentally. At last, Saturday means something again. OTBC
  23. I guess i''ll be the only one in my local with yellow & green then. It''s gonna be full of Manure supporters, still never mind eh? OTBC
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