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  1. Snodgrass MOM for me. Scooby, I was at the game and echo Bethnal''s comments. You''re easily pleased if you think Holt was "magnificent" tonight!
  2. CamelFish, I have had a £100 bet also this morning. However it has been struck with Coral at 7,500/1 for Norwich to win the title. I think Kane is the final piece in the jigsaw. Along with the pacey Martin & tireless Morison I cannot see how we can possibly be denied!!
  3. Dear oh dear!!! Please ignore my previous post. My maths has gone downhill since that 3rd glass of wine!! Fear not though, we were safe when we got the point against Everton in my opinion.
  4. Ignore my previous post, I think I''m drunk!!!!
  5. Wigan have to play Blackburn yet. Do some sums!!!
  6. Shack Attack wrote.."obsession some people have with what Stephen Fry may or not be contributing to the club"Obsession? My 1st post in connection with Fry. Obsession? I think not.
  7. Badger writes "Against all the odds, we have just secured promotion back to the premiership and for some unknown reason, someone has to call into question the motivation of one of the board members based upon an interpretation of one line of a book! Neither they, nor I have a clear understanding of the person''s role for the club but hey, lets assume the worst just to play safe? It couldn''t possibly be anything to do with interest in the club or the region could it? There must be a secret reason, a dark conspiracy, no doubt involving millions being syphoned from the club... Let''s not enjoy the moment and the speculation about future purchases instead lets cast around for someone who isn''t as pure as us; someone that might not love the club in the right way; lets dismiss anyone who has not attended as many games as I have as a glory hunter... How some people love the club to fail, so that they get the chance to really vent their spleen".I don''t think you understand the original poster''s intentions. Are you seriously suggesting he wants the the club to fail because of the passage he quoted from Fry''s autobiography? The original thread topic is a good one where Dylanisabaddog raises an an interesting point. What has Fry actually brought to the party since he accepted the directorship? Yes he wears a green & yellow scarf & mixes with lots of "celebrities".Does he really love "the game" or is it more a love affair with Norfolk?  He certainly has a love of snooker based upon the dozens of twitter posts during the recent World Snooker championships. Does he have the same passion for soccer? I don''t have the answer to that one but nevertheless much more worthy of debating than some of the dross seen recently on this forum.You are right that you or I do not have a clear understanding of his role within the club. Is it to bring in extra investment? Is to raise the profile? My impression to date has not been particularly favourable. However I may be proved wrong in time. Hopefully so. If you would prefer to turn your attention to the speculation of future purchases then please enjoy yourself. This forum is currently bursting with nonsense regarding Crouch, Klose, Owen and various others. If that''s your bag'' then have fun.
  8. Hairy Canary. I''ve been watching this lot since 1972 so your comments re waiting to see whether we got promoted are a long way off the mark. As you rightly point out, the product HAS changed & the prices have gone up. It''s the timing that I disagree with. If you renew your ticket next January when Norwich are in 14th position & then in May we sadly got relegated the product will of course change again. Will the club refund those that have paid? Surely you would deserve a refund because of this change!!
  9. "the Googler" Ah at last somebody understands the point i''m making. I''ts not the extra 50 quid that bothers me, it''s the policy.
  10. Grantroederdisaster writes:"Thats like seeing a car in a sale that you can buy there and then but you decide to wait until after the sale when the price will go up!"I hear what your saying, but the point I''m making is that you would usually know the finishing date of the car sale!! I presumed the "car sale" at Carrow Road would finish on 14th May but was clearly wrong.Anyway, hopefully your comments re my money going to Lambert''s transfer fund are right & we get some quality additions to the squad. My extra 50 quid will help a little.
  11. "Everyone has had loads of time to renew them so I wonder why leave it until now?"Barclaystand, I think you''re missing the point here. The fact is that the club provided a brochure back in December clearly stating prices for renewals between that time and May 14th.Everybody has different circumstances & can choose the time they wish to renew. Personally I had no desire to pay for a seat in December/January that I wouldn''t be sitting in until mid August. I was well aware that by leaving it until early May that I would be paying a little bit more but I was happy to accept that.The real point here is that the club having secured promotion on 2nd May decided to withdraw the pricing structure for the remaining few season ticket holders who had not renewed. Increased prices were introduced on 6th May, just 8 days before the final deadline for existing season ticket holders. Would it not have been more sensible to increase prices from 15th May instead?The attitude by the club here is, in my opinion, somewhat "penny pinching". These increases may have brought in an additional £20,000 or so from the remaining season ticket holders but I think goodwill has been lost.I respect your right to renew your ticket for 2012/13 at an early date as long as you respect mine to renew whenever I choose. I wonder if the club will be reducing prices of tickets next May if the worst should happen & the side get relegated? We both know the answer to this but the same principle should apply surely!!
  12. "It is inevitable that more city fans will try and get season tickets when we are in the Premier League".It is inevitable, but they will have to pay more for their tickets than existing Season ticket holders who renewed prior to last Monday, the day we got promoted.The club put prices up last Friday so the price structure originally issued at the end of last year now appears obsolete. I had a quick look at my area in the Jarrold stand & the cost has gone up by around 11/12%. The club don''t seem to have made this very public yet unless i''ve been looking in the wrong place.
  13. "Where did you get that information from? Not sure they would be allowed to do that as they have already published the prices for next season."Suspended on website & confirmed by a young lady at the ground this afternoon. The 2011/12 Season Ticket Pricing includes the clause "Norwich City Football Club reserves the right to amend any published season ticket price"In my opinion a bit penny pinching for existing Season Ticket Holders who still have until 14th May to renew. Wonder if those that renew next January/February will get a refund if we get relegated at the end of the season? Same principle should apply.
  14. "I just phoned the ticket office and was told  there are now over a thousand people on the season ticket waiting list!"Season ticket sales currently suspended as the club are reviewing (i.e increasing) prices for the remaining existing season ticket holders who have not yet renewed and any new sales. New price list coming out Friday apparently.
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