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  1. Many thanks for that, as matter of interest where was it announced? I wondered when I saw that some had got tickets if they were in priority groups 1 and 2 whereas Im in 3, but sounds like good news anyway so can sort travel out now.
  2. At times getting information about tickets is like getting blood from a stone.  Theres nothing on the new web site as far as I can see, does anyone know when tickets will be received at the latest if successful in the ballot (if indeed a ballot was necessary!)?
  3. I have a feeling this rumour got started because something got "lost in translation". he''s been at Fenerbahce for 2 years and is reported (Liverpool Echo) to be keen to make the loan permanent.  fenerbahce are known as the "yellow canaries"..........so you can see where this rumour might have come from!!!
  4. what WBA attempt might be worth watching as a pointer given that Roy Hodgson left to become England manager and therefore one presumes on good terms.  He may very well have had some input into their shortlist.  It may be too that in view of his Fulham relationship with McNally that he might have given some guidance in our direction too.  For me just not sure Rangnick fits the "McNally criteria".
  5. worth a read: http://whatculture.com/sport/norwich-city-5-reasons-lee-clark-should-be-made-manager.php
  6. I cannot imagine that any football managers contract would allow him UNCONDITIONALLY to talk to and then sign for another club and effectively disregard the contract. That cannot possibly be right and maybe someone who is familiar with football managers contracts can shed some light on what they normally say? 
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18299155 Had been wondering about this - a practice that would be common place in business, have no doubt that our chief will be ensuring exactly the same terms for us, so lets stop worrying about who player-wise goes to Villa this season!
  8. given the McNally connection http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/mcnally.htm MON might not be quite as unlikely as it might at first appear. Just surprises me that expectations are so low that he''s never once been mentioned as far as I can see, on any thread about who people want.
  9. Surprised that so far I haven''t seen anyone express a preference for Martin O''Neill.
  10. OK I know its only paper talk but consistently the figures quoted for Rodgers and his backroom people are £5m to £7m in compensation to Swansea and consistently the figure quoted for Lambert to us is around £1m.  Any logic to this? 
  11. Phoned the ticket office today to discover that tickets now bought over the phone or online are subject to a £1.50 "booking fee". Now I have no idea how many trek down to the ground to buy a ticket but for those living outside the immediate area this just smacks of exploitation. There must be quite a few of us who have no option but to cough up the premium. does anyone know if this is to apply to away tickets too?
  12. Yes of course there have been a lot of bad decisions but I dont see what thats got to do with loving Deliah and the personal finacial contribution she has made. Nigel Worthington managed a side that won the league and got us into the premiership. I wouldn''t defend what happened next but do we yet know whether Paul Lambert et al are going to prove to be any less "lucky" than Worthy was? A after all last seasons achievements in league 1 do not yet compare. Lets not get too carried away yet.
  13. They don''t imo necessarily need a "bad run of form". For example, if in the last minute of our game at Elland Road we had scored rather than them, we would now be second only on goal difference. It might all depend on whether we can beat them when they come to CR. In that I see the odds being even more in our favour because the game is currently scheduled for the Saturday before the JPT Trophy final, so if as expected Leeds get to Wembley the game will probably be rearranged for the following Tuesday or Wednesday, which will give us an extra couple of days off to then play a menatlly and physically tired team. All speculation of course but food for thought nonetheless!
  14. Amazingly you must have read my mind - when I got home tonight the first thing I said was how amazing our fans were - best since Burnley ! Looks like we rediscovered our heart and soul.
  15. Cardiff boyo - liked your sense of humour, made me laugh thanks! glad someone''s retained a sense of perspective.
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