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  1. [quote user="Salford"][quote user="3pmkickoff"]Just out of interest do you walk into your local supermarket and tell the checkout girl that you pay her wages in part? [/quote] I had thought about it that way but it''s not really the same is it. Checkout wages are pretty standardised, whereas footballers are in what I would I would deem as privilidged employment, roles models in the community and it is within public interest to know wages (as seen with Pompey). The fans will remain long after the players. [/quote]Don''t be daft, in fact as the loans were taken out against future season ticket sales then the average fan is paying to service the debt more than anything else. It''s no ones business, players just get paid the going rate in their market place just as in any other industry and at the end of the day who cares?
  2. Bottom line is we were doing crap, he got the chance to play in the top league and ended up scoring in the FA Cup final that year. We got good money out if it but then chose to spend it unwisely and waived some of the potential add ons on Peter Grant. Shame he''s had to pack up but he''s came out a lot better than some.
  3. Just out of interest do you walk into your local supermarket and tell the checkout girl that you pay her wages in part?
  4. This reminds me of the time when Carrow Road gave a terrific reception to Matty Pattison after his terrible ordeal of being caught driving over the limit in his underpants to Colney, luckily good fortune smiled on him not to get into any accidents which could have killed someone
  5. They probably walked out ticketless as the mall store doesn''t sell tickets
  6. Spot on! As an ex Norwich legend I expected him to have his team lie down  and be walked all over. Come on Malky, don''t you love us. I bet Mark Robins will let us win
  7. He was talking to Preston but still hasn''t signed for anyone
  8. Not scoring in two friendlies is not a need to panic
  9. Cast your minds back to last pre season, we were winning, beating prem teams etc and look what happened come the real deal. Pre season means nothing.
  10. No there''s a fee to the merchant regardless of it being debit or credit card. On average as a merchant the fee for credit cards is 2.5% of the transaction, debit cards anything between 25-40p. Then you have the costs of terminal processing which will be flat p/month, then take into account postage of tickets and labour and there''s your £1.50 give or take.
  11. The championship this season lacks the big hitters of last season. The clubs what have come down are weaker with two of them in a bit of difficulty. You don''t have to be great in this division, just solid and consistent. Looking at the squad, it''s pretty strong and providing they gel and we have luck with injuries then I think we can be up there in the top six
  12. If you read the article it''s a case of putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5. They may as well have put joe cole in the title and it would still have the same jist
  13. Primark have seen an upsurge in sales of collared polo shirts and long socks this week - true story....maybe
  14. I don''t think you''ll be seeing any older players a''la Dublin under the current regime
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