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  1. just signed up. But how do i listen to the radio on my laptop? its the most confusing website in the world! just get a randon EFL video!
  2. Really don''t know why anyone is paying £90 for a box, the software is the important thing, it''s XBMC, and it''s free. Just install it on your laptop/pc. Just don''t expect streams/ apps to last long, they usually fall over every few months
  3. so if i queue up tomorrow for 9am will i get a ticket without priority membership? Been to loads of games home and away this season but not a member.
  4. 2 is Shola Ameobi in the bakery aisle at Morrisons
  5. The most telling sign was Martin''s reaction when the goal went in, straight over to Nathan to congratulate him on the cross. It seems to me that management have realised that he can skin anyone in this league down the wing, but his end product (the cross) needs work. Yesterday is the start of that hard work bearing fruit. He is young, he will make mistakes, he will have quiet games, but we are in a league where he can spend a year refining his talents whilst playing competitive football every week, you can''t underestimate how much of an impact this can have on a young player''s development. Something he won''t get playing 10 games a season for the likes of Stoke! We have great player in Redmond, we just need to realise that, at 20, he isn''t the finished article just yet.
  6. did anyone see the preview to the game on Soccer AM? there was a clip of a ''special'' ipswich fan walking to the game with a microphone basically looking/ acting a little retarded. I''ve searched online for a clip but nothing, if anyone has it please post it up, i genuinely laughed out loud. cheers
  7. no way. he''s a tw*t whose biggest achievement last season was a tweet. Training alone is all he is useful for.
  8. So who does Danny Graham play for?
  9. won''t affect Man Utd at all as he wasn''t on the board.
  10. Zola is proven to be average. Adam is unproven. I''d take Adams if the only other option was Zola!
  11. I used to think that McNally and Co could do no wrong but with every move they continue to prove just how inept they are. Its clear Adams isn''t first choice, otherwise why the wait from Sunday. Lennon (and Mackay) held the cards and neither wanted City. Mackay will go to Celtic, Lennon to WBA, meanwhile city are left to look like amateurs who have no where left to turn but to ''little old Neyhall'' Its taken 2 weeks to make a knee jerk decision. Poor, really Poor! I suspect this complete lack of ambition from the board will see a sea of players handing in transfer requests now.
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