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  1. Nice. Like it a lot. Nice little nod to history again with the hatchings on the shoulder
  2. I suspect the A N Other goalkeeper will be Remi Matthews, who everyone seems to have forgotten!
  3. And what you want to see Indy is every other club better than your own, and your own being in a terrible state.
  4. I think people may be underestimating Remi Matthews a bit here - most even seem to have forgotten about him. Wouldn''t be at all surprised to see him as either No 1 or No 2 next season. I would certainly expect him to be part of our squad rather than loaned out again, but I could be wrong!
  5. Born in Ely in 69, as an impressionable kid was a Liverpool fan but fell out of love with the game completely during my teenage years. First ever game though was at the Carra for a Liverpool game - when I got interested in football again aged 16 chose Norwich - have never looked back since, and was the only City fan in a bar full of Bayern shirt wearing Scotsman in Peterhead on that night.......and lucky enough to be the only yellow and green shirt in a bar in Cagliari the night we played in Milan.
  6. I fancy 2-2 as well Ginja, only I can see us going behind at some point in the game......
  7. Why the snide response Tilly? Why not just answer the question instead? McGovern Pinto (I hope) Klose Bennett Brady Tettey Howson Pritchard Hoolahan Naismith Jerome Subs; Jones Bassong Martin Canos Mulumbu Oliveira Lafferty Not the team I would pick, but the one I think most likely. Oh, and a 3-1 win thank you very much.
  8. [quote user="City 2nd"]I would suggest this is more the case of a panic buy by Moyse, signing a player who he could not find room for in his starting eleven at Everton on a regular basis, that''s how NCFC came to sign him. He will struggle to impress there just as he has here, and if you think NCFC fans give him a hard time, it will be far worse on Tyneside![/quote] He actually played for Moyes quite a lot at Everton - it was Martinez who stopped picking him so regularly. Definitely a Moyes-type player.
  9. KIO doesn''t say he/she is offended by accents, only that they dislike them.....then goes on to state most accents are inoffensive. Read it again! I''m not keen on Brummie accents either fwiw, nor Stoke or Derby accents. Yuk!
  10. quote user="Jim Smith"If you look at it in isolation I don''t losing Ruddy as he has not been great since his injury and I think he probably needs to get away and start again. What I do have an issue with though is the lack of strategy and planning if it transpires that we cannot now recall Rudd from his loan at Charlton. If that is the case it just re-enforces my impression that our strategy/planning when it comes to transfers is non-existent and I worry what else might happen today in terms of outgoings./quote But if the reports are to be believed and we have rejected a bid for Ruddy, wouldn''t that suggest that we do have a good strategy in place? I suspect Ruddy will only be sold on our terms - i.e. we have replacement lined up AND we get silly money for him. Don''t really see how a deadline day bid that has yet to be accepted for one of our players can be seen as a lack of transfer strategy on our part?
  11. [quote user="NCFC198"]I don’t really get why some are so offended by the booing. It was a tedious game, maybe they just wanted to express their dissatisfaction at that. People should attend matches to be entertained. Our general play and approach was so similar to last season, it was the frustration of this spilling over. And my point about them being correct given the next few games, if we suddenly improved maybe we could sy the booing gave them a kick in the backside. But unfortunately we have just produced three lack-lustre performances.[/quote] ....with the booing.....
  12. Interesting - a number of my work colleagues and friends are Newcastle fans and they are incredibly pessimistic of their chance of promotion. I know of at least two people who have decided to bet on them not making the top six. Seems it''s not just NCFC who have miserable fans!
  13. [quote user="SeattleCanary"][quote user="AJ"]What an interesting suggestion! Sadly, probably never going to be a reality. He does more than often play left wing though so not sure he would be a good option if AN sticks with playing one up top. He also played 12 times last season in the Prem without returning a single goal.[/quote] You mean he''s a......... Midfielder!!!!! AN is going to go all out then! Haha. He''ll need to do a good Scottish accent to sweeten the deal.[/quote] Where does this idea that AN is obsessed with Scottish footballers come from? We only have 4 Scottish players in the entire squad at last count.....
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