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  1. NCFC Board Meeting TranscriptNeil Doncaster: "Well tried all them and they''re not interested.  Delia, have you still got Dave Stringers number? And does anyone know if John Bond is still alive?"Unbelievable that we are even considering going back to a former manager - I suppose it could be 3rd time luck for Mike Walker.SACK THE BOARD NOW!!!!
  2. What the hell is the board doing to our club - we are a joke and a laughing stock.  The best they could come up with is to turn the clock back 2 years and pretend nothing has happened.Come on sort it out or get out and let someone in who knows how to run a football club.MUPPETS THE LOT OF THEM!!!!
  3. I was at the game and I cannot agree with Roeders comments.  We did not make lots of chances, in fact we were clueless in the last 3rd of the pitch, no movement, no ideas, and in defenence we looked really shaky, everytime MK attacked they cut through us like a knife - the goal was a joke, the whole defence went AWOL!Lots of work to be done I''m afraid.
  4. Can anyone explain the first substitution last night? Why would you take off a specialist right back in Colin, who has having a decent game, and replace him with Hughes, who was having a shocker (as usual) and continued to do so after? I am slightly mystified by this one.   Colin was clearly not injured as he jogged up and down the line for about 10 mins after being subbed. OTBC 
  5. So you think the fans that want Sutton back are a moaning minority?   I think you are wrong, I think the majority of fans would approve him coming back and it would fill an obvious gap in the squad, i.e. a big target man, one that Worthy has openly admitted that he is looking for.  The fact remains that this would appear to be a win/win situation, you have to admit that. Will be interesting to see if there are any Sutton chants at the match tomorrow night.
  6. Worthington''s popularity is probably still at an all time low. As far as I can tell 99% of City fans would love to see Chris Sutton signed on a pay as you play deal, which it appears he is happy to accept. What I don''t understand is this.   It doesn''t take a genius to work out that if Worthy did sign Sutton his popularity would rise immediately, I would even go as far as saying that last season would all be forgotton and even forgiven.  City fans would be delighted, Sutton get''s his final swansong at a club we know he cares dearly about, Worthy get''s a much needed PR boost - everyone is happy. everyone wins. So what does Worthy do when presented with this get out of jail free card? He tears it up and throws in our face.  He doesn''t even do this with any skill or grace, he actually publicly discredits the guy, arguably the best player we''ve ever had.  That really is going to help you rebuild your relationship with the fans isn''t it? This leads me to conclude that Mr W is one of two things, possibly both.  A) a complete idiot and/or B) has an over inflated ego that won''t let a player of Sutton''s undoubted quality and status into the squad. OTBC
  7. Given the make up of our current squad and the fact that we now have at least 7 central midfielders - Safri, Robinson, Etuhu, Hughes, Jarrett, Rossi Jarvis, Charlton, Spillane - what do you think Worthy has in mind as his preferred formation when everyone is fit?  I just can''t see how it all fits together.  Can any of these players be used elsewhere, e.g.  I think Hughes / Robinson would make decent right backs.
  8. "We''ve got to keep plugging away" - loosely translated as "Let''s bury our heads in the sand and hope things get better".   So while Worthy is relying on hope to get us out of this crisis, new and progressive managers like Mike Newell and Adrian Boothroyd are doing twice the job with half the resources. Last year Worthy was a failure, regardless of the last 5 or 6 games.  His tactics were poor, and his signings were a disaster (Ashton aside) - Doherty, Charlton, Helveg, Jonson. The championship year, he was lucky - remember all those last minute winners in the first few home games, and for the last 10 games the team picked itself. This season he is showing his ineptness to make a team out of a good squad of players.  He won''t know what his best team is until after Christmas and by then it will be too late. There is no room for sentiment in football, and as a club and supporters we cannot be sentimental about the championship season if we are to move forward.   I think Worthy should be given another 5 games to turn it round or he''s out. OTBC
  9. We are not going to get out of this division unless we keep clean sheets, especially at home. Last season we had the worst defence by miles and yet I find it hard to understand why 4 out of 5 of the players from last season started yesterday. Dropping down a division doesn''t turn a bad defence into a good one. Obviously, you can''t blame Green and Louis-Jean looks promising. However, with Fleming and Drury we''ve got two players that just don''t do the business anymore, they just don''t have the physical presence to compete effectively. Doc I think will be OK, but Worthy needs to tell him to stay on his feet and stop giving away unecessary free kicks. With the players we have I would go for: Green, Louis-Jean, Doherty, Shackell, Charlton. The other thing Worthy has to sort out is the off sides. I think we were caught off side over 10 times yesterday, which means we gave up possession cheaply and disrupted our rhythym time and time again. Personally I think more than 2 or 3 off sides in a game is unacceptable and easily avoidable if your strikers are using their brains. OTBC
  10. Anyone else think Greeno was a bit slow to react to the 3 goals Soton scored from long range? I don''t know if its just me or whether he gets beaten too easily from long distance. OTBC
  11. I think there are 4 possible scenarios we could be facing going into the Fulham game: 1) We have already been relegated - we''re proud of the team for putting up a fight, farewell to the prem - end of season party . 2) We need a result to stay up - very exciting, tense game wouldn''t miss it for the world - we stay up - wild celebration . 3) We need a result to stay up - very exciting, tense game wouldn''t miss it for the world - we go down - disappointed but proud of the team - farewell to the prem - slightly muted end of season party . 4) We are already safe - last game of the season - huge end of season party . Whatever happens it will be a great day out.   OTBC
  12. I think for the first time this season we now all know what our best first eleven is. And I think we have a great chance of staying up now if we stay injury and suspension free. Well done Worthy for making the changes, and lets see this line up start against Palace and all the remaining games this season. ------------ Green -------------- Helveg Fleming Shackell Drury Bentley Safri Francis Huckerby ------- Ashton McKenzie -------- Subs: Ward Charlton Jonson Stuart Svennson OTBC
  13. We have 7 games left, we are going down, but there is still a lot to play for. Worthy must try out some new team selections between now and the end of the season so that he knows his best team for the start of next year and equally important he''ll know where he needs to strengthen.With regards to defence - we all know what Eddy, Flem, Shack and Drury can do, so lets see Helveg, Doc, Shack and Charlie for a couple of games, then Helveg, Shack, Charlie and Drury for a few games.In midfield, let''s try Safri alongside Francis, then Stuart. I''d like to see Hucks have a run on the right and up front.Lets see if Hucks and Ashton can make a partnership, then Ashton and Svennson. Come on Worthy act now. We have nothing to lose and everthing to gain. Worse than going down, is going down without really knowing what your best team is for next season.OTBC
  14. We will be relegated because we are not good enough for the Premiership. Why is that? Because we are playing a Championship team. Other than Ashton and Stuart the side in the last few games is based on last years squad. We have spent something like £5-£6m to strengthen the squad, but where are they? Ashton aside, the signings we made are not good enough and you have to blame the manager for that. Can you honestly say that Safri and Helveg have been given a fair chance to prove themselves? Surely Doc is better than Flem. For me Jonson is just poor. Even when Bentley was fit Worthy left him out for one reason or another. We are going down, because our team is not better than last season. I think it could be but Worthy has a set plan and at the end of the day relegation in the eyes of the management team and the board is acceptable. For me, relegation is acceptable, but performances like yesterday are not. Let''s leave this league with some pride and not just limp out of it. OTBC
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