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  1. Just logged in after a few days away and feel the need to ring the samaritans! Anyone would think we were bottom of the conference reading some of the posts. Everyone was going on about how we should all enjoy the season before it started so lets stop the negativity and get on with it. Or as was once said on a Dads Army " Were dooooooooooomed "
  2. Unable to get a ticket for tomorrow ( like thousands of others) but will be tuned to five live while at work. Having a non uniform day at work tomorrow in aid of MacMillan nurses so instead of wearing shirt and tie i will be working in the iceland store in romford in my city yellow top. Whats everyone else doing?
  3. recently won the paddy power " ill keep me money" comp on talk sport and picked up a nice little cheque for £200 .
  4. yep can you please post one to me kathy. cheers
  5. I used to live in stevenage and both my kids still do. The oldest is a norwich fan and proudly goes round the town in her shirt while the youngest switched to Arsenal a while ago! Do i count as an exile herts canary
  6. Anyone out there got a ritual that they follow when attending or after the game. Mine goes back to when we beat West Ham in the Littlewoods cup as it was then on a wednesday evening back in 91/92 i think. My boss who was a West Ham fan took me with three of his mates ( all Hammers too) and told me if Norwich won he would drop me off in Thetford forest and leave me there. True enough after Robert Flecks scuffed penalty won us the match in the dying minutes i was dropped in a layby on the way and they made me sweat for what seemed liked hours before coming back. My ritual was though that further along our journey home we stopped at a Kebab house in Baldock in herts where i tasted my first ever Dona Kebab. Ever since then whenever i get to an evening game i always stop on the way home for a kebab. Dearer now though as the g/f has a chicken one too! Anyone else out there do the same thing every game or am i mad as g/f keeps telling me!
  7. Bob Fleming got through an entire message without sneezing!
  8. Ialways think being a postman is a good job. Its better than walking the streets!
  9. For those of us not able to get the EDP can you explain what this challenge entails kathy?
  10. Anyone wanna have a whip round and send me the subscription every month. I can promise you it will go to a good home!
  11. They must be riddled with woodworm now!
  12. I work as a male escort/ massage expert/stuntman/Pierce Brosnan lookalike. Then the alarm goes off at 5am and i head off to be a store manager for the big food group in romford.
  13. Having done a thread on just how many users post on this site what about compiling another list on where everyone comes from. It looks like several hundreds are outside Norwich. I will start off by stating im in Braintree,Essex along with what i think are at least two other posters .
  14. Strange name for pubs up there! Round here its the Red Cow and White hart etc.
  15. Another hot tip that i have received from a close source. It is strongly rumoured that Greece have a team able to win this summers Euro2004 competition and my money would be on them beating portugal! This has come from a source as reliable as crafty canary!
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