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  1. Funny how some people change their tune so quickly. At the end of last season when we lifted the division 1 trophy he could do no wrong, now when we are struggling in the greatest league in the world against teams with far greater experience and financial muscle, he''s criticized for not winning enough games. It looks as if West Brom and Palace will go down as well, just as everyone expected at the start of the season- what a surprise. Nigel has rewarded many of the players that won us the league last season by playing them, and added some quality in the form of Bentley and Ashton, which can be a building block for the future. He has also stayed committed to the attractive passing football that the club is recognised for. The bare facts are that we cannot compete at this level at the moment with the money that we have, I am certain that when we return we will be a far stronger unit in every respect. Worthy has done great things for this club and deserves our support, top of div 1 or battling in the prem. OTBC!
  2. I''m sure that the supporters who left early were as happy to hear that City got a point as the ones that stayed.We''re all Norwich fans, so you can dismount your high horse.OTBC!
  3. I thought we get to keep the div 1 cup, because the fizzy league get a new one?!
  4. He''s good with his feet, and gives us an aerial option, plus we''ve seen him before so it would''nt be so much of a gamble for big money- for around 1.5 mil he would be a GOOD signing. OTBC!
  5. Surely he''d have to get his old number back! I agree, bring Iwan back- ultimate Super Sub!
  6. Worthy, rescue him from Southampton, and bring Crouch back to Norfolk in Jan!   OTBC!
  7. I''d say Mullers for Holt- give it a go, if only for one match!
  8. I reckon Worthy should try Jonson up front- isn''t that where he plays with Sweden and scores?!We are obviously lacking goals at the moment, and January is a long time to wait for an out and out striker.I''d play Hux left wing, Bentley on the right and Leon/Matty with Jonson up front.OTBC!
  9. I know the debate surrounding getting a new striker seems to revolve around Ashton/ Harewood etc. but I reckon we should have a look at Reading''s Nicky Forster, he seems like a quality Div 1 (or whatever it''s called now!) player, and I can''t see Worthy and the board going for a Prem striker with high fee and wages! OTBC! p.s. the no 13 on the reading squad list is ''The Fans'', I thought that was just a City thing, or is it now common?!
  10. This is what i''d play against WBA: ( - - -> Doherty Bentley ( Huckerby <- - Francis Mulyrne McVeigh Drury Fleming Charlton Edworthy Green Subs: Ward, Helveg, Safri, Holt, McKenzie I''d play Mulyrne instead of Safri in midfield to provide creativity and accurate passing+ allowing him to control play. Play Hux left wing but allow him to run from deep, where he is most effective. Also put Bentley up front, he likes too shoot at goal and he''s isolated on the right, therefore he''ll get more opportunities up front. Francis can more across to cover the gap left by Hux when he darts forward. Formation can interchange between 442 and 433, but its important that the defense stays solid and that Hux is not shackled on the left wing. Any thoughts?!
  11. a1, good point! I agree with the majority of what you say, however I think that we do have the quality, just in limited amounts. Out of the players we have currently in the ''quality'' stakes only Hux+Bentley (and Green) are up to Prem standard, with others showing potential to play at the highest level especially Francis. However, whatever we lack in quality we clearly make up for in industry, with players like Drury and Edworthy consistantly putting in good performances without gaining an inch of media coverage. I reckon that it will be the Edworthys'' of the team that keep us in the highest division though hard graft alone. We have the determination, and in a limited sense, quality, all we need now is for a couple of results to go our way and we''ll be off. Forget Goodnight Vienna, I say Goodnight West Brom, Palace and Birmingham! OTBC!
  12. Why doesn''t Worthy give these two a try up front together on Saturday?Then stick McVeigh left wing and Jonson on the right.OTBC!
  13. Of course Britney is happy, she''s got a pot of Coleman''s and a City shirt- what more does she want?!OTBCp.s. mckensie has to start against Pompey!
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