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  1. Best goal from an emotional point of view has to be Iwan''s in the play off final!
  2. I really hope I''m not going mad, but they do play it when we score do they not?
  3. [quote user="Chris Meadows"] he has a stand named after him [/quote]Very true.
  4. From the Evening News website :- [quote]Norwich Union has bowed to public pressure and said it will not write off £2m owed by Ipswich Town. Talks between the insurance giant and Norwich City''s rival club over its debts have ground to a halt, it has emerged. As revealed by the Evening News, NU bosses were working with Ipswich on resolving its £33m debt, £25m of which is owed to Morley Fund Management, owned by NU parent group Aviva. The firm had been in talks over whether to sell the debt to another firm at a fraction of its value - effectively writing off up to £20m. The news sparked fury from Norwich City fans and NU staff because the firm had always refused to help bankroll its local club.It recently shed 850 jobs in Norwich and offered the left an annual salary rise of just 3pc. It is believed that senior figures from Ipswich and NU could not agree on a figure to be written off. A source close to Ipswich Town said: “I think it is a case of the club thinking they could get the lenders to write off a significant sum but the lenders weren''t prepared to write off that amount. “There was also a lot of people unhappy with the news and I don''t think that helped. They will have to come to some sort of agreement because the lenders are not getting their money back and Ipswich is not able to get out of its rut. I don''t think the agreement will be near the amounts the club would like.” Canary fan Mark Thorndyke, who ran the Worthy Out campaign to oust former Canaries boss Nigel Worthington, said: “It sounds like they realised that people were not happy about this. A lot of fans I know were really angry.” Fellow fan Alex Warren, of Waveney Yellows, said: “It really shocked me that Norwich Union might do this. I have policies with them and was seriously considering whether to renew.” Ipswich Town borrowed the cash six years ago but after relegation from the Premiership in 2002 and a plunge into administration in 2003, struggled with the repayment terms. The debt was rescheduled and NU owns a 15 per cent stake in the club in return for agreeing a three-year interest “holiday”. A statement on behalf of Ipswich chief executive Derek Bowden said: “Conversations with our lenders are on going.” Morley Fund Management said that its discussions with Ipswich were confidential. [/quote]I''m glad they''ve reconsidered!
  5. Did find it amusing that the Watford fans were ribbing him by singing England''s No2 and then he went on and scored. :p
  6. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"]Surprised the club didn''t wait until the first deadline has passed as renewal numbers will swell over the next two days as people always leave it to the last minute due to payments going out later. I know of six people who will renew tomorrow night and I''m sure I''m not the only person.[/quote]Same here.  Took the forms in today.
  7. As this thread is labelled youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-FebBxbGXY&NR  Those were the days. :)
  8. All that is happening is that another company is buying the debt from Norwich union.  Yes it will disappear from the S**m''s balance sheet but they will still be charged interest on the amount (probably more than they are now!).  Just a quirk of sorts to make their balance sheet look healthier.  Bit like all the PFI deals that the government seems to be doing at the moment.
  9. One vision is a much better song than the star wars theme music which somes teams come out to IMO :p
  10. [quote user="Herb"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] just seen him in asda ;) jas :) [/quote] Twice? [/quote]Rumour must be true then. :p
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Id like to see Theirry Henry here *waits for the rumours to start*[/quote] My mate who works for this firm knows somebody who saw Henry in Rocco''s on Prince of Wales Road.  He must be signing for us....!
  12. [quote user="Marty"] And I thought the Loughborough Echo was pants! [/quote]I''m not the only one then! :p
  13. [quote user="mystic megson"] The accounts run from 1st June 2005 to 31st May 2006.  Worthy was sacked on 1st October 2006. Therefore his payoff has absolutely nothing to do with last year''s accounts.  So why announce it at the same time?  What a cynical little spin machine we do have . . .     [/quote]It''s called a post balance sheet event.  Anything significant which happens to a company after the year end but before the accounts are signed has to be mentioned.  If not the Auditors could "qualify" the accounts.
  14. Give the guy a chance!  Better appointment than somebody like Hoddle!
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