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  1. Sometime in the early 1980s, our "questionable" wide player Dave Bennett took a swing at the ball, missed it and ended up spinning round in a pirouette worthy of Torvill and Dean Taking my kid sister and her friend to the Milk Cup clash with Preston in 1984(?) - Norwich won 6-1 and my sister missed all the goals because she was chatting through the whole game. I think her ticket was free due to some sort of sponsorship with the Milk Board After the Boxing Day clash with Southend in 1995 when the Carrow Road faithful protested against Chase and Megson in the snow    
  2. Details of all these "legends" can be found on the excellent Flown From The Nest website
  3. Very much a game of two halves. The starting line-up didn''t give me or Woodford Canary many concerns and probably the majority of them will be starting against Palace. Played very much like a team with a good understanding of one other''s abilities and positioning. Majority of the substitutions were made on 60 minutes and for the last halfhour, we weren''t much better than Cambridge and their team of cloggers. Couldn''t see any of the second string, except for Malky, displacing the stating XI As for the new signings, Charlton and Bentley impressed. Safri looks like he could be a liability and Gallacher wasn''t really tested. Player Ratings Green - didn''t really have anything much to do - 7 Edworthy - strong performance down the right, second half - lost some mobility and tended to play the safe ball - 8/7 (first half / second half) Fleming - solid reliable intelligent play - 8 Charlton - had my doubts before kickoff with his Fleck-esque physique but was proved wrong. Very influential and great commander of the defence. Looks to be a snip at £250k - 9 Drury - solid game, got forward and linked well down the left - 7 Holt - started the game on the left but moved inside as things progressed. In the thick of things as would be expected - 7 Safri - possible liability as he committed a number of late / unnecessary and/or niggling fouls. Game improved in second half as he pushed further forward - 5/6 Francis - all over the place - and I mean that in a good way. Hadn''t quite realised how athletic and fast he was. - 8 McVeigh - a game in which Paul needed to impress if he was to win a place in Nigel''s preferred starting XI. Probably tried too hard and got involved in a number of little spats. Good to see him on scoresheet. - 7 (6 if he hadn''t scored) Svensson - "does what it says on the tin". You want a striker who knows where the back of the net is and Big Matt is the man for the job - 9 Bentley - impressive. Skillful, fast and played a key role in the second goal. A great acquisition if only for one season - 8 Subs Gallacher - didn''t have much to do. Probably a better distributor of the ball than Greeno -7 Mackay - came on and did the business as one would expect - 6 Brennan - hadn''t really realised he was on the pitch. Did nothing wrong but nothing too impressive - 6 Mulryne - started well but drifted into midfield obscurity for the remaining 20mins of his run out - 6 Henderson - control was lacking for Hendo out of the left. Didn''t do anything to make me think he will get many appearances in the Premiership -5 McKenzie - where was his pace, his power. Admittedly the service from midfield was poor but Leon didn''t do anything for me -5 Abbey - if Zema plays a competitive game for Norwich, I''ll eat not only my hat but my whole wardrobe. Slow and lacking in confidence. A sad end for a player so cruelly blighted by injury - 4 Jarvis - we learned last night that Jarvis is not a right sided player. Seemed lost on the flanks - 5
  4. Charlie''s Dad - from what I know of Primus'' personal life, it''s unlikely that he''s trying to use us to manipulate more money out of Pompey. This is a guy who spends his summer holidays looking after street children in India. Secondly it was Worthy who raised the issue of signing Primus rather than Primus requesting a move. Primus'' comments sound to me like the honest comments of a man who''s trying to make the right and honest decision for him and his family
  5. Woodford Canary and I are going so thanks for the advice regarding the car parking
  6. Work for an agency seeking to improve / modernise the NHS - a bigger and more challenging job than getting Norwich into the Premiership
  7. You''re right in that Wynton Rufer was refused a work permit after he and his brother had trialled for the Canaries and I saw them play in a friendly against the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Wynton went on to play for New Zealand in the 82 World Cup. Later had a playing career in Switzerland and Germany - where he won the European Cup Winners Cup with Werder Bremen Later named as the Oceania Football Confederation''s Player of the Century More can be found on my Flown From The Nest site at: http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/rufer.htm which also contains profiles for all players to have played for Norwich at any level (Schoolboy to first team) since 1980
  8. Maybe they''re getting confused with Jimmy-Floyd''s brother Carlos who had a trial with us a few years ago - http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/hasselbaink.htm
  9. Being at the Norwich City centenary match and dinner, and being told by a number of former players (Dave Bennett, Clive Baker, Dave Watson, John Deehan, Roger Hansbury) that they really enjoyed and appreciated my "Flown From The Nest" website
  10. Most of the teams whose results I look out for have a logical reason: Aberystwyth Town - since I studied in that Welsh town Mansfield Town - good friend is a die-hard Stag Leyton Orient - close to where I live Celtic - loved the uniqueness of their kit as a boy - now reinforced by Martin O''Neill and Chris Sutton''s careers at Ibrox but for some illogical reason that I can''t figure out, I always look out for the results of: Cambridge City !!! (btw have also lived in Sheffield and Wimbledon but have no interest in the Owls, Blades or Franchise FC)
  11. Noticed that today''s Sun suggested Mills would be returning to Carrow Road
  12. Add my name as support for a testimonial for Iwan. Celtic would be good but the alternative would be against an ex-Norwich XI. For instance: 1. Bryan Gunn 2. Danny Mills 3. Matt Jackson 4. Brian McGovern 5. Paul Heckingbottom 6. Neil Emblen 7. Chris Llewellyn 8. Scott Parker 9. Chris Sutton 10. Craig Bellamy 11. Andy Johnson
  13. Billy Steele''s testimonial match against an England XI - probably around December 1980. Norwich lost 5-0 but I was hooked. All the more amazing considering I scolded my mouth on a cup of hot chocolate - does anyone else remember the boys who would go around the touchline selling hot drinks? Actually had been to a game a few years earlier. Norwich Res vs QPR Res but left at halftime to go and watch the trains at Thorpe Station (I was only about 5)
  14. Hey Woodford Canary Considering your job, is it right to spend your prayer life "hoping to heaven" on matters of such an earthly nature ! EC
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