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  1. He was at Colney in the week having tests, heard he has already signed and will be with the U23s initially, possibly being loaned out for this coming season. The club are waiting to announce presumably next week. Will be an excellent signing with the potential to be a first team player in the not too distant future. Also we are still working hard to finalise a deal for Aidan Fitzpatrick from Partick Thistle hopefully also this week.
  2. Havent posted on here in a while but no better night than tonight to make a come back! Im living in America and will definatly be sinking a few buds to celebrate tonight! Anyway whats your prediction for our first game next season just a bit of fun im just delighted we are back there! so happy i shed a tear when the final whistle went! anyway my guess is....  Stoke at Home OTBC
  3.     Not a true city fan? From that previous post you have made it very clear that you dont have a clue about football in general, im not going to get into a debate over whether im a real fan or not because quite frankly I am, I know how Francis played at fulham I was there along with around 6999 other disheartened norwich fans. To say he got us relegated single handedly is ludacris, francis wasnt the only player who played badly that day, he also wasnt at fault for all 6 goals. We lost 18 other games that season a single win in any any of those game would have seen us safe, so to suggest that our top joint goal scorer is the sole reason we got relegated is very naive, and you have just shown your total ignorance.
  4. I actually feel sorry for damien francis, cant we see past him putting in a transfer request after we got relegated, I liked him as a player and as much as I disagreed with his decision to put in a transfer request in at the time is it fair to call persistance injuries and being forced into football retirment at 29 which is usually a players prime "football karma". As much as i dislike some footballers i would never wish for them to be forced into early retirment! So i say this, Thanks for the 2 and a half years service you gave us damien especially that goal against west brom! and good luck for the future.
  5. I think thats very harsh to single out these players as a reason to why we are playing so poorly. Marshall is definatly our best keeper since green although that''s not a long time we have had a lot of goalkeepers! Fotheringham started very well this season and made the difference against southampton before getting injured. Lappin has been played out of position for most of his games this season first and foremost he is not a centeral midfielder he is a left midfielder and I think he has played well when playing in his strongest postition. First game of the season I thought Brellier looked one of our best players I admit he hasnt played well since but I think he has the potential to be a good signing. We need to look futher than what nationality they are to see what problems our effecting our football club. otbc
  6. Dereham canary fan some of your suggestions are some of the worst ive ever seen. You would rather downing to Joe Cole - you must be the only englishman alive. Hargreaves is world class lampard isnt - tackling is the only attribute hargreaves has on lamps. ashton and johnson not rooney and owen - pure mental. Bale english?? - just about sums your point of view up. Terry not world class?? - would be in the starting line up of any team in the world. ledley king center midfield- and rooney left back or are you happy with him playing in the correct position (suppose we always have bale)????
  7. I would go for                           Marshall Otsembor   Doherty   Shackell   Lappin Croft          Brellier     Russell     Chadwick                   Cureton    Brown Subs- Gilks, Dublin, Fotheringham, Martin, Strihavka   and I fancy a 2-1 win. Cureton and Russell scoring
  8. supposing Hucks is still injured, Cureton, Otsemobor and Martin are still layin low after the BBQ what would your team be for the preston match?? mine would be: Marshall Spillane Shackell Dublin Drury Croft Brellier Russell Lappin Brown Strihavka Gilks, Doherty, Fotheringham, Chadwick, Ryan Jarvis 
  9.                  Marshall Otsemobor Dublin Shackell Lappin Croft Brellier Smith Huckerby             Martin Cureton   Gilks, Drury, Russell, Chadwick, Brown/Strihavka Not playing a target man would encourage the team to play the ball on the deck and with the creativity of smith and hucks we would bang in the goals!
  10. As it stands who would be your first 11 plus subs for our 1st game of the season without any players singing or leaving to what we have already!? Mine would be Marshall Otsemobor Shackell Dublin Lappin Croft Brellier Etuhu Huckerby Cureton Strihavka subs: Gilks, Doherty, Drury, Safri, Martin if you ask me on paper thats a very strong team with good backup with the likes of hughes, chadwick, brown, fotheringham not making the 16! what your opinion??
  11. actually it was £4million plus helguson who is rated at £2.5million thus making the transfer worth £6.5million.
  12. [quote user="Gloucester canary"]                          Marshall Colin        Dublin        Shackell         Lappin Chadwick     Fotheringham    Safri      Huckerby                   Martin            Earnshaw Subs: Drury Etuhu Brown Croft Gallagher Farewell this summer To McVeigh Doc Thorne and MLJ [/quote]   Absolutly agree with all of that. on paper that team should be at least play offs but unfortionatly paper and reality arent the same
  13. Warner Colin Shacks Doc Lappin Croft Safri Fozzy McVeigh Martin Hucks i fancy another 3-2 away win
  14. for me it has to be last season away at the scum after winning 1-0 all the norwich fans were kept behind to allow their fans to be moved on and some of their fans tryed to stay in as long as possible and inparticular a female fan aged 20 odd then around 2000 norwich fans broke into a chorus of "she''s a whore!" her face when we started singing was absolutly priceless!!
  15. Gall- 5 not even close to being as good as david marshall Hughes- 5.5 effort without any end product Drury- 5.5 too negitive when attacking otherwise solid Doc- 4.5 terrible gave their attackers far to much time and space Shacks- 7.5 can see what a good effect dion has had on him definatly motm Lappin- 6 did well without excelling Fothrington- 5.5 ineffective Etuhu- 6 won headers and tackles but tends to go missing Hucks- 6.5 caused them problems but is to regulary offside Martin- 7 tooks his goal well and done well without much service Brown- 5 very poor didnt win headers and didnt even look like scoring subs McVeigh- 6.5 played well when he came on Safri- 6.5 dont care if he is tired we need him to start every game for the rest of the season Croft- 6.5 caused the problems and tracked back very well Grant- 6.5 the subs he used did well and he brought off players who were either not playing well or not going to cause any attacking threat
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